When getting a house of your dreams made, the front door designs matter equally. After all, it is the room entrance that people see first when they come to your home. It is an investment worth making. With the help of interior designers, you can get an amazing wooden main entrance for your home that will add charm to your abode. 

The door designs can be customized based on your specific needs and interiors of the home. Here’s a look at the spectacular main entrance design for the home that will impress everyone:

  • Deep brown wooden door

This is one of the simple and basic wooden designs. The carving and polishing earn the brownie point in this design. The highlight of the design is around a centralized panel with carving over it. The carved border at the bottom also delights visually. This door design will look amazing with both traditional and contemporary home designs. 

  • Light brown wooden door design

This is yet another piece of beauty carved on a light brown wooden door. The beautiful beading work on the door transforms the look of this simple door. The single door design has glasswork on the sides which further enhances its beauty. People with limited space at the entrance can opt for this single door design.

  • Glass entrance door design

The highlight of this main entrance design is the glass panels on each side of the door. This door has 10 glass panels, 5 on each side. The wooden panels on this single door are simple yet eye-catching. The deep brown colour of the door contrasts well with the glass border. The deep wooden polish gives elegance to the door.

  • Classic deep brown double door design

This deep brow double door design is for people who like minimalistic designs. It gives Turkish vibes. The beauty of this door design is that it is not only perfect for the main entrance but also for the room interiors. The door has beautiful line carving work. The carving part can be replaced with glass panels as well to give the double door an elegant look. The door can be crafted with solid wooden material as well as ashwood play. Placing glass panels in the door will make it suitable for bedroom doors. Just make sure that the glass used is opaque so that the privacy of people is not compromised.

  • Glassdoor design

This is an amazing TV lounge door with lovely glass artwork and carving. This is a great choice for both contemporary and traditional home designs. This type of door can be made with solid dyar wood, ashwood play, or kail wood. This glass door can be made in both light and deep brown colours. 

  • Caramel-brown door

If you are looking for a wooden door design for your entrance, you can experiment a bit with this caramel brown colour. It is neither deep brown nor lighter tone. The door has a central carving, and it is perfect for the entrance of your home. The 10-panel design will turn your home into the stylish and modern one. 

  • Rustic chic design

This is a classic and chic door design that will give a trendy look to your home. This main entrance door is made of wood with a veneer finish. It has an unfinished puzzle-like carving that looks out of the world. It has a metal nameplate in between, which looks spectacular and eye-catchy to the visitors. 

  • Trendy wooden door

The sky is the limit when it comes to designs on the doors. This door looks picturesque and is perfect for contemporary home interiors. The design is inspired by pressing leather foam against ropes that form interesting patterns. The door is suitable for the entrance as well as the foyer wall. You can also use the same pattern for the inside doors of the house and bathroom doors.

  • Brass ringed entrance

This design focuses on the door handles. The brass ringed door handle design is crafted in a unique manner. The material is sourced from the local brass pots and infused with wood at the centre. The door has intricate leaf carving, which further accentuates the beauty of the door. The brass handle is the cherry on the cake. 

  • Patterned wooden door

If you have a huge lobby at the entrance of your home, this door design is perfect for you. The massive patterned wooden door in light brown colour looks magnificent. The door has small triangle patterns placed in an unorganized way, creating a beautiful effect on the door. 

  • Star carved wooden door

If you are looking for a contemporary pattern on your entrance door, the star carving looks amazing. The single door design is perfect if you have huge space in the front of your home. This door design can be used for other doors of the home as well. Using this pattern at the entrance will certainly capture the interest of the guests and visitors and leave an everlasting impression. 

  • Scandinavian design

If you are looking for Scandinavian design, this door is perfect for you. It uses a neutral colour palette that is inspired by nature and helps in creating a cosy home. 

  • Neutral shades for entrance door

This door design has a unique colour palette with greys, blacks, and whites. The veneer door entrance design is in sync with heritage and modern age. If you have contemporary interiors in the home, this wooden main entrance is suitable for you. 

  • Monumental door

If you are looking for a larger-than-life wooden main entrance, this design is perfect for you. The carved details on the door create the design of a mandala with a contrast of white on the brown door. This is a unique concept for the entrance door. 

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