Pooja Room Design Indian Style Ideas

Puja Room Design Indian Style ideas

Whether you are an experienced homeowner or just starting out, adding a puja room design to your home is a great way to create a sacred space for prayer and meditation. 

If you are looking for some ideas on how to design your Indian-style puja room, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will explore some of the best ways to create a beautiful and functional puja room that will meet your needs. 

So, whether you are looking for inspiration or just want some advice on how to get started, keep reading for tips on designing a puja room that is perfect for you.

Puja Room Design

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Different styles of Indian Pooja Room

In Indian culture, there are many different types of Pooja. The type of Pooja is determined by the time and location of worship. The room decoration is also important to show respect to God or a saint being honoured in the ceremony. Some styles of Indian puja room decorations are:

  • A Single Mounted Shelf on the Wall
  • Puja Units with a Stone-Embossed Wall at the Back
  • Temple Style Puja Unit
  • Compact Cabinet Attached to the Wall
  • A separate Prayer Room
  • A niche Wall Puja Unit
  • A complete Marble Puja Unit
  • Puja Unit Inside a Cubicle
  • Puja Unit Adorned by CNC Decorations
  • Puja Unit Under False Ceilings
  • Tile Inlays
  • Portable Puja Unit Made of Wood
  • Granite Puja Room Design
  • Puja Room With a Pinch of Nature

A Single Mounted Shelf on the Wall

A Single Mounted Shelf On The Wall
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The design of a single mounted shelf provides the most amount of space possible for the decorating and storing of pooja accessories. This beautifully crafted miniature Hindu temple is perfect for use in the home as a display space for idols, photos, and other pooja materials. This home mandir has a modest size and a roof that is only partially open, allowing smoke from agarbatti and dhoop to escape. The wall-mounted mandir is perfect for use in the workplace, as well as the bedroom and living area.

Puja Units with a Stone-Embossed Wall at the Back

Puja Units With A Stone-Embossed Wall At The Back
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Indian Pooja room design usually consists of a small, clean room with a stone-embossed wall at the back. The Puja unit is placed in the centre of this room on a raised platform. It is important that the unit is made of quality materials, such as marble, granite or sandstone. The stone-embossed wall is often lit by another light bulb that is not as bright and can be used for reading or meditation.

Temple Style Puja Unit

Temple Style Puja Unit
Photo from Rojgar Aur Nirman

A temple style puja unit is a great addition to any Indian Pooja room design. It is a beautiful and sacred way to worship the gods and goddesses, and it can also be used as a place to store puja items. The unit usually consists of a central shrine, where the statue of the deity is placed, and four surrounding walls. The walls are often decorated with paintings or carvings of religious scenes or symbols. There is also usually a small platform in front of the shrine, where visitors can leave offerings or pray. Temple style puja units are an excellent way to add both beauty and spirituality to your home.

Compact Cabinet Attached to the Wall

Compact Cabinet Attached To The Wall For Puja Unit
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A compact cabinet attached to the wall is an ideal option for Indian Pooja room designs. These cabinets are usually made of wood or metal, and they often feature intricate carving or inlay work. Most importantly, they provide a secure place to store your sacred items, such as idols, puja books, and incense. 

A Separate Prayer Room

 Separate Prayer Room
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If you want to display a huge number of idols and frames and need a significant amount of additional Pooja storage, investing in a separate pooja room is a smart decision. You have a responsibility to take into account the particular directions that are considered to be the most auspicious for this particular prayer space. To guarantee that there are no negative energies present, you should avoid putting the pooja rooms under the stairs or near to the toilets.

A Niche Wall Puja Unit

A Niche Wall Puja Unit
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If you have a small wall niche that you think would be suitable for use as a pooja area, you can finish off the decor of your modest puja by adding some accent lighting and a frame or an idol.  Create a base with storage and a gorgeous jali panel on the wall behind the niche if the niche in the wall is a little bigger than normal. If the niche goes further, you may make boundaries by hanging gorgeous bells, and then decorate it whatever you see appropriate, and your pooja unit design will be complete.

A Complete Marble Puja Unit

A Complete Marble Puja Unit
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A marble puja unit is a puja unit constructed of marble. Marble, particularly white, evokes a feeling of tranquillity and is the prefered material for Puja. The great sheen of mirror-polished marble provides the puja area a particularly spotless and pure appearance. Installing a marble panel behind the altar might serve as a focal point for focus and meditation.

Puja Unit Inside a Cubicle

Puja Unit Inside A Cubicle
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A puja unit inside a cubicle is a small area set aside for religious worship. It is usually located in the corner of a room or office, and is often decorated with images or statues of deities. Puja units can be simple or elaborate, depending on the needs of the worshipper. Typically, they will contain a small shrine, an area for lighting candles or incense, and a place to offer food or other offerings. Puja units provide a space for private worship, and can be a valuable addition to any home or office.

Puja Unit Adorned by CNC Decorations

Puja Unit Adorned By Cnc Decorations
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The most beautiful thing about a Puja Room is the intricate carvings that adorn the walls. These decorations are made using CNC systems and they can be designed to show different styles of Indian art. The higher the level of complexity, the more expensive it will be.

Puja Unit Under False Ceilings

Puja Unit Under False Ceilings
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There are some styles of puja rooms that are designed with a false ceiling. These units usually have a raised platform with shelves, and they’re usually placed outside or in the living area.

Tile Inlays

Tile Inlays For Puja Unit
Photo from Milind Pai

Tile inlays are often placed on the floor of Indian Pooja Room. These tile inlays are made of marble, granite, and other similar materials. They can provide a striking design that reflects the tradition of the Indian culture and environment.

Portable Puja Unit Made of Wood

Portable Puja Unit Made Of Wood
Photo from Wooden Street

The portable Puja Unit Made of Wood is a perfect example of the artistic talent that Indian craftsmen exhibit.

Granite Puja Room Design

Granite Puja Room Design
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When it comes to puja room design, there are many different options to choose from. However, one material that is often used in Pooja room designs is granite. Granite is a durable and long-lasting material that can withstand the heat and smoke of candles and incense. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for a Pooja room.

Puja Room With a Pinch of Nature

Puja Room With A Pinch Of Nature
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It is traditionally decorated with flowers, plants, and pictures to honour the spiritual beings in the room. Indian style puja rooms make use of natural elements like rocks and stones. They also have a pinch of nature with some trees and plants placed inside the room.

Different styles of Pooja room Door Designs

A puja room is a room in which one performs religious rites and ceremonies, such as prayers, meditation, yoga or other spiritual practices. The puja room design is not just with the purpose to allow for these rituals to be performed but also with the purpose of inviting positive energies into the area. And a puja room door can be designed according to your needs and preferences such as:

  • Wooden Pooja Room Doors
  • Plywood Door Design
  • Glass Door
  • Pooja Room Door Designs in Jali

Wooden Pooja Room Doors

Wooden Pooja Room Doors
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When it comes to selecting Pooja Room Doors, wood is often considered to be the most desired option since it is a construction material that is compatible with vastu. Wood is a classic building material that has been used for construction and building since ancient times. And in terms of materials, teak is one of the greatest choice for puja room designs since it is sturdy, long-lasting, and resistant to damage.

Plywood Door Design

Plywood Door Design For Puja Unit
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A plywood door design is a beautiful, traditional style. It is recommended for people who are on a tight budget, and it may give the impression of wood.  

Glass door

Glass Door For Puja Unit
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If you are searching for a modern and contemporary design for the Pooja Room Door Design, the most typical option that you can go with is a door made of glass. When dealing with limited space, a single glass door is an excellent choice for puja room design doors.

Pooja Room Door Designs in Jali

Pooja Room Door Designs In Jali
Photo from Fedisa

The jaali is a design that has been used as a decoration in India for a very long time for puja room designs. It is an intricate pattern made by carving holes or spaces into a material like wood or stone. Jaali designs are a great way to make a room look great. The unique thing about a jaali design is that it lets in natural light without making it too bright. The decoration of the doorway is done with wood or stone carvings that have some form of religious significance.

Puja room designs for you

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Puja Room Designs
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Puja Room Designs
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Puja Room Designs
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Puja Room Designs
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Puja Room Designs
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Puja Room Designs
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Puja Room Designs
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Puja Room Designs
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If you’re looking for more ideas on how to plan your puja room design in an Indian style, be sure to check out some of the other articles we’ve written on the topic. And, as always, if you have any questions or need help designing your own puja room, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pooja space interior ideas?

Some ideas for decorating pooja room interiors would be:

Use of Accent lighting
A distinct door design
Interesting backdrop
Proper storage

What are some latest interior room designs in India?

Scandinavian and minimalist interior styles are in trend these days. Use of neutral shades never goes out of fashion. Clean cut, clutter free design is most preferred these days.

Interior Design: What are some tips for decorating a living room?

Few useful tips for decorating living space would be:

Use of neutral colours
Clean cut furnitures 
An accent couch
Designer lampshades
A printed rug
Use of throw pillows and cushions

What should I wear for pooja in neighbours house?

We have a very special range of traditional Indian clothes, including dhoti, angavastram and dupatta. These are always perfect for pooja celebrations and ritualistic occasions.

What are the different dining room interior design ideas?

There are a number of different types of dining room interior design ideas. For example, there are styles such as the Modern style, Traditional style, and Indian style. The modern style is sleek and minimalist with grand images to inspire you. This in contrast to how the traditional Indian style uses an earthy palette with baskets of flowers scattered about.

Do you have some good designs for ceiling and walls?

Yes, The Kolo App has some great design ideas for the walls and ceiling of the home that can be found under our Ceiling designs category. These give good examples of how to decorate your home with a particular theme.

What are the best interior design ideas for flat?

The best interior design ideas for a flat are those that use light colours and give the impression of openness. Consider using furniture with light colours like pale yellow, white or cream in order to make the room seem brighter.

Can we place things or objects on top of the pooja room at home?

Yes, you can place objects on the pooja floor. However, to avoid damaging the design and damaging the pooja room, it is not recommended that items of heavy weight be placed on top of or in close proximity to any part of the pooja area.