Pop Designs For Hall

Explore The Best POP Designs for Hall

When it comes to redesigning your hall, one of the most important things to consider is how you want it to look. 

You may be tempted to go for a traditional design, but there are plenty of other options out there that can really make your home stand out. One such option is POP designs – these can add a real touch of personality and style to your hall, and they’re surprisingly affordable too.

So if you’re looking for a way to update your hallway then a POP design could be the perfect solution.

What is a POP Ceiling?

Pop Design
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POP is a white powder , when mixed with water in ratio 1:2, forms a paste that can be fashioned into POP design ceilings and used for cornice work as well. Fibreglass or wooden moulds can be used to shape the POP mix into the desired shape. POP ceilings can be used in both residential and commercial settings, and they offer a number of advantages over traditional ceilings. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of POP 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pop 
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The advantages of POP ceiling designs are that the joints are smooth, they endure for years, they have minimum waste since you can mix just the quantity of powder necessary, and repairs are extremely simple and only a tiny section of the ceiling has to be taken out and replaced, as needed. Furthermore, these ceilings may assume any form or shape. These POP ceilings are comparatively affordable and simple to make intricate patterns compared to other ceilings.


The disadvantages of POP ceiling designs are that the likelihood of cracking in a POP ceiling design is proportional to the quality of the craftsmanship as well as the composition of the POP. In addition, the procedure of installing POP ceilings is tedious, requires a significant amount of time, and creates a mess. In addition to this, trained craftsmen are critical to ensure that the mixture is applied appropriately and has the appropriate proportions.

Types of POP Ceiling Designs For Hall

Ceilings are a common place to design out your POP interior hall, and because of the importance of hallways, there are many different POP designs for hall roofs that can be used to decorate them. Let’s explore some of the types:

  • Plus Minus POP Ceiling Design For Hall
  • POP Ceiling with 2 Fans
  • Wooden POP False Ceiling
  • POP Ceiling Design For Rectangular Hall
  • POP Ceiling Design For Square Shaped Hall
  • Traditional POP Ceiling Design for hall
  • Contemporary Hall Design 
  • Colourful POP False Ceiling Design
  • Simple POP Ceiling Design for Hall
  • Decorative Ceiling POP Design
  • Latest POP Design for Hall
  • Artistic POP Ceiling Design for Hall

Plus Minus POP Ceiling Design For Hall

Plus Minus Pop Ceiling Design For Hall
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A plus minus pop ceiling design for hallways can be a good choice to create a creative and fun atmosphere. To achieve this, there will be a central panel (plus) made of wood or other material that is higher than the surrounding panels (minus). The height differential adds to the visual interest and creates plenty of reflected light. This also makes it easier to clean because there is no need to reach up high when cleaning.

POP Ceiling with 2 Fans

Pop Ceiling With 2 Fans
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POP Ceiling with 2 fans design can be regarded as a design which outlays two fans on its ceiling and this type of ceiling is mostly found in large living spaces and commercial buildings such as malls and grocery stores where they need to cover a huge area. They are decorative and usually styled around the 2 fans as focus points and providing a decorative element between them.

Wooden POP False Ceiling

Wooden Pop False Ceiling
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The wooden POP false ceiling design is a popular style of ceiling. It is a style where the main ceiling panel has a simple shape but the supporting beams are made of wood and painted to give it an aesthetic appearance. And Wooden POP false ceilings are made from solid and engineered wood, which is covered in plasterboard or drywall to imitate the lines of the original structure.

POP Ceiling Design For Rectangular Hall

Pop Ceiling Design For Rectangular Hall
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A POP ceiling is installed in rectangular halls in two ways. The first way is to install it so that it’s flush with the walls on either side. The second way is to install it so that the ceiling extends past the walls and creates an open area above.

POP Ceiling Design For Square Shaped Hall

Pop Ceiling Design For Square Shaped Hall
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Square shaped hall spaces are quite easy to decorate, and these pop ceilings are a great way to add colour and character without taking up floor space. Depending on the shape of the ceiling, there are many different ways to install a POP ceiling. For square ceilings, designers often place a central focus. Some designs also look at diagonal lines or place POP in an X pattern. 

Traditional POP Ceiling Design for hall

Traditional Pop Ceiling Design For Hall
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Coffered ceilings are often regarded as a traditional POP ceiling design as it adds visual interest and dimension to a room, and can help to make a small space feel more open and airy. However, coffered ceilings can also help to improve the acoustics of a room. The panels help to absorb excess noise, making it a great choice for spaces where people gather to socialise or watch TV.

Contemporary Hall Design 

Contemporary Hall Design 
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Contemporary POP Ceiling Design are typically characterised by tall ceilings that are decorated with light fixtures, artworks, and other interesting features. They can create a feeling of openness in a room, which is perfect if you want to create an inviting environment. Contemporary POP ceiling design ideas are the best designs that are suitable for both small and large sized rooms.

Colourful POP False Ceiling Design

Colourful Pop False Ceiling Design
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The most popular POP ceiling design is the colourful one. This type of design is perfect for a child’s room, or playroom. It provides an inviting atmosphere with a sense of wonder. The colours are typically bright and cheery and the pattern can be anything from polka dots to geometric shapes like hexagons.

Simple POP Ceiling Design for Hall

Simple Pop Ceiling Design For Hall
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A Tray POP Ceiling is often known as a simple POP ceiling design that uses a metal tray to suspend the ceiling tiles. The tray is attached to the walls at either end and the tiles are hung from it. And this design is perfect for spaces to elongate the height of a ceiling visually, like a kitchen or living room. The panels are easy to clean and can be replaced if needed.

Decorative Ceiling POP Design

Decorative Ceiling Pop Design
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A Decorative Ceiling POP design is a type of ceiling design where panels are installed with cuts. These designs usually create an interesting texture, depending on the colours and fabrics chosen for the POP. A POP ceiling is typically either rectangular or triangular in shape, depending on how the panels are designed.

Latest POP Design for Hall

Latest Pop Design For Hall
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There are many different POP design ideas for hallways and rooms. One popular idea is to use light fixtures as your decorating element for the ceiling. You can install a few large light fixtures near the ceiling and use them to create accents or focal points in the hallway.

Artistic POP Ceiling Design for Hall

Artistic Pop Ceiling Design For Hall
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A POP ceiling is an Artistic ceiling design that uses colourful geometric shapes, aesthetics and designs to create a fun and lively atmosphere. Some popular designs include stars, clouds, or even your favourite sports team.

POP Designs for Hall – Pics

Pop Designs For Hall
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Pop Designs For Hall
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Pop Designs For Hall
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Pop Designs For Hall
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Pop Designs For Hall
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Pop Designs For Hall
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Pop Designs For Hall
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Whether you’re looking to add a little pzazz to your hallway or want to create a more inviting entrance way into your home, POP designs are the perfect way to do it. With their bright colours and fun patterns, they can turn an ordinary space into something truly special. So why not try adding a POP design of your own? We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best false ceiling designs?

There are a lot of different false ceiling design styles. From traditional to modern styles we have a Plus-Minus ceiling, a geometric decorative ceiling and a wooden POP ceiling. These are all the best and most common ceilings designs.

What are some beautiful false ceiling design ideas for a living room?

An example of a beautiful false ceiling would be a Plus-Minus False ceiling. It incorporates a contrast of either colours, textures or even geometric patterns. It can really lighten the look for a ceiling and make it appear unique within the room.

What is the best design idea in the ceiling part of a bedroom?

You can use a high, vaulted ceiling in your bedroom for an interesting design to create the illusion of a larger space. If there isn’t enough room then we can go for a wooden false ceiling to give the room a more pronounced rustic look.

What are some false ceiling designs for a small living room ?

Tray ceilings and flat ceilings are some of the best false ceiling designs for a small living room. Due to the lack of space we cannot fill the room up with too many design elements hence it is best to go with a ceiling design that is simple.

Which is the best stretch ceiling Designs for home interior?

The best stretch ceiling designs for home interiors are those that are either of a Matte finish, Glossy finish or even made up of pure durable cloth. We can use metal and wooden beams or panels to attach the ceiling materials too. The idea is to change up the monotonous looks and materials typically used for ceilings in order to give the room a very unique look.

Do you have some good designs for ceiling and walls?

A good ceiling design would be a Tray ceiling, it is simple and easy to construct but offers some flexibility in its theme as we can have separate colours and materials in the interior, recessed part of the ceiling.

A good design for a wall would be to have some wooden panelling that can either match the ceiling or else it could also be a simple mural or a geometric pattern that we can add onto the wall for added aesthetics.

What will be the total cost of a false ceiling of 80 sq ft area?

A Gypsum Ceiling will cost about 50–70 Rs. per sq ft & POP false ceiling would be about 120–150 Rs per Sqft. Hence on average for 80sq  ft it would cost you from 6k to 10k Rupees. This entirely depends on the material, design and use of the ceiling. For better sound proofing, leak resistance, better insulation and designs it would cost you a higher amount.

Is a false ceiling a good option for small bedrooms?

False ceiling is a great idea for small bedrooms. You can get creative by using false ceilings to create focal points, or by designing the ceiling to create illusions like roof terraces or second storey bedrooms. It can also add onto the overall aesthetic of the room especially since it’s a small room, people tend to notice the ceiling faster and more clearly hence it is always good to add some designs like a Tray ceiling to your room.

What are some types of false ceiling?

Some types of false ceilings are. :- 

Plaster of Paris false ceilings.
Gypsum false ceilings.
Wood false ceilings.
Fibre false ceilings.
Metal false ceilings.
Glass false ceilings.
PVC false ceilings.
Fabric and synthetic leather false ceilings.