Modern Bed Design Ideas To Suit Every Style

Modern Bed Design Ideas to Suit Every Style

Imagine coming home from a long, exhausting day and collapsing into a comfortable bed! The feeling is unbeatable and is better experienced than told. The bedroom is one room in the house that deserves special attention when it comes to decorating. It’s where we recharge, relax, and breathe effortlessly after a long day. The centrepiece of most bedrooms is the bed. They not only enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom, but they also offer a variety of styling options to create a space that is uniquely yours.

In this article, we’ve come up with the latest bed design ideas for 2022. Let’s have a look!

Modern Bed Design Ideas
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Different Types of Bed Design Ideas

The concept of a bed has evolved. It’s no longer just for sleeping, and it’s no longer treated as just another piece of furniture in the room. The bed is now the centre point of your bedroom and acts as an accessory, a storage element, and a convertible seating area.

Here are some of the popular bed design ideas:

  • Platform Bed
  • Panel Bed
  • Sleigh Bed
  • Murphy Bed
  • Canopy Bed
  • Poster Bed
  • Cottage Style Bed
  • Sofa Cum Bed
  • Bunk Bed
  • Floating Bed
  • Trundle Bed Design
  • Frame Bed
  • Beautiful Wooden Bed

Platform Bed

Platform Bed Design Ideas
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Platform beds are becoming more popular, and some bed designs have recently gained popularity in other areas due to their contemporary appearance, but that isn’t the only reason people like them. They have a clean, modern appearance that complements contemporary decor. These bed designs have a flat platform or closely spaced slats to support your mattress. They are beneficial because they are affordable, comfortable, and come in various designs and styles.

Panel Bed

Panel Bed Design Ideas
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Any bed design with a headboard, base, and two side panels is referred to as a panel bed. In other words, a panel bed is a bed with a four-wall frame. Panel beds are matchless in sturdiness and support because they can hold box springs and heavy mattresses.

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh Bed Design Ideas
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A sleigh bed design includes a headboard and footboard that curve outward, giving it the appearance of a sleigh or sled. For a more traditional look, the head and footboards can have exaggerated curves or slightly understated curves for a more modern look.

Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed Design Ideas
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When a murphy bed is not in use, it folds into a space in a wall or cabinet using a hinge. Bi-fold bookcase Murphy bed designs conceal the bed by flipping vertically into the wall with a bookcase.

Canopy Bed

Murphy Bed Design Ideas
Photo by Mark Chaves on Unsplash

Canopy bed design is pretty similar to four-poster beds, but they’re usually covered in a large fabric sheet to create a canopy. Four elongated posts support the canopy, often connected by rods at the top. Canopy beds add a sense of magnificence to rooms with high ceilings.

Poster Bed

Poster Bed Design Ideas
Photo from Wooden street

Most canopy beds and four-poster beds have four long posts, one at each corner. The main difference between canopy bed design and four-poster beds is that canopy beds have fabric draped over the tops of the posts, whereas four-poster beds have the tops left uncovered.

Cottage Style Bed

Cottage Style Bed Design Ideas
Photo from Ideal Home

The high and lavishly decorated headboards of cottage-style bed designs accurately reflect the Victorian style. The majority of the decoration is painted, with some carving in the form of finials and medallions.

Sofa Cum Bed

Sofa Cum Bed Design Ideas
Photo from Homary

A sofa cum bed design is simply a comfortable couch with a metal frame and mattress hidden beneath the seating cushions. It can be unfolded at any time, transforming the entire structure into a bed, and then you can use it to sleep.

Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed Design Ideas
Photo from Bed Kingdom

Bunk bed designs are two beds assembled on top of each other to increase the amount of floor space and openness in any room. They are supported by four bed posts and are made of wood, metal, or both. They have a ladder or stairs to reach the top bunk safely and a safety rail on the top bunk’s edge to keep the sleeper from falling out.

Floating Bed

Floating Bed Design Ideas
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A floating bed design idea is an elegant, modern, versatile, and beautiful wooden bed frame design that can add space and interest to your bedroom. This is a space saver bed design and can be folded when not in use.

Trundle Bed Design

Trundle Bed Design Ideas
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Trundle bed designs are extra beds that are stored under the main bed. They can be pulled out to provide an extra bed and are great for children. The pop-up compartments can be opened or closed easily to save space in the room.

Frame Bed

Frame Bed Design Ideas
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A frame bed design is the part of a bed that surrounds the mattress and raises it off the ground. Bed frames are made of four side panels, legs, a headboard, and a footboard, but many of these components are optional.

Themes to Add to Your Bedroom Interior Design

Who doesn’t like to add a specific theme to their bedroom design? It is the most accessible and affordable way to enhance a living area.

Let’s check out some of the most popular bed design ideas that you’ll want to incorporate into your space-

The Wooden Rhapsody

Wooden Rhapsody Bed Design Ideas
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The wooden rhapsody bed design combines colour and contrast on rustic wooden furniture. It creates a luxurious and straightforward combination of a wooden bed backdrop and a wooden floor that can never go wrong. With some light-colored furnishings and warm lighting, you’ll have a modern bedroom interior design in no time.

Go Bold or Go Home

Bold Colour Bed Design Ideas
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Designers use this principle to make interior spaces stand out by incorporating contrasting elements. You can grab attention, establish the hierarchy of features, and make a statement by introducing curated contrast pieces in a room.

To enhance your modern bed design, use a bold colour scheme, play with metallic shades, create contrast in furniture style, use contrasting textures, mix materials, and use a bold colour scheme.

A Play of Light and Dark

Light And Dark Bed Design Ideas
Photo by Aleksey Bereznyak

Balancing light and dark pieces is a great way to add movement to your interior design. It will feel flat and one-note if everything in your master bedroom and bed design has the same colour, texture, or style. The tension of two opposing things placed next to each other gives your home life, excitement and movement.

Classy, Chic, and Contemporary

Classy, Chic, And Contemporary Bed Design Ideas
Photo by Evgenei Artemiev

The elegant, contemporary, and shabby chic style seems like a match made in heaven. This style is all about comfort, eco-friendly decor choices, and a blend of vintage and antique finds with a modern touch. If you’re a person who has a small bedroom, then this style will allow you to display your personality while transforming the bed design into a calming retreat.

Hang a Wall Art

Bed Design Ideas With Wall Art
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It’s amazing how a piece of wall art can completely transform the look and feel of a room. Consider rearranging your bedding to match the wall art, and you’ll have a dreamy bedroom space on your hands.

Stick to a Colour Scheme

Bed Design Ideas With A Colour Scheme
Photo by Ashley Clarke from Mydomaine

You can have a lot of fun with just one or two colours. You can use them to create unique patterns and effects. They can also help you make a bold statement or express your personality. To balance the brighter hues, use a focal colour and a couple of simple neutrals

Play around with Textures

Bed Design Ideas With Textured Walls
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For a sense of depth in your bedroom, play with textured walls. An accent or textured wall can give your space a sense of depth and elegance and a layered and dramatic appearance. Try using different materials, colours, and patterns to create an interesting and engaging space.


Bedroom design is an important part of any home. Not only does the bedroom serve as a place to sleep, it can also be used for relaxation, reading, and other activities. A comfortable bed design is essential in achieving a good night’s rest, so it’s important to choose the right style and size for your needs. The overall focal point should be colour schemes, bedroom furniture, bedroom decor, bed design ideas, walls, bedroom lighting, etc., as choosing between these minor details can be tricky. So, go slow and enjoy decorating your home to make it your home sweet home.

Bed Design Ideas

Minimalistic Bed Design Ideas
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Bed Design Ideas With Wooden Panel
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Black And White Bed Design Ideas
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Contemporary Bed Design Ideas
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Plain White Bed Design Ideas
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Bed Design Ideas With Sculptures
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Modern Bed Design Ideas
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Plaform Bed Design Ideas With Shelves
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Bed Design Ideas With A Wooden False Ceiling
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to design a bed?

To design the bed properly you should choose the right size, and see if the bed can easily combine with other furniture of the room.

How much a Double Sized bed would cost?

A Double bed can cost between Rs 6,000 to Rs 20,000 in India.

What are the best interior design ideas to design a bed?

Some of the best interior design tips to get you started are:

Go subtle with the colours.
Make sure to have enough space to move.
Have different sources of lighting.
Distribute the soft touches.
Consider bedside tables.
Follow your personal style.

Where can I find ideas to design my bedroom?

To design your bedroom match your personal aesthetic with a bit of creativity and strategic thinking. Consider the layout of the bedroom, furniture placement, storage space, add a dresser, some personal touches with photos, artwork and other accessories. You can also have a look at Kolo App to find some great design ideas for the bedroom. By following these simple tips, you can design a bedroom that is both unique and inviting.

What are some unique and stylish decor ideas for the bedroom?

Choosing a vibrant colour scheme, matching bed sheets and comforters, different textures, floating furniture, dressing table, using wood for furniture, using some large artworks, etc., can be considered some stylish decor ideas for the bedroom.

What are Bed Room decoration ideas?

It can be anything like a photo frame, a travel-related item, a picture, a favourite flower, or an art of choice. It all comes to adding your personal things. Add these things to see some good memories every time you enter the room. These things suggest that the bedroom can be one part of your personal space and not just for sleeping.

What are some good designs for bedrooms of small size?

Some great bed designs for small bedrooms are:

Cosy corner beds
Minimalist styled beds with slim headboards
Murphy bed or sofa cum beds
Lean beds with storage underneath