19 Contemporary Balcony Idea For Your Home

19 Contemporary Balcony Ideas For Home

Imagine if your balcony had the facilities for you to view your surrounding landscape, grow a small garden and be able to host an evening barbeque? That would be a fun place in your house. A contemporary style balcony is a place for people to unwind and relax. It adds an aesthetic appeal to the home when viewed from the outside, be it a villa or an apartment.

A contemporary balcony can be built in various styles and themes, making it a versatile space. Here are some of the popular balcony design ideas-

  1. The Perfect Outdoor Space
  2. Cosy and Colourful
  3. The Deck
  4. A Slice of Space
  5. The Sky Bar
  6. A green Corner
  7. Pocketful of Sunshine
  8. Out in the Open
  9. A Vertical Garden
  10. Fairytale Setting
  11. Add a Small Table
  12. Install Built-in Seating
  13. Bring in Greenery
  14. Use your Wall Space
  15. Light it up
  16. Hang a Chair or Hammock
  17. Opt for Folding Furniture
  18. Design a Spot for Cocktails
  19. Add a spot to recline

1. The Perfect Outdoor Space

The Perfect Outdoor Space For Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Anitta Behrendt

A typical usage for a balcony, especially in apartments, is to unwind and relax with a warm cup of coffee. The outdoors have a small herb garden, a few chairs and tables to set the vibe for a lovely evening. Consider creating a cosy, welcoming space with string lights to add a warm, soothing glow. A few candles are also a great way to enhance the ambience of any outdoor space.

2. Cosy and Colourful

Cosy And Colourful Contemporary Balcony
Photo by Winkie Visser

Some people like to decorate their balconies with various colours. This makes the balcony stand out with the design. You can add furniture that has a unique style and bold colours. Consider adding different decoration elements on the walls. Adding a mural or a painting will give your balcony a cosy and colourful look.

3. The Deck

Deck Style Contemporary Balcony
Photo by N.TOSI

The deck is a functional yet aesthetic part of the balcony. A contemporary deck balcony is often large enough for dining tables and chairs. The deck has hardwood flooring with metal and glass railings along its edge. It’s the favourite spot for most people to host dinners and barbeques.

4. A Slice of Space

Slice Of Space Style Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Stocksy

Sometimes the balcony is too tiny for decoration. In this situation, there are some options for creating a functional balcony. You can create a little vertical garden or even a cosy corner. To add the aesthetic touch, set up a small round table and add some chairs to create a cute little balcony.

5. The Sky Bar

Sky Bar Contemporary Balcony
Photo by Anuja P. Kambli

A Sky Bar is a functional type of balcony with a minibar. The setup includes a bar area, some bar chairs and a rack to hold wine bottles and glassware. The sky bar is ideal for a small balcony for entertaining guests and hosting parties. You can easily set up a section in the corner of your balcony for guests to relax and enjoy the evening.

6. A Green Corner

A Green Corner Contemporary Balcony
Photo by Joanna Davis

Some people are tired of the concrete jungles and their daily routines, so they create a lovely green garden on their balconies. You can include a simple vertical garden with a few herbs, shrubs, and flowers. Place some plant stands at various heights or hang plants on the wall to create a lush green balcony.

7. Pocketful of Sunshine

Pocketful Of Sunshine Type Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Getty Images

One of the main aims of a balcony design idea is to enjoy the natural setting of that area without having to leave your house. Some homes have an open balcony space that allows plenty of sunlight and fresh air into the house. You can add natural warm colours like orange or amber, wooden tables and chairs, and some plants and flowers to add an aesthetic touch to the balcony.

8. Out in the Open

Out In The Open Style Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Childrens Plate

Houses and buildings have their balconies out in the open. There are plenty of options to decorate such a balcony. You can paint the balcony in warm colours to contrast with the adjacent walls and add a few chairs for seating. Outdoor balconies are ideal locations to have a garden, some hanging plants in colourful pots and wooden floors.

9. A Vertical Garden

A Vertical Garden Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Vertical Green

A Vertical garden on the balcony is a very pleasing and soothing design element. You can add a few pot plants and flowers or grow some veggies and herbs. You can hang your small pot plants against the walls. This garden allows you to have a nice spot inside your home to relax and meditate in the fresh air.

10. Fairytale Setting

Fairytale Setting Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Maison Travaux

If you love to be extra with your home themes, then a balcony with fairytale seating may be perfect. Let your imagination ebb and flow for this one. Consider different colours, textures, accessories, gardens, and more. Add some floor pillows, throw blankets, a mini bar cart, mood lighting and plants to create fairytale seating.

11. Add a Small Table

Add A Small Table To Your Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Letgo

A balcony is the perfect place to sit and relax. You would often have a cup of tea hence a small table is a must in your balcony. Add a small centre table with some sofas and cushions to your balcony to enjoy a cup of tea. A wooden panel railing and floors will be perfect for such a small balcony. There could be a wooden centre table with a glass top inorder to match the wooden flooring else it could also be multiple cloth or wooden side tables kept beside the chairs.

12. Install Built-in Seating

Install Built-In Seating For Your Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Alagreen.vn

Sometimes the balcony is just too small to have a lot of furniture. However, a built-in seating arrangement will blend perfectly without taking too much space. Consider adding chairs in a wooden, metal or plastic finish and contrasting colours to create an aesthetic look.

13. Bring in Greenery

Bring In Greenery To Your Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Popguns Garage

You can style your balcony with not only flower pots but also a few herbs and small plants. Adding green plants like Aloe vera, pothos, spider plants, jade, and ferns will help you bring greenery to the balcony. This setup is calming and pleasant to the eyes and adds a soothing appeal to your design idea.

14. Use your Wall Space

Use The Wall Space In Your Contemporary Balcony
Photo by Gozdee81

Balconies are usually small hence it is imperative to use up all the space you have. Walls can be painted to either contrast or match the furniture, you can hang plants and flowers on the walls or you could have paintings on the walls or else you could also have a nice open shelf where you can store plant pots in. To change the mood according to the occasion you can have different lighting such as cool lighting for the afternoon and warm lighting for the evenings.

15. Light it up

Light Up Your Contemporary Balcony
Photo by Bjurfors_skane

Lighting can be chosen to change the overall aesthetic of the balcony, you could have bright solar powered lights, warm lanterns or table lamps for a minimal look or even LED string lights along the railing or on the walls. Make sure to choose the same lighting as your paint scheme or overall theme of the balcony, this way the setup will compliment the lighting and vice versa.

16. Hang a Chair or Hammock

Hang A Chair Or Hammock In Your Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Jessica Isaac

Want a Hawaiian beach vibe right on your balcony? A hammock chair is perfect for the outdoors. It also eliminates the need for a chair or even a table on your balcony. Consider adding cushions to your chair and an area rug for comfortable seating. Add fairy lights, flowers, and a few hanging plants to create a gorgeous balcony.

17. Opt for Folding Furniture

Opt For Folding Furniture In Your Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Caner of Set

Folding furniture is the best solution when you lack space in your balcony. This way you can have the furniture ready to be unfolded and used when necessary and yet you can still have enough space in your balcony for other things like plants and decorations.

18. Design a Spot for Cocktails

Design A Spot For Cocktails In Your Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Markmooreconstruction

A balcony set up with appropriate lighting and with the right furniture can be the perfect spot for an evening get together with friends and family. You only need two bar chairs and a table to make this happen. It is quite easy to have a minibar setup in the corner of your balcony to serve a few warm drinks and cold cocktails.

19. Add a spot to recline

Add A Spot To Recline In Your Contemporary Balcony
Photo from Moonplants

One of the best things to do after a long tiring day at work would definitely be to relax on a reclining chair. A reclining chair is available in both wooden and metal finishes and it comes in various sizes. Include a jute rug, colourful plants, lights and some shelves with stunning sculptures or plant pots to decorate the balcony.

Here is an assortment of some Interesting Contemporary Balcony Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some ideas to decorate a balcony?

Some ideas to decorate a balcony are to paint the windows and walls of your balcony, accessorise using wall hangings, have a hang chair, a hammock, install lighting, etc.

What are some good balcony decors in India that are under budget?

A vertical garden, foldable chairs, a small wooden table foldable or regular, a few pot plants and some fairy lights are some of the best ideas for a budget decoration in your balcony.

How to make my balcony look cosy?

To make your balcony cosy consider having warm lighting with a reclining chair, a small table and even a wall hanging. You can even take it a step further by adding a small minibar in the corner to store your favourite beverages.

What are some of the patio and outdoor decor ideas?

Some of the ideas for decorating the patio and outdoor ideas are hanging a hammock, including lighting, wooden walls or even a wooden venetian blind around your patio.

What are some stylish covered patio ideas?

Some stylish covered patio ideas could include wooden or metal venetian blinds, reclining chairs or a hanging chair, a foldable table that blends in with the balcony and finally a mural on the wall.

What are wall panels?

A wall panel is a single piece of material, usually flat and cut into a rectangular shape, that serves as the visible and exposed covering for a wall. Wall panels are functional as well as decorative, providing insulation and soundproofing.

What are some cool outdoor living ideas?

For a cool outdoor living room you could make the section into a deck with wooden flooring ,multiple reclining chairs, a barbeque setup, a minibar and a large round table to have a nice meal..

What are some creative decorating ideas for a concrete patio?

Some creative decorating ideas for a concrete patio would be using some wooden panelling on the walls, wooden venetian blinds, a metal and glass centre table and some metal chairs around it.

What are some creative design ideas for a small garden patio?

Some creative design ideas for a small garden patio are:

Consider adding a green corner garden.
Add a DIY bubble fountain.
Add a sky bar
Add some small tables and chairs.
Install built-in seating.
Light it up properly.

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