11 Industrial Style Kitchen Cabinet Shelving Decor Design Ideas

11 Industrial Style Kitchen Cabinet Shelving Decor Design Ideas

People are often looking for new and interesting ways to redesign their kitchens, and one option that is becoming increasingly popular is industrial style kitchen cabinets. These can add a touch of uniqueness and personality to any kitchen. In this blog post, we will explore 11 different industrial style kitchen cabinet shelving decor designs and ideas to help you get inspired.

Check out these 11 design ideas to get inspired. You’re sure to find the perfect look for your kitchen!

What is an Industrial Style Kitchen Cabinet?

Industrial Style Kitchen Cabinet
Photo from interiorzine.com

Industrial style kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. These kitchens often feature exposed brick walls, metal fixtures, and concrete countertops, giving them a rugged, no-nonsense look. Cabinet choices play a big role in shaping the overall industrial aesthetic of a kitchen. One option is to choose cabinets made from industrial-style materials such as metal or glass. These cabinets can lend an authentic factory feel to the room. Another approach is to select cabinetry that has a more modern look but still incorporates some industrial design elements. This might include using unusual hardware or opting for metal drawer pulls with a distressed finish.

How To Design An Industrial Style Kitchen With Cabinets?

Industrial Style Kitchen With Cabinets
Photo from Leonid Sizikov

If you’re looking to create a kitchen that looks like it belongs in an industrial setting, there are a few things you can do. Start by choosing an industrial style kitchen cabinet set and adding some modern touches to make it look sleek and cutting-edge. Here are a few tips for designing an industrial kitchen with cabinets:

  • Choose an Industrial Style Cabinet Set: The first step is to choose the right industrial style cabinet set. You can find sets that are classic, modern, or transitional, depending on your taste.
  • Sparkle Some Modern Finishes: If you want to add a little bit of edge to your industrial kitchen, consider adding modern finishes like chrome accents or glass doors. You can also try out different colours and patterns to create a unique look.
  • Choosing Your Paint Colours: This is definitely the most important part of designing a kitchen in this style, so choose colours that will work together harmoniously. You can go for a dark colour palette or opt for more light and airy tones, depending on your decorating style.
  • Appliances and Hardware: When it comes to appliances, don’t be afraid to go big or go homey. Industrial kitchens usually have lots of big stainless steel appliances, so feel free to include some of those in your design. And as for hardware, don’t be afraid to use lots of bright knobs and bolts to really give your kitchen that industrial vibe.
  • Add Accents: If you want your industrial kitchen to have a little more flair, add accents like vintage tile, metal light fixtures, or distressed wood floors. This will help give your kitchen its own unique flavour and style.

Ideas for Industrial Style Kitchen Cabinet Shelving Decor Design 

If you’re looking for ideas for industrial style kitchen cabinet shelving decor, check out these 11 cool designs. All of them are versatile and can be used in different kitchens.

  1. Cottage style with a touch of Sophistication
  2. It’s All in the Details
  3. Teal Statement piece
  4. No Upper cabinets
  5. Spruced Up Cabinets
  6. Brass Trim Detail
  7. Hinged Cabinet Door
  8. Coffee Station Cabinet
  9. Moody and Masculine
  10. Deep Green Cabinets
  11. Kitchen Island Cabinets

1) Cottage style with a touch of Sophistication

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Photo from Max Shpak

Try using a blend of cottage and industrial style for a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. For an industrial style kitchen cabinet look, consider using accents made of metal, such as exposed pipes and plumbing, as well as other unfinished pieces, notably iron or steel with a black finish. When you combine these components with the comforting and homey atmosphere of the farmhouse, you end up with a space that is unique due to the contrast between the two.

2) It’s All in the Details

Warehouse Feel Kitchen Cabinet
Photo from Bayou Party Barn

From exposed concrete to black metal trims and concrete flooring, industrial style kitchen cabinet design in a home environment emphasises the raw functioning of a factory. When you combine these features with the cosy, comfortable aspect of the farmhouse, you have a place with a distinct juxtaposition. Pair concrete flooring with a comfortable wool rug, or add loads of texture to a leather couch with decorative cushions.

And not to forget lighting, which is essential to the industrial farmhouse look. Industrial lighting pieces are ideal since they include vintage-style light bulbs, rough metal finishes, and exposed wiring. If you want to bring farmhouse charm to an industrial room, consider installing vintage-type lighting, such as a crystal chandelier.

3) Teal Statement piece

Teal Statement Piece
Photo from adelaparvu

You can easily inject some colour into your industrial style kitchen cabinet and the kitchen island a wash of teal paint.  The colour teal is an excellent choice for any kitchen, but it really jumps out in kitchens designed in an industrial style. Think of using a combination that is a combination of teal and distressed wood. Antique wrought iron or metal handles that would provide that edgy, raw, industrial vibe. You may get more of an industrial appearance by installing metal perforated shutters on a couple of the cabinets. This will give your kitchen a contemporary flair without going overboard with the makeover.

4) No Upper Cabinets

No Upper Cabinets Design
Photo from andrewheiser

Cabinets in an industrial kitchen need to have a lot of exposed details such as the metal framework and rivets, while most kitchen cabinets have a clean cut and a basic design. Keeping the cabinet open in the upper half of the unit provides us with a blank canvas onto which we can showcase distressed shelves that are perched up by wrought iron brackets. You also can consider a wall that has a finish similar to rough concrete or wallpaper with an industrial style kitchen cabinet theme to give it a more raw aesthetic.

5) Spruced Up Cabinets

Spruced Up Cabinets Design
Photo from decoholic

6) Brass Trim Detail

It could be a good idea to install cabinet shelves in an industrial design if you want your kitchen to have a touch of that trendy industrial vibe. The development of an industrial style kitchen cabinet design can be facilitated by the use of basic shelves in colours such as grey or black in a rough or matte finish. You can also consider painting your cabinets with a distressed finish as an alternative to laminate or acrylic sheet finish on your cabinets. The more natural and unprocessed a material seems, the more it evokes an industrial aesthetic. Also, to create the atmosphere of a warehouse, try using some cabinets made of metal.

Brass Trim Detail
Photo from divisare

Using brass to line the edges of your industrial style kitchen cabinet is an excellent option to think about if you are searching for a kitchen cabinet idea that will give your kitchen an industrial vibe. They have a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that is resistant to scratches and stains.

This is a quick and simple technique to alter the appearance of your cabinets without the need to replace them. You may do this by affixing tiny strips of brass to the fronts of the cabinet doors using nails. This will give your cabinets a modern appearance without the expense of completely replacing them.

7) Hinged Cabinet Door

Hinged Cabinet Door
Photo from decoholic

Exposed metal hinges are a popular style that can quickly reproduce the industrial atmosphere of a warehouse in any space. There are numerous reasons why this style is so popular. In the first place, they provide an industrial aesthetic, which, depending on the hardware finish you choose, may be either dressed up or toned down. If your door has exposed hinges, you may paint them so that they blend in with the rest of the room. Painting hinges with grey, white, or black is a popular approach for recreating an industrial vibe.

8) Coffee Station Cabinet

Coffee Station Cabinet
Photo from maisonsdumonde

A rustic coffee station would be a brilliant addition for an industrial style kitchen cabinet. It would be raw and antique, with a bit of an edge. This coffee station would include a dark wood countertop, a vintage metal sign, and some exposed brick. The cabinet has a distinctive appearance owing to the weathered wooden shutters that are mounted on a dark grey or black framed cabinet that has metal antique knobs. The shutters are crafted from wood and given an aged appearance throughout the finishing process. The cabinet also has metal antique handles, which provide it a more traditional appearance. The cabinet is fastened to the wall using metal brackets and is painted a distressed light grey colour.

9) Moody and Masculine

Moody And Masculine
Photo from cgarchitect

Consider using a combination of black and brown for your industrial style kitchen cabinet if you’re searching for an industrial style or theme to spruce up your storage space. This will provide the space a dark and masculine appearance, making it an excellent choice for anybody who is interested in achieving a more put-together appearance. You can give your industrial kitchen cabinets a moody and masculine tone by using elements such as exposed metal, recycled materials, perforated sheets for the background, cabinet shutters, brackets. Antique metal knobs are a simple and a great addition to add to the warehouse charm. This will provide your kitchen an overall rustic appearance that is one of a kind and classy at the same time.

10) Deep Green Cabinets

Deep Green Cabinets
Photo from houseandgarden

When it comes to the shelving in your industrial style kitchen cabinet, choose dark green which combines extremely well with distressed wood and even metals like brass . A well-made green cabinet with brass accents would be a striking component of an industrial design scheme as well as a contemporary eclectic at the same. When there are so many alternatives to choose from, there’s no reason not to give a dark green shelf in the kitchen cabinet a go.

11) Kitchen Island Cabinets

Kitchen Island Cabinets
Photo from houseofharper

If you’re looking for a kitchen island that will give your kitchen a warehouse feel, then look no further than one that features a rough concrete finish slab atop distressed wood cabinets with antique metal knobs. The concrete finish gives the island an industrial feel, while the wood cabinets and metal knobs add a touch of antique charm.

The concrete top provides plenty of room for food preparation, while the cabinets below offer ample storage for all of your kitchen essentials. The distressed wood finish and antique metal knobs give this island an aged look that is sure to complement any industrial style kitchen cabinet design.

Vibrant Industrial Style Kitchen Cabinet Shelving Decor Design Ideas


Shelving for your cabinets that is designed in an industrial style kitchen cabinet might be an excellent choice if you are searching for a method to inject some warehouse feel into your kitchen. You can create a room that is not only one of a kind but also warm and welcoming with the assistance of these industrial style kitchen cabinet & shelves, which are both attractive and useful. Are you prepared to give them a shot?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you design an industrial style kitchen?

Here are some tips

Use materials that are durable and look good in a utilitarian setting.
Keep the layout simple so that it is easy to navigate.
Make sure all appliances and features are easy to use and locate.
Choose furnishings that are versatile and can be easily cleaned.

How can I make my kitchen shelves look better?

Here are some tips to make kitchen shelves look great:

Coat them with a sealant or paint
Use different types of wood that have different colours and patterns
Add some baskets or boxes to hold the items on your shelves

What do you put on decorative shelves in a kitchen?

Here are some ideas for what to put on your shelves:

Cooking utensils
Pots and pans
Coffee mugs
Tea cups

What is industrial kitchen design?

Industrial kitchen design is a type of kitchen design that is typically found in industrial or commercial settings. This type of kitchen design is characterised by its utilitarian look and feel, with an emphasis on functionality over aesthetics.

What are interior design ideas for a kitchen?

Here are some other ideas for interior design in a kitchen:

Use bright colours to help bring life into space.
Keep the layout simple by using a few large appliances and shelving units instead of lots of small ones.
Consider installing a breakfast bar or peninsula, which will make spending time in the kitchen more comfortable.

What are some stunning kitchen interiors?

Here are some stunning interiors


How can I stylise my kitchen to make it look beautiful?

Here are a few ideas:

A beautiful copper or black cookware set can add a touch of class to your kitchen.
An attractive porcelain dish or serving piece can bring the elegance of fine dining into your own home kitchen.
A brightly coloured pot rack or wall hanging can add personality and life to a drab kitchen space.
An attractive laminate countertop can give your kitchen that polished, high end appearance.