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STONEAGE Laterite tile

STONEAGE Laterite Tile

profession icon  Architect · 10 Yearsmap iconKannur, Kerala
My company is STONAGE Laterites located at Kannur Nayattupara Kerala. We came up with the idea of ​​Laterite tile, which uses 2or3 layered stones of firmness and quality to make the tiles. The stone is cut on a 9 bladed CNC machine .Its makes our product unique with same level and thickness and Required a less amount of gum. Each tile is of 20 mm thick, 18 cm wide, 30 cm long, one piece is 0.58 sqtf. A box can have 8 pieces. One piece weighs about 2 kg. One box is of 4.64 sqft,00 rs per sqft including tax at Kannur company.excluded transportation charges . contact me for further info 9605252181