We Believe in Giving a Comprehensive Architecture Service”: Muhammad Anees of IAMA Architects Demonstrates Distinct Craftmanship in Their Projects

Kolo has invited founder and director Muhammad Anees from Iama Architects to discuss their work. Since 2010, Iama Architects have completed a wide range of projects under Muhammad Anees and Irfad N K’s lead, ranging from architectural planning, interior designing to landscape design. Muhammad believes in providing multiservice to all their clients. Their work shows strength and persistence in craftsmanship through architecture.


Kolo: As a multiservice architecture firm, what are some of the services you offer?

Muhammad Anees: Our services include architectural plannings, elevations, 3D visualisation, interior designing, landscaping designing. We provide all the services that are required to make an architecture project. We also have a subsidiary company, Iama Projects. Iama Project oversees the execution of all the construction projects. For any project, our aim is to provide all the services associated with planning and construction to handing over the key. We have a designated team for every process in the construction of a building.


Kolo: With over 200 clients, you have completed several projects such as resorts, homes and office spaces. Is there a common theme or ideology in these designs?

Muhammad Anees: We do not believe in following a strict pattern. In fact, if you look at our portfolio, you can see that each project is unique and different. We prioritize customizing our projects based on the requirements submitted by our clients. Our dedicated team of designers always try to deliver over and beyond what is expected by the clients.

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Kolo: Who designs an individual project?

Muhammad Anees: When we get a new client, we pass it over to the Iama designs department first. After thoroughly understanding the design requirements of the client, we provide a detailed scheduled plan. Once this plan is approved, we move on to working on the exterior of the building. After consulting with the clients, we create the drawings for construction. We also look after the statutory requirements like getting permissions from the panchayat. The idea is to ensure that the client does not have to go elsewhere for a certain service and gets everything in one place.


Kolo: How do you manage your projects? Do you provide separate project management/supervisory services?

Muhammad Anees: Supervisory services are provided by Iama Designs. Iama projects deal with construction, interior ddesigning, carpentry and other labour requirements. We monitor the construction process. We have trained staff to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements. With proper supervision, we make sure that the projects are completed well within time.


Kolo: What are your criteria for charging each project?

Muhammad Anees: The pricing of each project is determined by the square footage. We have sessions with our clients before beginning any project to discuss the budget in detail. We strictly follow the budget that has been assigned by the client.


Kolo: It might be difficult for an ordinary person to understand the different elements of a construction blueprint. How do you resolve this problem?

Muhammad Anees: We design our projects with the help of software called Google Sketch. We use 3D and visualization in our drawings so that the client can see each and every part of the house. While planning we predetermine the layout such as where the dining area should be or where the bed should be, materials to be used, etc. Taking the insights of the client into consideration we filter the design and present the best version to them.

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Kolo: Which project are you most proud of?

Muhammad Anees: We try to make sure that every time we take on a new project, it is our best project. We have worked really hard to make all our upcoming projects our best work. For us, all our projects are like our children. So we share a special connection with all of them. We get almost all our projects through referrals. Our uncompromised quality is what gets us these referrals. The main issue in this industry is that there are many designers, but the clients often do not get the right support throughout a project. We have worked with clients who ended up with unsatisfactory work due to communication gaps with their previous architects. With our services, we go out of our way to provide complete support to the clients.

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Can you share some pictures of your recent projects and your team members?

Kolo: Is there any message you would like to convey to our community?

Muhammad Anees: A lot of clients come with the requirement of 3000 or 4000 square feet. But they do not make sure if they have the budget to finish the project. I personally recommend them to take into consideration how much space they actually need depending on the number of family members and most importantly budget. Be sure to convey your requirements to the consultant precisely for a better experience.

Kolo: How can homeowners contact you?

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