Editorial Policies

The aim of this document is to list out the editorial policies that guide all content editors, writers and contributors of Kolo Magazine.

The document is a compilation of our best practices and classification of content pieces that needs to be followed to uphold high standards of ethical information publishing.

Rules of Practice

  • Accuracy: The editing team must confirm that content on the website is well-sourced and checked for truthfulness and timeliness.
  • Credibility: Articles should mention those who have worked on it: writer/contributor or editor.
  • Credit: Writers/authors must not reproduce content from other sources without due attribution, wherever applicable. 
  • Correction: Inadvertent mistakes are promptly corrected and the alteration is made accordingly.
  • Fair Presentation: Facts are clearly distinguished from interpretations, estimates, opinions and other types of non-factual information. Material sources of information are clearly indicated.
  • Transparency: Any information shared where there is a conflict of interest, will be transparently disclosed to the readers.
  • Original Content: All blogs produced by Kolo Magazine are original content that has not been published elsewhere. Editorial employees and contributors must not plagiarise others’ work.

Word Count

Standard word count for a blog is 500-2000 words. This is not a strict rule. Word counts can be longer if the topic warrants more content. Editorial decisions relating to word count are made on a case-by-case basis.

Types of work

Kolo Magazine looks at content in the following formats:

  • Evergreen articles
  • Info blogs
  • How to articles
  • Product descriptions
  • Listicles
  • Interviews
  • Webstories

Topics we cover

Kolo Magazine shares blogs on all topics relating to home construction:

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Interior design
  • Construction
  • Home tours
  • Celebrity
  • Renovation
  • Construction tips
  • Interviews
  • Room ideas
  • Home decor
  • Products
  • Sustainability

For Feedback, Suggestions or Grievance

For any feedback, suggestions or grievance related to Kolo Magazine, feel free to drop an email to fathima@koloapp.in.

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