Modern Dressing Table Design Ideas

Let’s Explore Modern Dressing Table Design Ideas

There are many modern dressing table design ideas to consider for you home. Whether you’re looking for an elaborate piece with a luxurious finish or something more simple, there’s always a style to suit your needs.

Apart from providing a specific area for getting dressed and ready, a dressing table offers a mirror and drawers for storing and organising all of your grooming essentials.

This article will look at dressing table designs that you can find to suit your choices, needs, and style.

Modern Dressing Table Design
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Different Types of Dressing Tables

A dressing table has a mirror and drawer for storing and organising all your beauty essentials. It will keep everything you need within reach. There are many different modern dressing table design ideas and styles, shapes, and sizes available in the market to choose from, so it is not easy to decide which is the right one for you.

Here are a few popular dressing table design and ideas that can help-

  • Contemporary
  • Vintage
  • Traditional
  • Floating
  • Wall – Mounted
  • Lighted
  • Small
  • Ladder
  • Large


Contemporary Dressing Table Design
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This modern dressing table design ideas features bold styling and finishes that are ideal for holding and displaying your beauty and personal care items. These are minimalistic and simple designs that would look great in a modern bedroom.


Vintage Dressing Table Design
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A vintage dressing table design idea has an antique look that can add charm and character to your bedroom. If you prefer a touch of nostalgia, then these are perfect for you. These tend to be a little more ornate and can brighten up the whole room.


Traditional Dressing Table Design
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If you want a dressing unit with an ornate, classic look that will fit into various rooms and styles, traditional dressing tables are an excellent choice. These are perfect for a classic and timeless look.


Floating Dressing Table Design
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Floating dressing tables can attach to a wall and creates a shelf-like space that easily blends into your decor. It is a great space-saving solution for small bedrooms. It provides a clean, streamlined finish while still allowing room for personal items.


Wall-Mounted Dressing Table Design
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A wall-mounted dressing unit is the best choice when you want to fit it in a small space. While most dressing tables come with a small chair or stool, a wall-mounted option is excellent if you prefer to stand.

LED Vanity Table

Photo from Rare Epoch

These modern dressing table designs are well-lit with built-in bulbs and LED lights. A lighted mirror can enhance the beauty of this unit if you want to add a modern touch to your space. Some designs include a dimmable light which creates an ambience in your room.


Small Dressing Table Design
From DecorNation

The smallest of rooms can benefit from the addition of a modern dressing table. This creative and compact design has limited storage space and is still useful for such a space. It will help you in staying neat, organised and clutter-free in any room.


Ladder Dressing Table Design
Photo from Ragaba

A ladder dressing table provides space for decor items as well as your beauty supplies. It looks great in high and low ceiling spaces because of its narrow design. This modern dressing table design has a good amount of shelf space for displaying decorations.


Large Dressing Table Design
Photo by BettaLivingUK

In a larger room, you may even want more storage. You can go for a bigger dressing table design with more storage, such as additional drawers, countertop space, and a large mirror.

Latest Dressing Table Designs In India

If you’re searching for a modern dressing table design, you’ll be happy to know that there are some fantastic designs available in India. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern design, there are many options available to suit your needs.

Here are some of the latest designs:

Freddie Wall Hanging Dressing Table

Freddie Wall Hanging Dressing Table
From Desertcart

This modern dressing table design features a large and attractive dressing unit with full-length glass, multiple shelves at various heights, hooks, and two bangle holders. One can easily organize their cosmetics, hair straightener, dryer, jewellery, bracelets, bangles, and other items on this dressing table design.

Wooden Wall Mounted Dressing Table

Wooden Wall Mounted Dressing Table
Photo from Woodenstreet

This wooden dressing table design comes with a rectangular mirror mounted on a durable wooden plank with two corrosion-resistant brass hooks and three short shelves. It has a sleek and appealing design. You can easily store grooming and makeup necessities like perfume bottles, makeup brushes, and other accessories.

Wood Matte Finish Dressing Table

Photo from Designcafe

A magnificent and modern dressing table design that will enhance the style of any space! This solid wood structure is a perfect choice and offers elegance and modern refinement. It has a full-length mirror and also comes with drawers and a storage compartment that gives you the perfect storage solution.

Engineered Wood Dressing Table

Engineered Wood Dressing Table Design
From home centre

This modern dressing table design has an elegant and classic look for your bedroom. It’s made from high-quality engineered wood with a royal teak finish. This product is quite solid and durable, and the connection between the mirror and desktop ensures solidness. The smooth and curved edges further enhance its aesthetics and complement a wide range of interior designs.

Space Wood Value Dressing Table

Photo by Amazon

This is another modern dressing table design that beautifully complements the decor and other elements of the room. This product is also water, fungus, termite resistant, and scratch-proof.

Variety of Dressing Units That You’ll Love

The dressing table designs listed below may be unfamiliar to you, but they are a classic combination of form and function. Crafted for small spaces, these dressing units are clean and suitable and have an understated design aesthetic that works in any area-

Zenyatta Dressing Table

Zenyatta Dressing Table Design
From Pepperfry

This clean, compact, and stylish dressing table design has plenty of storage space and perfectly fits any space. A high-quality glossy mirror, multiple storage compartments, and a strong frame are ideal for those who prefer to keep their space clutter-free.

Kosmo Legend Dressing Table

Kosmo Legend Dressing Table Design
From Pepperfry

The Kosmo legend dressing table design is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a functional yet straightforward dressing table unit. This dressing unit is made of high-quality MDF wood and has a smooth and glossy finish. It comes with a long mirror, three selves, and plenty of storage space.

Scion Dresser in White Lily and Walnut Finish

Scion Dresser In White Lily And Walnut Finish Dressing Table Design
From Pepperfy

The Scion Dresser has a sleek, modern design that is ideal for individuals looking for a stylish and functional dressing table design. The white lily finish creates a light and airy environment, while the walnut finish adds a touch of warmth.

Glaze Dressing Table

Glaze Dressing Table Design
From Pepperfry

The glaze dressing table design is a sleek and contemporary piece that fits well in small spaces. Its smooth white finish with walnut accents allows it to blend in with any decor, making it an excellent choice for any bedroom. This unit has plenty of storage space and can easily store all of your beauty products in an organized manner.

Hisoka Dressing Unit

Hisoka Dressing Table Design
From Pepperfry

If you have enough room to put up a large modern dressing table design, this is the one for you! They have plenty of space for your cosmetics, personal care items, jewellery, hair appliances, etc. It comes with a half-sized mirror, shelves, drawers, and even a stool.

Sierra Dressing Unit

Sierra Dressing Table Design
From Pepperfry

This neat, compact, and stylish dressing table features a dazzling mirror and has enough storage space. Its minimalist design ensures that it blends in with modern interiors. It has plenty of built-in storage, a high-quality glossy mirror, and a sturdy wooden frame.

Dynamic Dressing Unit

Dynamic Dressing Table Design
By Pepperfry

The dynamic dressing unit includes a full-length mirror, three shelves, two hooks, and two drawers for storing personal care items. This modern dressing table design is a great option if you don’t have enough room for a dressing table but want to keep your grooming products in a specific place.


A dressing table is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used to enhance the look and feel of your bedroom. By following some simple dressing table design ideas, you can create a space that is both functional and beautiful. A modern dressing table is an ideal solution if you want to add storage to your bedroom or simply want a place to get ready in the morning. We hope this blog post has inspired you to rethink how to use your space and consider adding a dressing table to make your life easier.

Dressing Table Design Ideas For You

Dressing Table Design For Your Bedroom
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Modern Dressing Table Design For Home
From Housing units
Lighted Dressing Table Design With Wardrobe
From Housing
White Dressing Table Design For Bedroom
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Black Small Dressing Table Design
From Decornation
Victorian Style Dressing Table Design With Mirrors
From Elle
Floating Dressing Table Design With Lighted Mirror
From Inspired Elements
Wooden Dressing Table Design For Bedroom
From Wooden street
Floating Dressing Table Design With Mirror And Hooks For Bedroom
From Wooden street

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips to make a dressing room?

Make a dressing room out of any space in your home by using whiteboards to divide it up. Use hanging clothes hooks for extra storage and create an organised layout with shelves.

What are some innovative pieces of furniture for a bedroom?

Some of the innovative pieces for a bedroom can include a chandelier, some photograph collections, a variety of sheets, comforters, or quirky pillows.

What are the impressive tips to select a dressing table?

Before selecting a dressing table:

Measure your room and confirm the size of the dressing table.
Choose the right style and size of the dressing table.
Try to buy a dressing table that can easily store your grooming essentials and accessories.

What are the benefits of a dressing table?

One can be more organized, clutter-free, offer a specific place to sit and get ready and give a stylish look to their bedroom with different dressing table ideas.

What are some great designs for Study Tables?

Some of the great designs for a study table can be a wall-mounted study table, a corner study table, a desk with a lot of storage, or even a writing desk having storage shelves.

How to buy a dressing table online?

You want your dressing table to offer everything you need, and that includes being in a space that is accessible and has enough lighting. Choosing a decent-sized dressing table will definitely help you to keep your bedroom tidy. You can compare the prices of different dressing tables online and easily purchase one.

Modern Dressing Table Designs for Bedrooms in 2022 Our lives?

2022 brings about two types of dressing tables in vogue:

Minimalistic clean cut designs which take minimal space like wall mounted or floating dressers
Contemporary dressers with a vintage style