8 Pooja Room Design Ideas

© Photo by Vish Arunachalam


South Indian Pooja 

With idols and photos hung neatly in the pooja room, the space ensures easy maintenance of the area.

© Photo from thekeybunch


Beautiful Backdrop

Complementing the marble deities and the white embossed wall behind will enhance the look.

© Photo by iiad


Accent Door

Carvings on the door will make the entrance more distinguishable from the rest of the house.

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© Photo from Sreedevi Padmanabhuni


Paint A Picture

Traditional pooja room designs paint a peaceful picture that reflects positivity and tranquillity in the home.

© Video by Hansi rani


Designs In Wood

Wood is a versatile material for home décor, and it adds warmth and beauty to any area. 

© Photo by stirworld


Modern Pooja With Glass

It’s essential that the style matches the overall modern theme in the area.

© Photo from Varun Mehta


Decorative Screens or Jallis 

Every pooja room needs privacy, especially one that connects to another social or living space. 

© Photo by BuildingandInteriors


Choosing Idols 

The idols in the pooja room must be in proportion with the area. A large idol is fine in a big pooja room but will look out of place in a small one.

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