HA Kottumba

HA Kottumba

Contractor | Kasaragod, Kerala

#education AB Switch = Air Break switch ACB = Air Circuit Breaker VCB = Vacuum Circuit Breaker MCB = Miniature Circuit Breaker MCCB = Molded case circuit breaker MPCB = Motor Protection Circuit Breaker EMPR = Electronic Motor Protection RELAY RCCB = Residual Current Circuit Breaker RCBO = Residual Current Circuit Breaker With Over-Current Protection ELCB = Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker HRC = Fuse High Rupture Capacity Fuse OLTC = On Load Tap Change SF6 Circuit Breaker = Sulphur Hexafluoride Circuit Breaker MPDB = Main Power Distribution Board ACDB = Alternating Current Distribution Board HT = High tension > Transformer HT Side LT = Low tension DO Fuse = Drop Out Fuse DCDB = Direct current Distribution Board PDB = Power Distribution Board PCC = Power Control Center MCC = Motor Control Centre MCP = Motor Control Panel VVVF = Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive VFD = Variable Frequency Drive DOL = Direct On line RDOL = Reverse Duty on Line MLDB = Main Light Distribution Board SLDB

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