White Kitchen Cabinet

Your Ultimate Guide to White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for many homeowners because of their bright and airy look. But before you make the switch, there are a few things you should know. 

In this guide, we’ll provide everything you need to know about white kitchen cabinets, from the different types available to how to style them in your home. 

So whether you’re remodelling your kitchen or just dreaming about it, read on for some expert advice!

White Kitchen Cabinet
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Various Designs You Can Try

If you’re looking to update your kitchen with a fresh new look, white kitchen cabinets are a great option. You can choose from a variety of different designs and colours, so you can find something that perfectly matches your home’s style. You can also choose to go with:

  • A Warm Design
  • A Cool Design
  • A Dark Design
  • A Light Design

A Warm Design

Warm Design For Kitchen Cabinet
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If you want to create a warm and welcoming space, choose hues such as yellow, orange, and red. These hues have a tendency for eliciting feelings of joy and happiness. Consider selecting a muted version of your favourite warm colour as well as warm neutrals, a safe option for white kitchen cabinets.

A Cool Design

Cool Design For Kitchen Cabinets
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White cabinetry and cool colours create a refreshing and lively environment. Consider adding blue colour as it promotes feelings of calm and tranquillity. You can also choose a pale green to create an airy and refreshing atmosphere. Choose cool greys and neutral colours to create a muted kitchen.

A Dark Design

A Dark Design For Kitchen
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A dark design alludes to the use of a melancholy atmosphere within the space by using dark colours that contrast with white cabinetry. You can go with dark tones like black, dark green, navy, elephant grey or a maroon shade.

A Light Design

A Light Design For Kitchen
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For a fresh and modern design for your kitchen, consider trying out a light design. You can go with colours like light pastels, off whites, bright whites, light neutrals etc, or opt for a more subtle look with light cabinets and cabinets in a neutral colour. Either way, your kitchen will look light and airy.

Benefits and Drawbacks

If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, white kitchen cabinets may be the perfect choice. They come in many different styles and can go with any type of kitchen decor. However, before you make the purchase, it’s important to know the benefits and drawbacks of white cabinets. Here are some things to keep in mind:


1. They are modular – You can mix and match different colours and styles to create a unique look for your kitchen. White offers a clean look that can work with almost any design.

2. They are versatile – You can use white kitchen cabinets for everything from traditional kitchens to modern kitchens. If you want to add some extra flare, go with lighter shades of white or choose whites with a light tint for an added touch of elegance.

3. They are affordable – Compared to other kitchen cabinet materials, white is relatively affordable. This means you can get a lot of uses out of your white cabinets before having to replace them.


1. They can be difficult to keep clean – Because white kitchens tend to be brighter and more open than darker ones, they often require more attention to detail when it comes to cleaning. This can be a challenge if you have a busy schedule or simply don’t have time for a lot of extra work.

2. High Maintenance – They can be expensive to replace if they get damaged or stained. White cabinets are typically more expensive than other colours, so it may be worth it to consider other options if something happens to them down the road.

Colour Combinations to Opt

White kitchen cabinets come in a variety of colour combinations, so it can be hard to decide which one to choose. Here are some shortlisted ones to help you choose the perfect kitchen colour combination for your white cabinets:

  • White and Black 
  • White and Wooden Grain 
  • White and Grey 
  • White and Red 
  • White and Yellow

White and Black 

White And Black Kitchen Design
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When it comes to kitchen colour combinations, white and black can be an excellent option. This will provide a striking contrast that will seem contemporary and refined. In addition, they complement most decors which means white cabinets may be used with black worktops or black appliances to provide a more classic appearance.

White and Wooden Grain 

White And Wooden Kitchen Combo
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When it comes to kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of colour combinations that you can choose from. However, one of the most popular combinations is wood and white cabinets as a composition. This combination is both beautiful and functional. The white cabinets help to brighten up your kitchen and the wood adds a natural look and feel to the cabinets. 

White and Grey 

White And Grey Kitchen Cabinet
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A great way to add a touch of class and sophistication to your kitchen is to use grey counters and white kitchen cabinets. This colour combination will give your kitchen a modern look while also being functional. Grey is a very versatile colour, so it can be used in any room in your house. Plus, it goes well with many different colours of cabinets. And on the other side white cabinets add brightness to a space. 

White and Red 

White And Red Kitchen Cabinet Combination
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White and red gives out a striking look and makes a bold combination. Red evokes your hunger and is associated with passion and energy, while white makes you feel clean and calm. We recommend using red in small quantities to give it a more sophisticated look. 

If you’re looking to add some extra excitement to your kitchen without drastically changing the look, consider adding a brick red table in a white kitchen to create a nice focal point and a bold look.

White and Yellow

White And Yellow Kitchen Cabinet
Photo from Minette Hand

If you are looking for a bright and cheerful kitchen, then consider pairing white kitchen cabinets with complementary yellow cabinets. This combination will add some life to your kitchen and make it look more inviting. You can also try using yellow accessories such as a yellow vase or showpiece. Yellow is the colour of happiness and optimism. It can help to invigorate a kitchen space, making it more cheerful and inviting.

Cabinet Materials You Should Consider

When deciding what type of kitchen cabinets to purchase, you should consider the materials that they are made of. Some of the most common cabinet materials are:

  • Particle Board 
  • Plywood 
  • Hardwood

Particle Board

Particle Board
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Particle board is a type of wood that is made up of small, thin pieces of wood that are glued together. It is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets because it is affordable and easy to work with. Just like other woods, particle boards can be painted or stained to match your decor.


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Plywood is a type of wood that is made up of many thin sheets that are glued together. It is the most popular material for kitchen cabinets because it is cheap and simple to work with. Plywood is also resistant to moisture and weather conditions, which means it can last long in a white kitchen cabinet.


Photo from Lara Stock

When it comes to choosing cabinet materials, hardwood is a great option. Hardwood can be stained or painted to match any colour or style you want, and it’s also easy to clean. If you’re looking for a long-lasting kitchen cabinet material that will look great in your home for years to come, hardwood is the perfect choice. Some of the most popular types of hardwood include Mahogany, Sal Wood, Deodar, Teak etc.

A Selection of Our Favourite Kitchens with White Cabinets


White kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for many homeowners because they can be paired with almost any colour palette and style. If you’re considering updating your kitchen cabinets, white may be the perfect option for you. In this guide, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about white kitchen cabinets, from the different styles available to how to care for them. We also have a few tips on styling your new cabinets so that you can create a look that’s uniquely yours. Ready to get started? Let’s go over all of the details of choosing and installing white kitchen cabinets!

You can also look into luxury kitchen design ideas to match your white kitchen cabinets with a luxury design space!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which materials are best for making kitchen cabinets?

Some of the most popular options for making kitchen cabinets are wood, metal, and glass.

What are the different types of kitchen layouts?

Different types of kitchen layouts are:

The U-Shape kitchen
The L-Shape kitchen
The island kitchen
The one wall kitchen
The gallery kitchen

How can one maintain a very small kitchen beautifully?

To maintain a very small kitchen, you will need to take care of these things:

Well-organised cabinets.
Use efficient storage solutions.
Keep your countertops clean and clutter free.

What is the latest trend in modular kitchen design in 2022?

Some of the latest trend in 2022 for modular kitchen designs are:

Mix vintage and modern style.
Use natural-looking flooring.
Opt for an open kitchen.
Use colourful cabinets.
Use a warm design.

How can kitchen remodelling enhance your home?

Here are some of the benefits of kitchen remodelling to enhance your home:

Increases functionality.
Decreases energy costs.
Adds sustainability.
Creates a modern appearance.
Enhances safety and comfort.

Can you use exterior paint on kitchen cabinets?

Yes, you can use exterior paint on kitchen cabinets if the sealant is fully cured before painting.

Which is the best kitchen drawer channel?

Deep and wide kitchen drawer channels are the best ones as they come with a lot of storage space.

Is ash wood good for kitchen cabinets?

Yes, ash wood is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets. Ash wood is very easy to handle and gives a seamless finish to the kitchen.