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Look At 9 Photographs From Miley Cyrus’s Exuberant Los Angeles Mansion

Miley Cyrus will host the New Year’s Eve party with her Godmother Dolly Parton!

Miley Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress famous for her distinctive raspy voice. Miley started her career in 2001 alongside her father Billy Ray Cyrus and soon after that, she was featured in the Disney series Hannah Montana with her father and Dolly Parton as her aunt.

Miley became a global star and the most famous and loved teenager with her show and her songs and started writing her songs, embracing various styles such as pop, hip hop, country music, and rock which gave her immense success.

Miley Cyrus'S La Mansion
Photo by Jenna Peffley

The star owns various expensive properties, one of which is designed by her mother Tish Cyrus and is located in Los Angeles, California. Here are a few pictures of Miley’s high-spirited home!

Colour Pop Living Room
Photo by Jenna Peffley

The magnificent mansion incorporates a dark theme with colourful furniture and artwork that speaks about Miley’s personality. A white ceiling with black walls, a low-lying sofa set in blue, and a multi-coloured chair are present in the living room. Built-in shelves and french windows enhance the room along with vases and flowerpots.

Miley'S Lounge
Photo by Jenna Peffley

Moving onto the lounge, the room showcases a glam look with its custom neon lights and maximalist look. The space is dazzling with LED bulbs, glass rainbow light and colourful artwork, perfect for chilling. The walls are covered with leopard print wallpaper and the wooden flooring has a suede carpet.

The Modern Dining Area
Photo by Jenna Peffley

A luxurious dining room is decorated by Tish Cyrus and is designed keeping in mind the family dinners. The walls are painted grey and focus on a vintage mirror with large indoor plants in the corner of the room. The ten-seater dining table with a marble tabletop is surrounded by chairs in a funky and attractive material cloth.

Miley'S Black And Black Kitchen
Photo by Jenna Peffley

The kitchen goes along well with the rest of the house but has a minimalistic look. The slanted ceiling has two skylights and the entire kitchen displays a farmhouse-style appeal. We can see white cabinets with an edgy black metal range hood and a white backsplash of square tiles. The island is followed by a small round dining table surrounded by animal print chairs and small ceramic pots as the centrepiece.

Dark Themed Bedroom
Photo by Jenna Peffley

Miley Cyrus has a very charming bedroom that stands out with perfect decor. The walls are painted in a dark colour and the wooden flooring is covered with a grey carpet. A four-poster bed is placed in the centre with white lampshades on the wooden nightstands. The room also has french windows with matching draperies and a furry chair.

The Master Bathroom
Photo by Jenna Peffley

The master bathroom embraces concrete flooring and bathtub-facing french windows. It has a high ceiling with a statement chandelier, white walls, and a large floor-length mirror with a large indoor plant. The bathroom also includes a jacuzzi and a wall hanging.

Miley Cyrus'S Home Studio
Photo by Jenna Peffley

Miley’s home studio is another notable part of the mansion which is exceptional in its style. A trippy ceiling with psychedelic patterns decorates the space. The room adorns modern and comfy furniture with colourful cushions, artwork, neon lights, and music systems and instruments. Miley, being a musician, loves this room.

The Backyard With A Swimming Pool
Photo by Jenna Peffley

What’s more, the massive backyard of the mansion embraces a free-form swimming pool facing a tiled flooring patio with black loungers and pool umbrellas. The backyard is surrounded by greenery and a fountain which gives a Zen vibe to the area and is perfect for relaxing near nature. We can also see a firepit with some chairs and a natural stone boundary wall.

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