Dressing Table Design Ideas For Modern Home

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Contemporary Dressing Table

A contemporary dressing table's striking design and finishes make it great for keeping and displaying your beauty and personal care items.

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Vintage Dressing Table

A vintage dressing table may bring flair to your bedroom. If you want a little nostalgia, then these are perfect for you.

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Traditional Dressing Table

Traditional dressing tables are a great option for a versatile dressing unit with clean, classic design. 

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Floating Dressing Table

Floating dressing tables can be attached to a wall to create a shelf-like area. It saves space in compact bedrooms. 

© Photo from Wooden Street


Wall-Mounted Dressing Table

When space is limited, a wall-mounted dressing cabinet is the ideal option.  

© Photo from Terra


LED Vanity Table

These dressing tables include LED lights and built-in bulbs. A lighted mirror can add a modern touch to this unit. 

© Photo from Design Cafe


Small Dressing Table

A dressing table can help even the smallest area. This design offers limited storage and help in maintaining any room.

© Photo from Ideal Home


Ladder Dressing Table

A ladder dressing table may hold both decor and beauty products. Its slender shape works well in rooms with high or low ceilings. 

© Photo from Homeedit


Large Dressing Table

A bigger space may need more storage. You may choose a larger dressing table with extra storage, counter space, and a huge mirror. 

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