9 Excellent Lighting Ideas To Make A Space Look Beautiful

9 Excellent Lighting Ideas to Make a Space Look Beautiful

There are many things to consider when designing the perfect space: furniture, colour palette, and accessories. But one of the most significant elements of any design is lighting ideas. Properly executed lighting can make a space look beautiful and inviting, while poor lighting can make it seem dull and unfinished. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to light your home or office in a way that will make it look its best, keep reading. We’ve gathered some of our favourite lighting ideas and tips to help you achieve the perfect look for your space.

How Can Lighting Ideas Make a Space Look Beautiful?

Lighting Ideas For Home
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Lighting ideas can vastly impact the overall look and feel of a space. The appropriate lighting ideas can add atmosphere to an area, make it more appealing, and offer helpful illumination. When planning lighting for a room, it is crucial to consider the specific activities that will take place in the space and to choose fixtures that will complement the existing decor.

For example, chandeliers are a classic choice for formal dining rooms, while pendant lights or track lighting ideas are more suitable for a kitchen or home office. You can utilise light fixtures to give visual interest to an area in addition to utility. Chandeliers and other ceiling-mounted fixtures help anchor a space and provide a focal point. In contrast, wall sconces adorn a room or highlight specific architectural features. Create a beautiful and striking room that matches your taste by carefully selecting light fixtures is possible.

What is The Best Way to Lighten Up a Room?

Living Room
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Finding the desired effect of illumination can be difficult yet enjoyable. It is also fundamental to every home design style. One way is to place mirrors near light sources. This will visually expand a space and brighten a dark living room. Another option is to use fairy lights, candles and other ambient light sources. These decorating ideas will add just a touch more light without overdoing the luminosity of your room. Finally, pick a light-coloured rug to brighten up your bare floors. Placing lamps in corners will help to illuminate dark areas, while using light fixtures with an undertone will create an inviting glow.

9 Ideas For How to Use Lighting to Make a Space Look Beautiful

There are several well-known interior design strategies for making a tiny space appear larger, ranging from cleverly built-in storage to gigantic mirrors on the walls. But have you considered the impact of lighting in creating a feeling of an area? Here are nine excellent lighting ideas for making your rooms appear larger, brighter, and more open.

  1. Spread the light around
  2. Use wall lights to enhance corners or recesses
  3. Use long pendants to emphasise the height of a room
  4. Make a statement with a big flamboyant lamp
  5. Use tall, spindly lamps with small shades
  6. Pick the right colour lampshades
  7. Bounce light off a mirror
  8. Use square shades to fit lamps onto small surfaces
  9. Dazzle with glass

1. Spread the light around

Lighting In Room
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Layering light in the house will bring life, stamp your style on the interior, and add variety and flexibility. Combining and contrasting numerous light sources allows you to turn a particular area into an entertainment environment in the evening and a cosy hideaway for the night. Use various light sources, such as corner floor lights and table lamps, to open up the space. This will disperse emphasis around the entire area and give you more influence over different moods in the room.

2. Use wall lights to enhance corners or recesses

Wall Lights
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Wall lights can either be mostly functional or purely aesthetic. If you want them to offer ambient lighting ideas in a corridor or living room, use transparent lamps with a pleasant diffuse light. Try placing creative wall lights in difficult niches or corners to diffuse light everywhere. Lighting the areas on each side of a chimney breast, for example, will make the room appear larger.

3. Use long pendants to emphasise the height of a room

Long Pendant Lights
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Using vertical space is one of the most basic ways to make a room appear larger. If you don’t have much square footage but have a high ceiling, draw attention to it using tall, thin furniture and high shelves and for lighting ideas, consider a long pendant hanging from the ceiling. It will pull the attention up and down the room, emphasising its height rather than its limited floor area. A coloured, hand-blown glass pendant light is a clever way to introduce a dash of colour if your room has a minimalist style.

4. Make a statement with a big flamboyant lamp

Statement Lamp
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There are two schools of thought when it comes to objects and ornaments in a tiny area: limit yourself to proportionately small items or only have one or two large ones. You can attempt a single large statement lamp with a colourful shade in an otherwise vacant space.

5. Use tall, spindly lamps with small shades

Lamp Lighting Ideas
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Tall, spindly table lights with narrow shades are ideal. The general rule of thumb for selecting the correct size lampshade is that the height of the shade should be approximately three-quarters the height of the base and that, if in doubt, go for a more oversized shade. Rules are intended to be violated, and skinny and tall lights may frequently accommodate tiny shades. This will create more fantastic space and highlight the verticals in the room.

6. Pick the right colour lampshades

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The majority of colour schemes intended to give a room more space and air are based on light colours: white walls and curtains, light hardwood floors, and pale furnishings. In many circumstances, matching light, neutral lampshades for your floor and table lamps, possibly made of linen or silk, would be preferable. However, given the right conditions, this is another rule that may be disregarded. If you want to transmit light upwards to enhance a feature or a corner rather than using lights for broad ambient light, a dark, opaque shade, maybe in parchment, is excellent.

7. Bounce light off a mirror

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When it comes to creating the appearance of space, mirrors are the oldest trick in the book. If you can’t or don’t want to use natural light, install mirrors opposite your wall lights for a similar effect. One of the most astonishing mirror tricks is positioning a floor-to-ceiling mirror behind a piece of furniture, such as a side table or cabinet. This will give the impression that another room is opening up behind it.

8. Use square shades to fit lamps onto small surfaces

Wall Sconces Lights
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Use a square lampshade if you wish to position a table lamp on a very narrow table, a mantelpiece, or an uncomfortable tiny shelf. This allows you to press it up against a wall, conserving crucial space.

9. Dazzle with glass

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Another traditional space-creating interior design tip is to utilise see-through furniture, such as glass tables, to remove visual obstacles and open up a room. You may get similar effects by using glass in your lighting ideas. The Wisteria table lamp cleverly employs a glass base, whilst a coloured, hand-blown glass wall light is an excellent way to add a burst of colour to a wall, particularly in a predominantly white-based colour scheme.


No matter your budget, you can create beautiful lighting ideas in your home. Using natural light and adding layers of light, you can make any space look elegant and inviting. Try out some of these ideas to transform the look of your home. While these are just a few ideas to get you started, there are limitless possibilities when creating beautiful spaces with light. Have fun experimenting and see what works best for you!

Look At These Lighting Ideas to Make a Space look Beautiful

Frequently Asked Questions

What can lighting do for a space?

Lighting that is well positioned adds additional depth to a space, bringing an interior design idea to life. Great lighting ideas adds depth and height to your space, provides warm places, and draws attention to your most outstanding features.

What are the 5 steps in lighting design?

The 5 steps in lighting design are:

Identifying the requirements.
Determining the method of lighting.
Selecting the lighting equipment.
Calculating the lighting parameters.
Adjusting the design.

How do you light up a space?

You can light up a dark room in these ways:

Place mirrors near light sources.
Cover floors with a large, bright area rug.
Embrace white walls.

What are the five qualities of lighting design?

These basic qualities of light are:


What are some ideas or tips for lighting ideas an open space?

Some tips for lighting an open space are:

Use lighting ideas to create different zones.
Create a focal point with pendant lights.
Add some atmosphere with lamps and wall lights.

How shall we use lighting ideas for home decoration?

Use lighting ideas for decoration by following these tips:

Lights around plants.
Around books.
Alongside curtains.
On walls in different patterns.
In wine bottles kept on the table.

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