Home Bar Design Ideas

Checkout These Awesome Home Bar Design Ideas

Do you enjoy hosting get-togethers and parties with your friends and family? If so, you may be looking for some home decor ideas for a bar. A well-designed bar can add a lot of functionality and personality to your home. 

Home bars come in all shapes and sizes, so it is essential to design one that fits your needs and style. This blog will give you some ideas for home bar design based on different types and purposes.

Whether you are looking for a small bar to fit in a corner or a large bar that can be the centrepiece of your home, we have you covered! So, let’s get to know some different home bars for your interior design.

Outstanding Home Bar Ideas And Designs

Home bars have been part of home decor ideas for a long time. Some people need huge rooms for their extensive bottle collection and entertainment; others prefer a hidden bar area or cabinets.

Home bars give organised storage for your collection of wines, but it also helps you prepare drinks quickly and efficiently as you have all the bar requirements in a specific place.

Here are some impressive home bar ideas and designs-

  • Customise Strategic Task Lighting
  • Use Mood Lighting
  • Use Your Garnishes as Decor
  • Get Creative with Doors
  • Match Glassware To Cabinets
  • Hack a Secretary Desk
  • Install a Bookshelf
  • Consider Installing a Dishwasher
  • Use a Corner Shelving System
  • Add a Dining Bar
  • Provide Seating for Sipping
  • Secure a Library Ladder
  • Adopt a Kitchen Layout

Customise Strategic Task Lighting

Strategic Task Lighting Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from standardpro

Task lighting highlights a specific area in the room and makes completing a task more manageable. It adds visibility to a small space, with light bright enough to illuminate small details and reduce strain on the eyes.

Use Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from LoveBeerUK

Mood lighting is essential for creating the perfect atmosphere in your home bar. By carefully choosing and positioning your light sources, you can set the mood for any occasion. LED lights are an excellent option for mood lighting because they come in various colours. Just make sure to position them well so that they don’t create glare on the surfaces of your bar.

Use Your Garnishes as Decor

Herbs Inspired Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Line Architecture

Consider incorporating the colours and textures inspired by herbs into the decor of a home bar. Deep and neutral colours like toad green, glossy green, green, yellow, blue or white are the perfect shades to use for home bar decor to brighten up the space.

Get Creative with Doors

Creative Door Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Vivian Johnson

Create a modern, elegant and posh home bar by adding a unique door to your bar design idea. This well-designed home bar doesn’t need much decor to be captivating. It can be well-appointed with a couple of coolers, ample wine racks, storage drawers, shelves and a service countertop.

Match Glassware To Cabinets

Matching Cabinets Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from creamascota

When stocking a home bar, it is essential to consider both the cabinets and the glassware. The cabinets should be sturdy and well-built, able to withstand regular use. The glassware should be of similar quality, as it will need to withstand repeated washings. In terms of style, the cabinets and glassware should complement each other.

Hack a Secretary Desk

Secretary Desk Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from MyDomaine

A secretary desk is perfect for you if you don’t have enough space for a whole closet, room, or even a cabinet or armoire. It has a decent storage space, and it’s easy to put everything away when it’s not in use. It’s so well adapted to form and function, providing you with all the benefits of storage, utility, style and comfort.

Install a Bookshelf

Bookshelf Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Kevin Black

With smaller homes, home bar ideas and designs have become more creative. Save up the floor space by installing your home bar on bookshelves. It’s a great idea for bachelor pads and smaller man caves. These shelves can serve as storage, counters and lighting bases.

Consider Installing a Dishwasher

Dishwasher Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Jared Kuzia

A room bar features custom shelves and, even better, a dishwasher for easy cleanup. If you can, try and squeeze in a dishwasher in your home bar design idea. A dishwasher will help in washing the dirty glasses right away. The drawer units will allow you to store all of your glassware in one drawer, and then you can transfer them back and forth from dirty to clean.

Use a Corner Shelving System

Corner Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from tercesa

Most corners are not used in a room and remain independent. A corner bar is a great design to put in a room where wall space is limited. This design is like a cabinet and includes some wine racks and shelves to put your collection of bottles and glassware. This design looks stylish in any room, including the living room, bedroom and hallway.

Add a Dining Bar

Dining Area With Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Mary Wadsworth

You can consider combining your dining area with a home bar. Create such a space by including a cabinet with some coolers, wine racks, and shelves. Add some bar tools, glassware, and herbs to decorate the area. A home bar in your dining room will provide the ideal spot for after-dinner drinks while also providing valuable storage space.

Provide Seating for Sipping

Seating Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Kerry Kirk

Seating is the most important thing to include in a bar. You can choose from various bar stool designs for seating. Bar stools are tall stools and often come with a footrest to support the feet. The height and narrowness of bar stools make them suitable for home bars. Having a seating space can help you create an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Secure a Library Ladder

Library Ladder Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Jessie Preza

Consider transforming a corner of your home into a dedicated home bar by building bar furniture to the ceiling. You can maximise storage by using all your vertical space and then install a library ladder to reach the items stashed up top. A short ladder mounted to a secure bar is perfect for getting a little higher up on a wall and creating beautiful displays.

Adopt a Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Layout Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Jen Morley Burner

Consider adopting a modern kitchen layout incorporating a home bar design. With the help of this layout, you won’t have to separate your home bar and wine cellar. Adding some smart built-in bar essentials like racks, ledges, wine cooler, bar carts, and storage space can help you create the perfect bar in your home for entertainment.

Different Types of Home Bar

Home bars are a great addition for anyone who loves to drink and organise their liquor bottles and glasses in an aesthetic manner. They are used to provide entertainment in homes. It’s critical to understand the various shapes, sizes, types, and styles of home bars.

Let’s explore the different types of home bars in your home-

  • Bar in a Cabinet
  • The Pallet Bar
  • Under the Stairs
  • A Garden Bar
  • The Great Divider
  • DIY Wall Bar
  • A Nook bar
  • Outdoor Pallet Bar
  • Modern Side Bar
  • Patio party Room Bar
  • Portable Mini Bar
  • Rustic Man Cave
  • Basement Bar

Bar in a Cabinet

Cabinet Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Pottery Barn

Bar in a cabinet can be similar to a cupboard with spacious storage inside to include your finest bottles, glassware, and bar tools. It often comes with a flat top surface for making cocktails and drinks. These are made of wood, such as teak, sheesham, mango, or rubberwood. When fully opened, it creates a whole bar ambience and is available in the market in different finish options to suit your home.

The Pallet Bar

Pallet Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Ashrid Singh

The pallet bar is very easy to build and is made of wooden pallets. It only requires two pallets and a few larger boards for the bar top. Simply clean and sand the pallets, put them together, and add colourful lighting and drinks. The simple pallet bar design can be used indoors for various celebrations and easily hold your liquor and glasses on the dedicated shelves.

Under the Stairs

Under The Stairs Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Decoration Love

If you have some free space in the under stairs area, then consider transforming it into a home bar. It is a perfect spot to set up an entertainment area for you. You can add some wine racks, a countertop, a cooler, some storage and shelves to set the moody vibe in the room. Consider decorating your wall with wallpaper, plants or herbs and some mood lighting to create a fantastic and charming look.

A Garden Bar

Garden Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Garden Street

A garden bar design is a modern and exciting space to create at home, which your friends and neighbours will surely love. The home bar design idea is perfect when you are resting in your garden and enjoying a few drinks. This beautiful design includes some coolers, box wine shelves, a bar and an ice bucket, creating a unique and versatile space that can be used for any purpose.

The Great Divider

Divider Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from phongviet

If you want to add a divider to your living room that can also be used for entertainment, then a home bar is a great option. This bar design is compact and accessible. Consider adding a tall cabinet with some wine racks and shelves to make it a perfect place to chill. You can also add floating bottle storage as a room divider. The silver or chrome bars will give an edgy look to the space.

DIY Wall Bar

Diy Wall Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Wooden street

This home bar design can be hung on a wall and is ideal for the bedroom or game room. You can easily make this design at your home with some wood pallets, some sandpaper and nails. It has a firm structure and is super easy to make. Consider including a shelf or cabinet for preparing and pouring drinks in this DIY home bar design.

A Nook Bar

Nook Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Translation Design Studios

A nook is a part of a room which is separate from the rest of the room. If you have such a space, then consider turning it into a nook bar. This home bar design idea can turn a corner or a nook into an efficient and cosy area. It is bright, charming, compact and accessible. You can include a wine cooler, a drawer, a cabinet, a small counter and a couple of shelves to create a perfect space to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Outdoor Pallet Bar

Outdoor Pallet Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Garden Bar Ireland

Finish your backyard look and create a party scene with this outdoor pallet bar design. This design is made of wood pallets and includes a sink, a liquor dispenser, shelves for glasses, some bottles and bar stools. You can add fairy lights and decorations like posters, signs, bar tools, or herbs to make it stand out. It’s a strong and rustic design that brings the old-style vibe to the outdoor area.

Modern Side Bar

Side Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Freestyle Interiors

A modern side home bar design is a piece of furniture or separate counter area built into a room, designed to hold everything you need for a home bar like bottles, barware, and cocktail napkins. It also features other accessories like a counter, a cooler, a bottle rack and a couple of bar stools. This design is best suitable for the dining room, basements and party rooms.

Patio Party Room Bar

Patio Party Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Decor Magicians

A patio is a paved surface outside a house made of stones such as pea gravel, concrete pavers, or a concrete slab. You can consider turning your patio design ideas into a chill zone by adding a bar. Add a wooden table or counter with some shelves and bar stools to create a small but beautiful bar area. Consider giving it a vintage bar look with some glass dome pendant lights and modern chairs for the refreshing outdoor vibe.

Portable Mini Bar

Portable Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Zimmo

A portable mini home bar design has a concise and trendy swivel style to match modern tastes. It has a sturdy structure made of rubberwood and engineered wood. It has got ample storage space for bottles and ice buckets. It’s a portable and small design with wheels, so you can take it wherever you want. You can take it to your bedroom, living room, and even the bathroom.

Rustic Man Cave

Rustic Man Cave Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Magzhouse

Man cave bars have become much more popular than basement or garage bars. A man cave bar design is all about a relaxing, gaming, and entertainment spot. This design is perfect for you if you want an industrial, rustic, and impressive touch in the home bar. You can include wood walls, massive wood beams, and vintage bar stools to deliver a robust, active and vibrant personality to the space.

Basement Bar

Basement Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Bob Vila

You can transform a basement into a bar with the right renovations and essential items. Basement bars are both old-school and trendy in modern households. They add a functional and entertaining area to homes. You can make a basement bar beautiful and decorative by adding custom cabinets, wine racks, floating or countertop shelves, a couple of coolers, and bar chairs.


A stunning home bar design ideas can be a perfect addition to your interior design. It provides a space for you to entertain guests and relax with family. There are so many types of home bars to choose from, so take your time to find the right one that suits your requirements and style. If you are looking for a room idea to unwind after a long day or want a designated spot for hosting parties, then consider adding a home bar to your house.

Home Bar Design Ideas – Pics

Wet Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Distinctive Design & Cabinetry
Glass Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Planning & Building Inc
Traditional Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from Stephens Fine Homes
Blue Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Charlotte Lucas
Tropical Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Lindsey Coral Harper
Small Home Bar Design Idea
Photo from bba architects
Living Room Home Bar Design Idea
Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I style my home bar?

There are so many ways to style a home bar. You can consider the following ideas:

Add a desk and some shelves to serve as a bar area.
A simple trolly to create an area to serve drinks from.
Some accessories or decor like plants and flowers.

How can I make my home bar look classy?

You can make your home bar look classy by adding things like a wet bar, painting it with bold colours, adding a mirror, using corners or under-stair space, adding metallic elements, adding a cooler, etc.

How do I build a home bar area?

You can follow these simple steps to build a home bar area:

Decide the space to put it.
Add stools.
Give it a personal touch.
Add a good amount of storage.
Consider adding a dishwasher.

How do you style a bar area?

Here are a few tips to style a bar area:

Choose a storage based on your requirements.
Choose the material for your bar.
Add wall colour, decorative wall paper.
Make sure you incorporate the right lighting.
Invest in a good countertop.

What are some good bar design ideas for basements?

Some of the best home bar design ideas for basements are a man cave bar, vintage bar, rustic bar, garage design bar, stone bar, farmhouse look bar, pub theme bar, all-wood bar, etc.

How to decorate my home bar?

Some tips decorate a home bar is:

Select a theme.
Choose furniture and tabletops.
Choose comfortable lighting.
Hang some wall arts.
Include fixtures and aesthetic decor.
Get decorative glassware.

What are some great progress bar designs?

Some of the best design for bar are:

Converting a bookshelf into a bar.
Add mood lighting to suit the space.
Add bar stools for the restaurant bar effect.
Go for matching glassware and cabinets.
Hack a secretary desk into a bar with a lot of storage.