5 Small Changes To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

5 Small Changes to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

An eco-friendly home is defined as making optimal use of resources and energy. The most significant causes of pollution are single-use plastic and CO2 emissions. Although not everyone can afford solar panels or Energy Star appliances, we can all make simple adjustments in our houses. These adjustments are inexpensive and time-consuming; yet, they are effective and may transform your house into an eco-friendly environment.

Without further ado, here are 5 simple improvements you can make your home more eco-friendly:

1. Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water

An Eco-Friendly Way To Machine Wash Clothes
Photo from Clorox

A washing machine uses up to 90% of its energy to heat water. So, instead of heating, use your washing machine on the cold water option. This not only reduces CO2 emissions but also keeps your garments in good condition for longer, as hot water may degrade the fabric and cause your bright clothes to fade. There’s no use in running your washing machine on hot water unless you’re dealing with tough stains like oil stains. If you believe the cold water setting is inadequate, try the warm setting. It is still more eco-friendly than the hot water option, but it is also more efficient for cleaning than the cold water setting.

2. Skip The Dryer

Drying Clothes In The Sun
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During the summer, it’s practically a sin not to line-dry your clothing outside. There’s something magical about hanging clothes to dry outside in the fresh air. Not to add that hanging your clothing and bedding outside on a drying rack instead of drying them in the dryer will make them last longer. If you don’t have a garden or a backyard where you can hang your clothes to dry, you may construct a drying rack on your balcony and leave the windows open to enable the sun to dry your clothing faster.

3. DIY Instead Of Buying New Furniture

Eco-Friendly Way To Build Furniture For Home
Photo from D4U

Why spend money on anything new when you can be creative and include your family in a fun weekend project? Many DIY tips can be found at Inspire, Design & Create to help you entirely remodel your house. They also provide tool reviews, which might be useful if you are ready to commit to the DIY and eco-friendly lifestyle.

4. Use LED Bulbs

Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs
Photo from IKEA

Investing in energy-efficient or eco-friendly light bulbs makes a significant difference. Not only will you save money on power, but you will also make your home more ecologically friendly. Regardless of how appealing incandescent bulbs are, LED bulbs remain the superior choice. They last longer, are more environmentally friendly and help you save money in the long term.

5. Plant Herbs

Herb Garden In Indoors
Photo from Lazada

If you’re wondering what to do with the fertiliser, here’s an idea: start your own herb garden. Herbs don’t take up much room. Plant them in little pots and place them near a sunny window inside the house. What’s the huge advantage? You’ll always have fresh herbs on hand for your favourite recipes.

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