17 Colour Schemes For A Statement Kitchen

17 Colour Schemes For A Statement Kitchen

The kitchen is an integral part of home. It’s where you and your family spend a lot of time preparing their favourite meals. The kitchen should be a space that feels inviting and relaxing and delivers your style and personality. Adding colour to the kitchen design idea is the most effective way to make it more interesting. 

Whether you are a neutral person or someone who loves a pop of anything vibrant, we have come up with gorgeous paint colours to help you get started. First let’s discuss the dos and don’ts of choosing the right colour scheme for your kitchen.

Statement Kitchen
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The Dos & Don’ts Of Kitchen Colour Schemes

Your kitchen may be the most neutral room in your house. A kitchen interior design with white or wood cabinets and simple countertops appears clean. An elegant and simple kitchen will also need a pop of colour. 

Whether you are wondering about adding a new wall colour, or some colourful accents, you’ll want to know the dos and don’ts of kitchen colour combinations before getting started.


Stunning Kitchen Design
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  • DO recognise that even if your kitchen doesn’t have the most stunning cabinetry and counters, it can still benefit from colour.
  • DO consider adding different colours with lighting fixtures.
  • DO consider chalkboard paint for a modern kitchen wall.
  • DO add a pop of colour with various accessories and dinnerware.


Boring Kitchen Design
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  • DON’T be afraid to add vibrant colours to your kitchen ideas.
  • DON’T hesitate to use grey wall colours in your small kitchen.
  • DON’T forget to add colourful kitchen linens.
  • DON’T forget adjoining rooms in your colour scheme.

Different Colour Options For Kitchen

Your modern kitchen is a place where you need to be super-productive and positive. Colours influence your productivity, mood, and emotions. Consider designing your kitchen with uplifting hues that boost your output and spark creativity. There are numerous various colour options available for the kitchen.

Some of the popular ones are:

  1. Pale Yellow 
  2. Sky Blue 
  3. Cadet Blue
  4. Pale Green  
  5. Dark Navy 
  6. Marine Blue 
  7. Baby Blue 
  8. High-Shine Yellow 
  9. Matte Black 
  10. Sage Green 
  11. Wine Red 
  12. Marigold
  13. White
  14. Bright Blue
  15. Fire Engine Red
  16. Glossy Green
  17. Cream

1. Pale Yellow

Pale Yellow Kitchen
Photo by Ala Cucine

Pale yellow is a cheerful and uplifting colour that will make you feel at ease. It’s the perfect colour for a kitchen and looks fantastic in there. Pale yellow adds brightness and energy to a kitchen, making it a space where everyone wants to hang out.

2. Sky Blue

Sky Blue Kitchen
Photo from Orange Graphics

Sky blue is another colour that works well in kitchens. Lighter shades of blues can create a crisp and clean look. They are suitable for use on walls, cabinets, and even the ceiling. Sky blue is a refreshing colour and works best when used sparingly. They are classic and timeless, making them excellent for kitchen colour schemes.

3. Cadet Blue

Cadet Blue Kitchen
Photo from Erin Kestenbaum

Cadet Blue is a type of cyan colour. It’s associated with the clarity of thinking, mental concentration and focus. If you like classic and elegant kitchens and the blue trend, this colour shade is excellent for a clean and crisp look.

4. Pale Green

Pale Green Kitchen
Photo from Balashovpassage

Pale green is a calm shade representing renewal, luck, health, and optimism. Pale green provides relaxation, renewal and freshness in a space. This is a good choice if you want to add a soothing and peaceful colour to your kitchen cabinets and walls.

5. Dark Navy

Dark Navy Kitchen
Photo by kia

Dark navy is the perfect shade for modern country kitchens. Navy blue can be a tremendous complimenting wall colour for various kitchen shades. Dark blue walls can help add depth to an otherwise very pale palette and provide a striking outline for your cabinets if you have a white, grey, or cream kitchen. The colour looks elegant, fresh and timeless in the kitchen. Consider mixing it with warmer elements like natural wood to soften the strong effect.

6. Marine Blue

Marine Blue Kitchen
Photo from ManiaforBeatles

Marine blue will base a kitchen in an open space and feel more formal than a light colour without being as moody and dark as black. Consider pairing marine blue with neutral colours, red or green, to create a stunning atmosphere in the kitchen. Add a patterned rug, pendant lights and gold fixtures for a rich feel.

7. Baby Blue

Baby Blue Kitchen
Photo from Houszed

Baby blue colour looks soothing on kitchen cabinets. The shade adds a gentle and sweet personality to the kitchen. Baby blue cabinets are one of the hottest trends in kitchen cabinetry and can be seen in various kitchen designs. It’s an appealing colour and can help add some class to cookie-cutter kitchens or drab areas.

8. High-Shine Yellow

High Shine Yellow Kitchen
Photo by z hz

A pop of glossy yellow colour is perfect for your kitchen cabinets if you don’t want to paint the entire room. This super shiny shade can create an uplifting and cheerful space for you. Consider choosing a high-shine yellow to create a unique and bright kitchen.

9. Matte Black

Matte Black Kitchen
Photo by Kam Idris

There’s nothing more appealing than matte black for kitchen paint colour schemes. Matte black colour is trending right now, and most people choose this matte finish colour for their kitchen cabinets. This shade does not reflect any light and is perfect for traditional-style kitchens. Matte black colour is chic and a good choice for people looking for a stark change.

10. Sage Green

Sage Green Kitchen
Photo from Neptune

Sage green is an excellent choice for your kitchen walls. It gives cottagecore vibes and is a great shade for a farmhouse-style kitchen. It also looks lovely in larger kitchens, creating a light and airy space that’s warm and inviting.

11. Wine Red

Wine Red Kitchen
Photo by Francesco Lagnese

The wine red colour is a dark shade of red. Consider incorporating this bright red colour of wine in kitchen cabinets to get a glam look. To make a bold and graphic statement in your kitchen, combine this colour with white, lime, or teal. The rich and full colour can add depth and charm to a room.

12. Marigold

Marigold Yellow Kitchen
Photo from Idei Club

Marigold is a yellow-orange colour shade. It is named after the same-named flower. Opt for the marigold colour paint if you want a warm and relaxed vibe in the kitchen. You can also consider going for a yellow colour that’s clean and bright, but the marigold looks rich enough to be warming.

13. White

White Kitchen
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

White kitchen cabinet paint colours have a clean, timeless look. White kitchens have an enduring style when paired with traditional elements like subway tile and aged brass accents. Consider painting the kitchen island in a contrasting colour to add interest to the space.

14. Bright Blue

Bright Blue Kitchen
Photo by Koj Design

Bright blue colour kitchen cabinets bring coastal vibes to a kitchen. You can consider painting the cabinets an eye-catching sky blue to give them a soft and warm look. When contrasted with shiplap siding and concrete counters, the bright blue takes centre stage in the kitchen without overwhelming.

15. Fire Engine Red

Fire Engine Red Kitchen
Photo from 3D Quart Studio

The fire engine red colour is a shade of pink-red. It is a bright, vivid red colour and serves the purpose of attracting attention. Consider choosing this colour for kitchen cabinets to give them a bold and dashing feel.

16. Glossy Green

Glossy Green Kitchen
Photo from Propeller Madrid

Opt for a jewel tone throughout the kitchen cabinets with this colour to open it up and give it that burst of energy that only saturated colours can provide. The glossy green paint colour provides the kitchen with a more prosperous and high-gloss finish.

17. Cream

Cream Kitchen
Photo from TTM Development Company

If white feels too crisp for you, go for a creamer shade. It will still feel light and bright, and the warmer undertones will help your kitchen feel more inviting. Cream colour can soften the whole feel of the kitchen.


The final consideration for your kitchen colour scheme is the tone you want to set in your room design idea. Do you want it to be bright and airy, or cosy and inviting? Warm colours like reds, oranges and yellows can make a space feel very bright and loud, while cooler tones like blues and greens can give off a refreshing vibe. No matter what look you are going for, you can find the perfect shade to turn your kitchen into a showstopper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which colour shade is best for the kitchen?

The best colour shade for the kitchen can be pale yellow, sky blue, and glossy green.

What colours go together in the kitchen?

Some of the popular colour combinations that go together pretty well in the kitchen are dark navy and sky blue, matte black and cream, marine blue and grey, and wine red and white.

What colours make a kitchen warm and inviting?

The colours that make a kitchen warm and inviting are sky blue, cream and pale yellow.

What are the best colour combinations for Modular kitchens?

The best colour combinations for Modular kitchens are blue and white, pink and grey, and black and white.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet colour for 2022?

The most popular kitchen cabinet colours for 2022 are sage green, matte black, and cadet blue.

What are interior design ideas for a kitchen?

The best interior design ideas for a kitchen are as follows:

Bohemian style.

Which is the best colour for a small kitchen?

The best colours for a small kitchen are cream, pale yellow, and baby blue.

How do I decorate my kitchen wall?

Here are some tips to decorate a kitchen wall:

Add a mural.
Contrast a neutral scheme with bold colours.
Install wood panelling.
Add a backsplash texture.
Introduce artwork into open space.

What are the trends in kitchen design?

Some of the popular trends in kitchen design are:

Colourful cabinetry.
Black accents and appliances.
Multiple islands.
Patterned floors.
Built-in banquettes.