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Welcome To Kim Taehyung AKA V Of BTS’s Splendid $4.5 Million Apartment

Team Kolo wishes V a great day and lots of love from the Indian BTS Army on his 27th Birthday!!

Kim Taehyung is a South Korean singer, vocalist, and visual of the famous K-Pop band BTS. He is also known by his stage name V and is loved by his thousands of fans called ARMY for his overwhelming voice. Being the World’s Most Famous man for almost 5 years now, V is the most famous K-Pop Idol.

The popular singer Kim Taehyung made his debut with the band Bangtan Boys AKA BTS in the year 2013 with their first song called ‘No More Dreams’ under Big Hit Entertainment but gained worldwide recognition and popularity after their song called ‘I Need You’ in the year 2015. They became the World’s top band, breaking several records before they even knew it.

The members lived together during their initial days but moved into their separate apartments soon after. V lives in a luxurious apartment in South Korea which is worth $4.5 Million. Let us take a look inside V’s lavish house interiors!

Bts V'S Seoul Apartment
Photo by Kim Taehyung, Instagram

V’s home displays a modern and minimalistic look, the lavish living room features a black leather sofa and white walls with warm lighting. The wall is decorated with a large painting which is inspired by one of the band’s poster covers.

Modern And Elegant Interiors
Photo by V, Weverse

The splendid interiors exhibit a remarkable lifestyle that V has. The room is embellished with large glass sliding windows covered with draperies, shiny marble flooring, an off-white textured wall, and glossy pendant lights in the corner. The tray ceiling includes ceiling lights and the entire house is painted in a single colour.

V And Yeontan In The Dining Area
Photo by V, Weverse

The idol constantly keeps on posting pictures of his home with his dog Yoentan on Weverse and likes to spend his free time at home with Yoentan. His lush apartment includes a large dining area which places a granite dining table with leather chairs and a raised garden bed with tropical plants which is surrounded by a tiled wall.

Kim Taehyung'S Living Room
Photo by Kim Taehyung, Instagram

Kim Taehyung is known for his Joli and playful nature and it is natural that he has a whole bunch of stuffed toys that he uses to decorate his rooms. His living area, dining area, and sofa are decorated with all the paintings and toys that he finds close to his heart.

Bts V'S Bedroom
Photo by V, Weverse

The apartment is graced by contemporary themes and expensive furnishings. The master bedroom adorns a panel bed with a royal blue leather headboard and golden accents. The side table is embellished with a dark colour lampshade and the large glass walls are covered with matching curtains. The room also beautifies accessories and indoor plants.

V'S Artistic Corner In Seoul Apartment
Photo by Kim Taehyung, Instagram

Many of the BTS fans are aware of the fact that V loves art. He likes to paint his thoughts and has an exceptional taste that is admired by the Army. He also has an art room which is mostly empty and has a stone textured wall with wooden flooring. 

Furthermore, the house is located in a porch area in South Korea and includes expansive parking and a great view of the city.
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