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Krishna Associates Ampio homedecor

Krishna Associates Ampio homedecor

Interior Designer | Ernakulam, Kerala

L shaped Modular kitchen L-shaped kitchen designs are a popular layout for modern homes. As the name suggests, this type of kitchen design features a layout that resembles the letter "L." This design typically involves installing kitchen cabinets and appliances in two perpendicular walls, leaving a clear and open space in the centre of the kitchen. L-shaped kitchen designs are advantageous because they provide ample counter space and storage while also creating an open floor plan that allows for easy movement and interaction between the kitchen and other living areas. Additionally, the corner area created by the perpendicular walls can be utilized for additional storage or countertop space. L-shaped kitchen designs are versatile and can be adapted to fit a variety of kitchen sizes and styles. A Small Modular Kitchen With Two-Tone Cabinets And A Textured Wall This L-shaped small modular kitchen design is perfect for small spaces and those who are looking for a modern and chic look.

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