World Architecture

World Architecture

Architect | Ernakulam, Kerala

Project Hyperlane Hyperlane is a 2.4km multi-level linear sky park, youth culture and lifestyle destination at the heart of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music University in Chengdu. It establishes a vibrant and fun youth, music and life orientated linear space, linking the local transportation hub with the university community and campus in Chengdu. The Urban Gallery, the Initial phase of the project has recently opened. Hyperlane is invested, built, and operated by the core team that once operated Chengdu Taikoo Li project. The overall planning and design intents to create high standards and high-quality design.60% of the commercial products is self-sustaining, adheres to the long-term business philosophy, provides professional support, and realizes long-term commercial value. #worldarchitecture #urbandesign #landscape #landscapearchitecture #landscapedesign #urbanstreetscape #streetscape #urbanstreetart #streetart #recreation #park #walkway #urbanpark #relax #commercialstreet

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