Checkout Some Elegant Modern Living Room Design Ideas 1

Checkout Some Elegant & Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Are you looking for some modern living room design inspiration to update your living room? Whether you’re wanting to create a modern, cosy, or formal living room, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll show you some modern living rooms design and provide tips on how to achieve the look yourself. So sit back, relax, and get inspired.

So get inspired, and start dreaming up your perfect living room today.

Different Hybrid Living Room Types You Should Try

Living room designs can be difficult to create when you don’t have a lot of space. A modern living room design with a hybrid room is great for small apartment design. There are many different types of rooms that can be created from a hybrid space that all vary in size, style, and function such as:

  • Modern Bohemian
  • Organic Modern
  • Modern Scandinavian
  • Mid-century Modern
  • Modern Traditional

Modern Bohemian

Modern Bohemian Living Room
From Decorilla

The Bohemian style is a type of modern living room design that is typically based on a mix of furniture and materials. Bohemian style typically involves paintings, various ancient furnishings, and quilts. This style has a lot of different variations and it can be easy to incorporate into many different living rooms designs.

Organic Modern

Organic Modern Living Room
From Coaster Furniture

From modern living room furniture to modern living room design ideas, organic elements play a major role in this particular design. Organic designs are often made from natural materials such as bamboo and other hardwoods. They can also be made with environmentally-friendly paints, stains, or inks.

Modern Scandinavian

Modern Scandinavian Living Room
Photo by Svyatyuk Stanislav

Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness. This style of architecture is also used in the living room to create a functional space that will suit your needs. Scandinavian furniture is created with high quality materials and tends to be more expensive. The sleek lines, minimalism, and curved edges of Scandinavian design make this room a spacious and stylish haven for your home.

Mid-century Modern

Mid-Century Modern Living Room
From Elle Decor

Mid-century modern living room designs are characterised by the use of sleek, minimalistic furniture pieces that create a modern and stylish environment. They would typically contain one or more large pieces that act as a centrepiece. Mid-century Modern living rooms were designed with simplicity in mind and are often used as multi-purpose areas for family life, entertaining guests, and relaxing.

Modern Traditional

Modern Traditional Living Room
From Decorilla

A modern living room is typically organised around the television. The TV can be a wall-mounted, stand-alone unit, or take up a smaller percentage of the space with a television on a table in front of the sofa. Modern decorating also includes clean lines and open spaces without specific furniture items, such as couches and chairs.

Modern Furniture for Living Rooms

Modern furniture can help create the perfect modern living room design for you. It can come in many different styles and colours. Modern furniture is often quite expensive, but used pieces are available for a lower price, you can use furniture such as:

  • Contemporary Style
  • Upholstered Footstools
  • Low-slung Furniture

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Style Living Room
From Interior Design – LoveToKnow

Contemporary style furniture can be difficult to decide on, especially for people who aren’t even sure what they want for their modern living room design. They often go with the flow, relying on popular trends and new styles that catch their eye. Even if a person is looking for something specific and how-to guidelines are hard to come by, there are still modern living room design ideas that can help guide them in the right direction.

Upholstered Footstools

Upholstered Footstools Living Room
From ManoMano

One way to make a living room look more organised is through the addition of footstools. Footstools serve as a nice decoration and place to rest your feet. They can be an affordable furniture option for people who are trying to save money, but want something that is durable, comfortable, and stylish.

Low-slung Furniture

Low-Slung Furniture For Living Room
From Home Design Lover

The low-slung furniture with clean lines is a good choice for modern living room design ideas. It can provide more space and make the room look larger. The furniture can have an accent colour, such as a blue sofa with white cushions. There should be a decorative piece on the coffee table, like a vase with colourful flowers in it.

Type of Furniture Materials to Incorporate

Living room furniture is a big purchase that you should make with your eyes open. You can get the most bang for your buck by choosing high quality materials and designs that will last through the years. For instance:

  • Leather
  • Marble
  • Iron
  • Natural Materials Like Wood


Leather Furniture Material For Living Rooms
From Bush Furniture Collection

Leather furniture is becoming a popular material that’s used in a lot of modern living room design ideas. There are many options for leathers and patterns that work well with modern living rooms. Leather also has a natural look to it, which makes it easy for designers to create the perfect colour scheme for their designs.


Marble Furniture Material For Living Rooms
From Boca Do Lobo

Marble is one of the most popular materials used in today’s modern living room design furniture. Marble has a reflective quality that gives marble furniture pieces a polished shine. They are also available in many different shapes, sizes, and colours. Some common types are white, black, grey, and brown.


Iron Furniture Material For Living Rooms
From HomeDoo

Using iron furniture is a great way to create modern living room design ideas. Iron furniture is extremely durable, making it perfect for rooms with lots of activity. Iron can contrast nicely with other materials and colours, such as stained concrete or dark wood.

Natural Materials Like Wood

Wood Furniture Material For Living Rooms
From My Decorative

Modern Furniture Designers are shaping the way we live and it’s not just in our homes. These designers use natural materials like wood to create stylish pieces that will stand the test of time. Wood is a renewable resource and won’t spoil or wear out as quickly as other materials like metal. That means you’ll save money by using these new modern living room design ideas.

Putting Up The Right Doors / Windows for Living Room

Open layouts, sliding glass doors and windows, ample natural light sources, and an outdoor space are just some of the modern living room design ideas that can give your home a refreshed look, for instance:

  • Large Windows & Doors
  • Floor-to-ceiling Windows

Large Windows & Doors

Large Windows &Amp; Doors For Large Windows &Amp; Doors
From Renewal by Andersen of British Columbia

Large windows and doors are a staple of modern architecture. This is because they allow the room to feel open, which helps to create an airy feeling in your home. Also there are many ways that you can use these features in a living room design.

Floor-to-ceiling Windows

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From Modernize

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a great way to make the most of your living room, especially if you want to make sure that you get the most light. Designating a window with a specific purpose will help you maximise natural light and the area. A good idea for this is the window that has curtains in it. The curtains can be used as shade when needed, but they also serve as art.

Elegant Ceiling Decor You Can Try

A ceiling is certainly a great addition to any modern living room design. Not only does it give the room a finished look, but it also provides extra storage space in the form of shelves. Ceilings also provide elegance and style with their design and can be painted to change the colour of your home you can use these ceilings such as:

  • Statement Chandelier
  • Wood Ceiling
  • Plaster of Paris False Ceilings

Statement Chandelier

Statement Chandelier
From Bonlicht Lighting

A statement chandelier in the modern living room design will change your entire space. It will add a focal point that makes all other furniture seem like an accessory. With huge amounts of light, it’ll feel like you’re in a library or theatre.

Wood Ceiling

Wood Ceiling For Living Room
From Housing

One way to make a living room look larger is to add a wood ceiling. It adds height to the room and creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere. A minimalist design can also be achieved by using simple furniture such as white couches and coffee tables.

Plaster of Paris False Ceilings 

Plaster Of Paris False Ceilings For Living Room
From KreateCube

Plaster of Paris false ceilings are a beautiful way to finish off a modern living room design. It’s most commonly used in high-end homes because it is a very expensive material. The ceiling is created out of plaster and paint, not just any paint, it has to be designed by an experienced craftsman.

Explore Some Modern Flooring Options

Flooring is one of the most important parts of a room. When it comes to modern living room design ideas, consider some recent flooring trends that include:

  • Alabaster Natural Tiles
  • Sleek Flooring
  • Rustic Flooring

Alabaster Natural Tiles

Alabaster Natural Tiles For Living Room
From Pyro + Echo

Alabaster natural tiles are the perfect choice for a classy living room. It can also be used in many different places, such as a bathroom and kitchen. The tiles have a very beautiful, natural colour that has a calming effect.

Sleek Flooring

Sleek Flooring For Living Room
From Home Stratosphere

Sleek flooring can add so much elegance to a room. Whether it’s marble, hardwood, or something else entirely, it is essential in modern living rooms. You don’t have to be afraid of getting your floor dirty or ruining your carpet because you will never have to worry about cleaning the floor again!

Rustic Flooring

Rustic Flooring For Living Room
From Decorilla

A rustic flooring is perfect for a modern living room design. They are the perfect blend of modern and rustic. For the very rustic look, look for reclaimed wood floors with worn edges. For a more polished look, go for highly polished floors that reflect light and shine like mirrors.

Using Appropriate Colour Tones

Colours play a big part in modern living room design. You must consider the colour scheme when designing your living room. You should also bear in mind that colours used in your modern living room are not to be used throughout the house. You can use these colours such as:

  • Neutral Colours
  • Classic offwhite
  • Blue and mustard
  • Yellow and grey
  • Lavender Purple
  • Tomato Orange

Neutral Colours

Neutral Colours For Living Room
From  Anjey Babych

When designing a living room, you should consider using neutral colours to avoid clashing with wall paint colours or furniture. For example, if your walls are red and you have a brown couch, you might want to use grey or white in your design. That way, the colours will be complementary instead of competing with one another.

Classic Offwhite

Esfqmejukmksn4Jegwsgmnq6Eu7R8S1S0Z9Me5Ic3 J Goy3Vyl8Otjmdbjfxrcoxwdo4Wxrwtieskw5X8Ghz0Xreb Hehar Bwes7Ilu9Pzvbomi6Cnwqz8Wbzpnwccdabbmmqhkpp7Xlbs7Q
From Country Living Magazine

The colour, off-white is one of the most popular colours for modern living room design. It can create a calming feel and contrast nicely with other colours in a room. The off-white colour also goes well with many other colours such as black, brown, earthy tones, and beige.

Blue and Mustard

Blue And Mustard Colours For Living Room
From Home Stratosphere

If you are looking for something to make your modern living room design stand out, look no further than these two colours: blue and mustard. These two colours compliment each other nicely and they create a very unique look that is perfect for any home.

Yellow and Grey

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From Decoist

Yellow and Grey seem to be the colours of choice when it comes to modern living room design. They are very relaxing colours and go with a variety of décor. They also give a sense of positivity which is great for a living room, or any other room for that matter. 

Lavender Purple

Lavender Purple Colours For Living Room
From Home Design Lover

Lavender Purple is a gorgeous colour that pairs well with other colours. The lavender’s hues can be found in things like flowers and fabrics, but this colour also looks good in the home where it can act as a splash of colour in rooms without needing to be too dark.

Tomato Orange

Tomato Orange Colours For Living Room
From Houzz

To get the most out of your living room design, you might want to consider using tomato orange colours. These colours can be paired with grey and brown furniture to create a modern look in your space that is neutral and natural.

Splashing Up Your Lighting Decor

Lighting is an important part of modern living room design. The lighting should not be too bright, but also not too dark. So in order to create an ambient lighting to your living room design you can use:

  • Study table lamps
  • Industrial lamps
  • Designer Lamp Shade
  • Pendant lights
  • Wall sconces
  • Strip lighting

Study table lamps

Study Table Lamps
From Ideal Home

Study table lamps are essential for modern living room design. These lamps allow the room to be illuminated without causing too much light pollution or being too harsh. Study table lamps can be topped with decorative balls which make them look more elegant and sophisticated.

Industrial lamps

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From Ubuy

If you’re looking for industrial lighting that doubles as art, then the intricate details in industrial lamps will appeal to you. An industrial-inspired interior design is a perfect blend of antique industrial parts and contemporary craftsmanship. This type of lamp is great to place as an object of central focus.

Designer Lamp Shade

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Photo by Michael Anastassiades from FLOS

Designer lampshades come in many different design styles that you can choose from – antique, ribbed lamps, abstract, contemporary lamps.  And a designer lamp shade will add a touch of glamour to your modern living room designs while also adding some style to your décor.

Pendant light

Ssfse Uwiyh43Waiw7R0Jxqvyi Xhc8Xauiwopwied5Pwskdvcvredlqtopzldvwx5Ny8H1Ytq2M3Bqlmnxrgz Wsdrurtxawgphuz Edhtqtar4Gqsyawydlyyzqttpba8Qqimhemnb53Vzq
From Ikea

Pendant light is a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. It is perfect for lighting up a smaller area like a lounge or a dining room. Pendants are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, including metal, glass, concrete, and plastic. They create a romantic atmosphere. These lights also come in multilayered pendant variants.

Wall Sconces

Aendx40Qg05Acxtulpdhdvkfkk77Wf1Utzsc04Ojrcd5Ktkqyfzttwwe60U6Eyvioyj1Glal3Siggb6Afktltkk2D 7Jkpykvpsv5H Sokgrnnuwyu2Txhubyqink3Cp2Nzh7Ojoud8Im Cktg
From Dengwu

Wall sconces are a great choice for modern living room designs. These wall mounted fixtures highlight the wall and work well as mood lighting. It is the best option for accent lighting compared to other styles of lighting.

Strip Lighting

1S2X4X8Ti7Go01Quhserlmg4Swsj6Res9Ryzeppygbwtxg Hzjiphuetigrdkquyy4Dqaixwnkesfv0Mqtvipk68Ni6 W6Lukhjwvdfrixcetpqj2Azslc6O Pepdgskwlin8Uigxtpcuwyala
From Flexfire LEDs

Another lighting that is an amazing choice for highlighting walls or objects such as TV is Strip lighting. This consists of a long strip of LED lights that can be mounted on the ceiling or walls. It can be used to create a bright, evenly-lit space, or it can be used to create a more dramatic look with different areas of light and shadow. Strip lighting is also very energy-efficient.

Modern Living Room Walls 

Walls that are designed to be a canvas for modern design ideas are a big trend in the homes today. You can find your own style and incorporate it into your living room. For example:

  • Funky Artwork
  • Wallpaper
  • Brick cladding
  • Stone cladding
  • Laterite cladding
  • Matte paint Wall
  • Ceramic Tile Wall

Funky Artwork

Dqoa6Abw7Nuoyvgtp Yc9F

From Wall Art Prints

One way your living room can be updated is by adding funky artwork walls. Artwork on the walls can give a room an interesting and unique feel. They are popular in modern living room design because they’re affordable and trendy. You can find artwork that fits your personality with different kinds of designs.


Brgg4Myt5Oiej0Ehn Petc4Ppn Lmwggk82Byhzzd2Jlyy09Aixk22Fxhdrs1R Cb 1Wqzjf Gvo Sosshxt8 0 Y2Nsvsdfzblhu9Itcsrqbckyg5O7Ryrav2Vo7Tyqahq3Emf2Bk1Astqmg

From Wall Sauce

Wallpaper for a modern living room can add a touch of sophistication and make the room feel more moody. The best way to pick out the wallpaper is to think about the colour scheme and personal preferences.

Brick Cladding

Slsygys Acs Nj9Ltwububkxje1Fdet4Zq0Cdvgb Fkkuixky1Wzbwbtesshxp56W Uyjlx0Zgjmrxwy Cbcq5N07Prg9On3Qilbefkscyvaum Wpglovuam6Co2 Ew7Qprhzujyvn0Ho100Wa
From Decoist

Brick cladding is a way of reworking the traditional material for modern living room design. It has become popular because it is easy to maintain and affordable. Brick cladding can be found on walls, which make the room look spacious. The wall also keeps the heat in during cold weather and provides a durable surface to set up furniture.

Stone Cladding

Xxrpuhws93W1Erkej Mrm7Voy660P9Kysbgzcmj 4 Pbrjvtidreotptw0Dypb5Pwh

From Home Designing

Stone cladding is a feature that can be used in both residential and commercial living room spaces. It can add a unique look to a room with its natural appearance and texture. Stone cladding also provides an appealing contrast to many different other surfaces such as wood, brick, or concrete.

Matte Walls

Matte Walls For Living Room
From Freepik

Matte walls are a popular choice for modern living room design ideas. They are a neutral colour that blends into any decor and cleans up any paint colour. For example, old white walls might now be bleached or be a washed out yellow. But with matte walls, these colours can breathe again once the matte is applied to the walls. 

Ceramic Wall Tile

Ceramic Wall Tile For Living Room
From Hanseceramictile

Ceramic wall tiles are an amazing option for adding a modern touch to a living room. They come in a wide variety of shades and types so you can easily find the right shade for your home. The best part is that they’re easy to maintain since you won’t have to worry about painting, stains, or staining from pet hair and dust. Ceramics are also very durable.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas 

Modern Living Room Design Ideas
Photo by Maks Marukhin
Modern Living Room Design Ideas
Photo by Maksim MT3Dvis
Modern Living Room Design Ideas
Photo by Ligne Roset
Modern Living Room Design Ideas
Photo by Pia Ulin
Modern Living Room Design Ideas
Photo by Kaer Architects
Modern Living Room Design Ideas
Photo by 365 Designs
Modern Living Room Design Ideas
From The Spruce
Modern Living Room Design Ideas
From Real Homes
Modern Living Room Design Ideas
From Elle Decor
Modern Living Room Design Ideas
From MyMove


In conclusion, this blog brings forth a few modern living room design ideas that will appeal to you. All of these ideas have great functionality and make for an enjoyable approach to any living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some modern country living room ideas?

In the modern country living room, the colours are generally warm and natural with a sense of effortless ease. A few ways to bring in more modern colours would be to paint the walls bold colours, add a splash of bold furniture or decorative accents, or swap out sleek and subtle pieces for ones with more texture.

How can I make my living room area look modern?

Change the colour scheme for your home and invest in sofas of contemporary design. You could also use framed pieces of artwork, throw pillows, wall decor or upholstery. To fill this space with more items, buy furniture that matches colours in the wall paintings and paint colours on your furniture.

Which are the trendy designs for a living room?

The theme for living room trends in 2022 centers on sustainability; including house plants and greenery in your decor to create a relaxing sanctuary with natural materials, curved silhouettes, and quiet neutrals.

How to decorate a living room with postmodern style?

Postmodern style is characterised by materials like brass, coloured glasses, velvet etc for decor. Floorings and countertops like colourful terrazzo are making a comeback. A unique bold design in furniture, wall art, lighting, wall paper, fabrics can make your living room postmodern.

What kind of living room furniture is on trend today?

Room furniture items that have recently joined in on the trend are: 

Leather plush sofas
Curved coffee tables
Butterfly chair
Curved seating

How can I design the living room with a low budget?

Living rooms can be upgraded easily on a budget these days by painting the focus wall in a vibrant colour, rearranging furnitures, adding simple artwork to walls, adding a lot of house plants and pots for decor, incorporating macrame wall hangings and layering your floor with printed rugs.

What are the best Modern Living Room Design Ideas?

The best Modern Living Room Design Ideas are those that have a balance of the following: value, style and function. Start with a simple neutral colour palette, buy classic furniture pieces that go with everything and add some lighting and artwork to make it stand out.