7 Timeless Kitchen Colour Schemes

© Photo by Sheryl Ward


Pale Yellow

Pale yellow is a cheerful and uplifting kitchen colour that will put you at ease.

© Photo from Orange Graphics


Sky Blue

Sky blue is another colour that works well in kitchens. It creates a crisp and clean look.

© Photo from ADND Photography


Cadet Blue

Cadet blue is excellent for a clean and crisp look if you like classic and elegant kitchens.

© Photo by Miki Duisterhof


Pale Green

Pale green is an excellent choice to add a soothing and peaceful colour to your kitchen cabinets.

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© Photo from Bob Schmmit Houses


Matte Black

Matte black kitchen cabinets are trending and are perfect for traditional-style kitchens.

© Photo by Francesco Lagnese


Wine Red

Consider incorporating this bright red colour of wine in kitchen cabinets to get a glam look.

© Photo from Archidea



White kitchen cabinet colours give a clean and timeless look. They add interest to the space when combined with traditional elements.

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