Living Room Design Ideas For A Luxurious Home 1

Living Room Design Ideas for a Luxurious Home

Are you looking for some luxury living room design ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the best ways to design your living room in a luxurious way.

When it comes to luxury living room design, there are no limits to what you can do. Your imagination is your only limit! With that in mind, here are some ideas to get you started on creating the perfect living space for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or entertain guests, these ideas will help you create a living room that’s both luxurious and functional.

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Some Luxury Living Room Styles That You Should Know

Luxury living rooms are often designed in a spectacular and luxurious manner. And one of the most critical spaces in every house is the living room. As this is where you will spend the most of your time, it is critical that it be stylish and soothing. This may include the following:

  • Traditional Style
  • Victorian Style
  • Mid century Style
  • Indian Style
  • Monochrome Style
  • Two Toned Style
  • Neutral with accent colours
  • Luxury with gold/copper highlights
  • Art Deco Style
  • Minimalist Style

Traditional Style

Traditional Style Living Room
From Giannetti Home

Traditional style luxury living room design is often associated with warmth and elegance. This design style incorporates classic elements such as luxurious fabrics, rich wood tones, and timeless furniture pieces. Traditional living rooms often have a formal feeling, but they can also be cosy and inviting.

Victorian Style

Victorian Style Living Room
Photo by Tim Hine From Douglas VanderHorn Architects

Victorian style luxury living room designs are characterised by their ornate details, opulent furnishings, and luxurious fabrics. Rich colours and patterns are often used to create an inviting and dramatic space. However, Victorian living rooms can also be quite cosy and inviting. The use of antique furniture and vintage accessories can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Mid century Style

Mid Century Style Mid Century Style
Photo by  Federico Cedrone

A Mid-century modern luxury living room design is often characterised by a minimalist aesthetic, as well as a focus on simplicity and functionality. Mid-century modern living room designs can be adapted to suit any space, whether it’s large or small. For example, a small living room can be given a mid-century modern makeover by incorporating furniture with clean lines, such as a sofa with straight arms and tapered legs.

Indian Style

Indian Style Living Room
From Pepperfry

Indian living styled luxury living room designs are typically quite colourful, with a mix of traditional and modern furniture. Patterns are often used in upholstery, carpets, and throw pillows. Indian-style living rooms often have an eclectic feel, with a mix of different influences. For example, you might see a traditional wooden sofa next to a modern glass coffee table.

Monochrome Style

Monochrome Style Living Room
Photo by  Erriadbey Kerimov

A monochrome living room style can create a stylish and sophisticated look in your home. The key to success with this type of design is to choose a neutral colour scheme and then use different shades, textures and finishes to add interest. For example, you could paint the walls in a light beige colour and then use dark browns and blacks for the furniture and accessories.

Two Toned Style

Two Toned Style Living Room
Photo by Rina Lovko

The two toned styles luxury living room design is a popular trend in home décor. This style features two colours that are complementary to each other. The colours can be used on the walls, furniture, flooring, and accessories. The two toned style can be achieved by using a light colour on the walls and a dark colour on the furniture. This creates a contrast that is both eye-catching and stylish. 

Neutral with accent colours

Neutral With Accent Colours For Living Room
Photo by Olga Podgornaja

When planning for a luxury living room design, it is important to strike a balance between neutral tones and vibrant accent colours. Neutral tones, such as grey or beige, provide a soothing and relaxing foundation that creates the perfect backdrop for bright pops of colour. These accent colours can include anything from bright shades of yellow or red to rich jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue.

Luxury with gold/copper Highlights

Luxury With Gold/Copper Highlights For Living Room
From Dzhemesyuk Design

Luxury colours such as gold, copper, and silver can be used to create a luxurious design on the walls without being too overwhelming. However, it’s important to use these materials sparingly, as too much gold or copper can quickly make a room feel gaudy or over-the-top. If done correctly, though, incorporating golden or copper highlights into your living room design can give your space an air of luxury that is sure to impress.

Art Deco Style

Art Deco Style For Living Room
From Wottan

An art deco luxury living room design would typically feature furniture with clean lines and bright upholstery. The walls would be decorated with abstract paintings or murals, and the floor would be covered with a luxurious carpet. The overall effect would be one of sophistication and glamour. 

Minimalist Style

Minimalist Style For Minimalist Style
Photo by Igor Sirotov

A minimalist style is often considered for luxury homes to achieve a sleek, elegant look. This style can be achieved with the correct furniture placement and a few clever lighting fixtures.

Using Furniture to Create a Luxurious Design

A luxury living room design doesn’t have to be luxury in size, just like our homes. A certain furniture piece can change the entire feel of a room, and it’s important to use pieces that will go with your style. For instance you can use:

  • Sofas
  • Armchairs
  • Chaise Lounge
  • Upholstered Footstools


Sofas For Luxury Living Room
From SKF Decor

Sofas are used in many different rooms, but they are especially useful when designing a luxury living room design. Sofas can be clustered together to create a comfortable seating area that looks chic and is comfortable enough for both sitting and lying down.



Armchairs For Luxury Living Room
From Nobili Design

Armchair furniture is a popular choice for luxury living room design and decor. It is used in the living room to give the overall look of the space more elegance and class. It also provides comfort so that people can lounge on it and enjoy their time with family and friends

Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge For Luxury Living Room
From Olodumare

Using chaise lounge furniture for luxury living room design and decorating is a way to show off your style. You can mix it with other pieces of furniture or have a completely different look. There are small, medium, and large chaise lounges that will keep everyone from the kids to the adults happy.

Upholstered Footstools

Upholstered Footstools For Luxury Living Room
From Alitools

Upholstered footstools make great foot stools for your living room. They are the perfect addition to any seating area or as a second sofa in front of the TV for your luxury living room design. These footstools will add a touch of luxury to your home and are also very comfortable for guests.

Utilising the Ceiling to Create Luxurious Ideas

Using a ceiling for decorating a living room is a great way to help define the shape of a room. This can also be accomplished by using:

  • Coffered Ceiling
  • Gypsum Ceilings
  • Vaulted (Raised) Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling For Living Room
From Elle Decor

A coffered ceiling is a great way to create an elegant and luxurious look in your luxury living room design. A coffered ceiling is created by placing individual beams symmetrically on top of one another. It not only adds elegance to the room but also gives it more height.

Gypsum Ceilings

Gypsum Ceilings For Living Room
From Decor Puzzle

Gypsum ceilings are a great way to bring a high-end feel to a room and make it look bigger as well. They can be painted, stained, textured, or even polished to create a unique look. When decorating with gypsum, think about what colours will work best with the room and the furniture in order to create a cohesive design.

Vaulted (Raised) Ceiling

Vaulted (Raised) Ceiling For Living Room
From Home Design Lover

Vaulted ceilings can be expensive to install, but they do not compromise the luxurious look of your luxury living room design. A vaulted ceiling creates a greater sense of spaciousness with the use of recessed beams, which creates an illusion of more space in the room. This is best exemplified by the dramatic increase in interior height achieved by vaulting over standard ceilings.

Integrating Flooring in the Design of Luxury Living Rooms

Flooring is one of the most important components in a luxury living room. It can be expensive to purchase, but it can also offer a lot of flexibility and create an elegant decorating experience. Choosing the right flooring can be tricky as there are many choices, but still we would recommend you to choose:

  • Wooden Flooring
  • White or Ivory Tiles
  • Carpeted Flooring

Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring For Living Room
Photo by Polyviz

Wood flooring is a great way to set the tone in a luxury living room design. They can be hard or soft depending on what you want. Hardwood floors are perfect for the traditional feel and they don’t need much care, while soft wood floors offer a modern look with their glossy finish and unique grain.

White or Ivory Tiles

White Or Ivory Tiles For Living Room
From  青沐沄杉

One way to make a luxury living room design more luxurious is by adding some white or ivory tiles on the floor. These tiles will create a better contrast with other furniture and also create a more elegant look that would take your home from drab to dazzling.

Carpeted Flooring

Carpeted Flooring For Living Room
Photo by ihomefurnish

Carpeted flooring is a great way to give your luxury living room design and decor a more luxurious feel. It’s also a simple and affordable way to update the look of your home without causing too much damage. If you’re looking to make your living room into something more royal, then carpeted flooring is the perfect choice!

Applying The Right Colours

Colours are a powerful tool for decorating and can be used to create luxury living room design. One way to use colours is to use them as splashes of vibrant hues that frame the room which can be:

  • Classic White Colour
  • Black and White Colour
  • Neutral beige Colour
  • Pastel Colour
  • Rose Colour
  • Luxury Blue
  • Modern Dark Green

Classic White Colour

Classic White Colour For Living Room
From Resolution: 4 Architecture

One of the best ways to show off your luxury living room design is by choosing a classic white colour. This colour works well in any setting, whether it’s the master bedroom or the living room. It also helps to make your room look larger since you can use the other colours on your walls.

Black and White Colour

Black And White Colour For Living Room
Photo by Juraj Talcik

Black and white is a very popular colour combination for luxury living room design ideas. This colour scheme offers sophistication, warmth, and elegance. You could go with hardwood flooring to complement the black and white theme.

Neutral beige Colour

Neutral Beige Colour For Living Room
Photo by leemelina08 from Pixabay 

Neutral beige is a popular choice for luxury living room designs. It’s a light colour that brings natural images of the earth and is often associated with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Leather couches, wooden furniture, and dark wood accent pieces are good choices for this type of living room design.

Pastel Colour

Pastel Colour For Living Room
Photo by Elena Ivanova

Pastel colours have been a favourite for living room design ideas for some time now. Unlike the common red and black, pastel colour schemes are soothing to look at and provide a sense of warmth. They can also be combined with other colours, such as browns and greys to create a sophisticated luxury feel.

Rose Coloured

Rose Coloured Living Room
Photo by Homeby Trina from Instagram

In order to make your luxury living room design a beautiful, peaceful place, we’d have to step outside of our comfort zone and design in colour. Rose colours are the most popular colour for luxury rooms because they’re soothing and soft for the eyes. Since rose colours are so popular, it is easy to find a wide array of decor pieces that suit the palette.

Luxury Blue

Luxury Blue Colour For Living Rooms
From Cindy Witmer / Photography by Kerry Kirk

A luxury living room design can be made with a variety of colours, but by using Luxury Blue it will provide the room with a luxurious look. Some other colours that can work for this colour scheme are white, black and silver. One decoration tip is to use curtains in shades of blue and white.

Dark Green

Dark Green Colour For Living Rooms
Photo by Houseology

Dark green colours are great for luxury living room designs. They give an aura of luxury from the Nawab era. Dark green is also great because it can be used as a neutral colour that can go with most other colours. If you want to add some luxe touches to a neutral living room, you should consider using dark green accents.

The Use of Lighting in the Design of Luxury Living Rooms 

Luxury living room lighting is a key element of luxury living room design. A big factor in living room decorating is the use of light. There are many ways to use lighting for your living room, depending on the type of design such as:

  • Chandeliers
  • Hanging Lamps
  • Recessed Lamps


Chandeliers For Luxury Living Rooms
From LuxDeco

Chandeliers are a popular choice in the design market. Chandeliers are perfect for luxury living room design. They provide elegant light and can create a beautiful effect in the space. Chandeliers can be used as accent lighting or even as a main source of light to add ambience to the space.

Hanging Lamps

Hanging Lamps For Luxury Living Rooms
From Sofary Lighting

Hanging lamps are ideal for living room design and decor. They provide the perfect amount of light that is required in order to read a book or watch a movie. Furthermore, they do not take up much space and they can be placed just about anywhere in the room.

Recessed Lamps

Recessed Lamps For Luxury Living Rooms
From Home Depot

Recessed lighting is a luxury lighting method that has been around for ages. The design of the light itself resembles a wall sconce and is recessed into the ceiling. This gives the appearance of lighting coming from above, which makes it appear to be more luxurious than other types of lamps.

Leveraging Walls in the Design of a Luxurious Living Room

When it comes to luxury living room design and decor, walls are the most important part of any home. Walls are where our favourite paintings, sculptures, and decorative furniture will be displayed. Here you can use walls designs such as:

  • Glass Walls
  • Abstract Artworks
  • Drywall Design

Glass Walls

Glass Walls For Luxury Living Room
From Rhino Steel Doors

Glass walls are an attractive design element for your luxury living room designs. They allow light to enter the room and might make guests feel as if they are in a modern art museum.

Abstract Artworks

Abstract Artworks For Luxury Living Room
Photo by Javier Wainstein

Abstract Art is a great way to decorate a luxury living room. Abstract artworks are striking and can add an impressive touch to your living room. Your artwork can be modern, minimalistic, or abstract. Using abstract artworks should not be limited to only one type of style because you will create something unique with every piece.

Drywall Design

Drywall Design For Luxury Living Room
From Bobby Cool Home Decor

Drywall is a popular material for luxury living room decor because it’s mainly used in expensive homes. Mixing drywall with other materials like wood and metal can add to the overall design.

Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 

Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 
Photo by Kò Ng
Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 
From Maksim MT3Dvis
Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 
Photo by Johny Mrazko
Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 
Photo by KUOO Architects
Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 
Photo by Alexandru Ionita & Dumbrava Traian
Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 
Photo by  Fathy Ibrahim & Rehab Elhawary
Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 
From Creative Circle Ltd.
Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 
From Luxatic
Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 
From Beautiful Homes
Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 
From Dk Decor


Luxury living room design ideas are endless and designs vary with each style, theme and materials. It’s easy to find room, furniture and decorating ideas from online platforms like Kolo App or Pinterest etc to furnish your living room in luxury. We hope that this blog must have given you some decorating inspiration for your living room!

And also if you’d like to know more about Modern living room design ideas, then do checkout out Kolo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the modern ways of decorating living rooms in India?

Modern ways of decorating include designing the room by using a blend of natural materials like bamboo, stone, wood and terracotta. You might also use mirrors, accessories like lamps and tapestries to add an element of luxury.

What would your ideal living room look like?

An ideal living room is one that would look contemporary and combined with clean lines, texture, simplicity. It should also have a conversation piece or wall art to bring in a modern focal point.

How would you define a luxurious interior design?

A luxurious interior design is one that is warm and inviting. The room should have a calming energy, as well as the ability to showcase whatever you like aesthetically. A luxurious interior design should include timeless elements that will withstand the test of time and a high attention to detail.

What is luxury interior design?

Luxury interior design is the idea of having an interior done with high quality materials and pieces of furniture, ceilings, colours, lightings etc that are chosen for their beauty, durability, and quality.

What design principles can I use to make a great looking living room?

Some popular design principles one must take into consideration for living rooms are:

Creating harmony with the space and elements within
Unity of elements within the space
Balance in the space by approximating the visual weight of objects

How do I give a rich look to my living room?

You can make a rich look to your living room with beautiful, luxurious decor. One of the ways you might be able to do this is by using colour, rich materials, lighting, and artwork that will give a feel of premium luxury.

Where can I find luxury bedroom designs?

If you’re looking to find a luxury living room design, a few places to check would be Pinterest and Kolo App.

When you hear ‘luxury interior design,’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Luxury interior design brings forth an image of a rich white living space with gold accents. It’s a classic choice in the field of luxury design.  With plush seating and classic decor with metallic touches, A white space screams luxury.

What are some simple accessories that could make a living room attractive?

Statement furniture pieces will accessorise your space in a big way. To that, you could add  matching decor elements like a designer table lamp or a large wall art to adorn your walls.

How should I decorate my living room?

Choose a style for your room and the colour palette you want to go for. In accordance with your theme, the furniture, fabrics, and artwork can follow. For a splash of natural green to your space, add leafy indoor plants.

Which are the trendy designs for a living room?

The theme for living room trends in 2022 centers on sustainability; including house plants and greenery in your decor to create a relaxing sanctuary with natural materials, curved silhouettes, and quiet neutrals.

What is the design and layout of a small living room?

A small living room should have a design that will make it feel cozy and warm. A single sofa might still leave enough space for a side table, but more than one could become rather tight. When possible, try not to surround the sofa with too many end tables or stand lamps and instead aim for a simpler design.

What are some tips for decorating a living room?

Use furniture that can fit your needs, it will elongate the space. Choose fabrics that coordinate with the existing decor and are in neutral tones to achieve harmony. When it comes to paint, go for a mix of light and dark notes. Dark tones can add richness to the space and must be used in a balance with light neutral tones.