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5 Aesthetic Gen Z Bedroom Ideas

The term “aesthetic” refers to a specific motif or anything that is essentially appealing to the eye. Some of the most popular examples include minimalism, vintage, cottage core, indie, and baddie, which reflect in the form of art, fashion, or overall lifestyle. However, when it comes to bedroom interiors, any aesthetic space is generally deemed attractive, cosy, trendy, and personalised. 

Colour with Solid Neutrals

Neutral Palette Bedroom
Photo by My Move

An earthy neutral tone like white, grey, beige, cream, or brown is your best bet for wall finishes.  Here are some easy colour combinations that “low-key” teens may prefer for their bedrooms:

  • Brown and Beige
  • Peach and Ivory
  • Dusty Pink and Cream
  • White, Black, and Mocha

Apart from these solid colours, you can also explore different textures and materials to add dimension to the room and achieve a classic look. For example, it is best to opt for wood-looking tiles or vinyl planks for neutral wooden flooring. Ivory fur rugs, woven baskets, and marble figurines are also excellent aesthetic decorations that aren’t short of neutral. 

Illuminate with Magical Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights Bedroom
Photo by Fuzia

Strings of fairy or pixie lights are one of the trendiest indoor light sources among the youth. While this lighting was previously known as the classic flickering Christmas lights, it has become an all-season staple for aesthetic bedrooms for the warm and magical ambience it creates.

Aesthetic fairy lights are available in various lengths and their bulbs come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and brightness. Some popular variants also offer distinct flashing modes for those who want to make their space look more festive. With this lighting’s versatility and customizability, there are lots of ways you can use fairy lights as an aesthetic decoration.

Decorate Using Artificial Plant Strips

Artificial Plants In Bedroom
Photo by Curbed

Artificial plants are an excellent way to occupy significant wall space and add a fresh green contrast to your neutral abode. Besides being deficient maintenance and versatile, they give an organic vibrance to your room through stress-relieving greenery. Fake vines can also be used as hanging decorations to take up vertical space from the ceiling. Plant strips can also include colourful florals like red roses for a romantic look or purple wisteria for a more festive atmosphere.

Make Use of a Nifty Pallet Bed

Palette Bed In Bedroom
Photo by Anet Sodka

Aside from promoting a low-waste and eco-friendly lifestyle by upcycling industrial wood pallets, crafting pallet beds are extremely easy and budget-friendly. On top of that, your teen gets sturdy and reliable furniture for their room that isn’t short of stylish. Pallet bed frames can provide an industrial or rustic touch to a room while fitting into any laid-back setup. They are also perfectly customisable, letting you put more pallets side-by-side for a larger sleeping space or stack them as much as you like for a higher bed. 

Personalise With a Wall Collage

Bedroom Wall Cottage
Photo by Displate Blog

The key to making your teenager’s bedroom look much more unique and authentic is to let them personalise it. Inspired by the indie aesthetic, creating wall collages is an artistic medium that Gen Zers can rely on to express their passion, interests, and hobbies, especially in pop culture. In particular, aesthetic wall collages often feature band posters, inspirational quotes, paintings, vintage photos, and even stock images. Depending on their preference, teenagers can choose random pictures as long as they form a collective monotone aesthetic or a unique striking medley.

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