Try These Design Hacks For Your Home

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Hang Curtains Higher

Hanging your curtains higher will make your windows look taller. This can make your wall and the room look bigger.

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Mirror Behind The Lamp

Hang a mirror behind a lamp and see the change. Your room can look brighter and bigger with this hack.

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Hanging Shelves

Use of hanging shelves occupies less floor space and enhances the overall look of the wall.

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Storage Beds

Storage beds have concealed storages that makes it easy to make the most of the space available.

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Layer The Lights

Lights can be used in layers to give more light to the room. It can be a decorative light or simple light.

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Use Corners

Corners of small houses can be decorated to make use of the space and give an elegant look to the interiors.

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Low Lying Furniture

Low lying furniture gives a brand new look to the house. It is a comfortable seating for all ages of people.


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Add two different colours with different shades that complement each other. 

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