Types of Artworks to Hang in Your House

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Tribal Art

Tribal art is the visual arts and material culture of indigenous peoples. These arts are basic yet look charming in any space.

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Real Life Painting

A real life painting represents triumph, strength, loyalty, and freedom. They are suitable for study, kitchen, or living room.

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Doodled Art

Doodle arts are simple drawings that can have a meaning or just some random and abstract lines.

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Spiritual Art

A spiritual art represents bravery, tranquilly, wisdom, and enlightenment. You can put it in the pooja or study room.

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Typography Art

Typography art is an art which involves letters, words or phrases. It includes painting, sculptures or digital rendering.

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Mural Artwork

Murals are one sort of artwork you may like to hang in a space. It gives a three-dimensional feel in a room.

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Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings make lovely wall décor. There's a lot of mystery in them The painting's intricacy keeps spectators guessing.

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Galaxy Artworks

Galaxy art depicts a galaxy in the backdrop. They are perfect for someone who values space. Paintings depicting planets, galaxies, and stars are also popular.

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Pop Artwork

Pop art are based on modern popular culture and the mass media. They are used as subject matter and can be used in any space.

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Graphic Artwork

These artwork is popular among people looking for something different, but it is also expensive because the pieces are individually designed.

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Floral Art

Floral art is made using plant materials and flowers to create an eye-catching and balanced display. They are pressed flowers between glass and framed.

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Mixed Media Art

Mixed media art is a combination of different media or materials in one piece. It has a lot of items on it like paint, fabric, gears, keys, etc.

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Designer Photo Frames

Designer photo frames are like jewels that showcase those special moments that you captured with love.

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