Pictures From The Set Of Greta's Movie 'Little Women'

Happy Birthday Greta Gerwing!!

Greta Celeste Gerwig is an American actress, writer and director who is famous for her films including 'Little Women'.

Greta Gerwig

© Photo from Wikimedia

© Photo from Time

Happy Birthday

Greta Gerwig was born in 1983 and today is her birthday. Team Kolo wishes her a Happy Birthday!

© Photo from New York Magazine

Home Sweet Home

Greta lives in New York with her husband Noah and her son.

© Photo by Trey Powers

Little Women

Greta's film Little Women was shot in a beautiful house, recreating the look from the novel.

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© Photo by Trey Powers 


The wood panelled facade of the house is encircled by a lush green landscape.

© Photo by Trey Powers 


The interiors were decorated in a classic style, including wallpaper, furniture and matching carpets.

© Photo by Trey Powers 

Living Room

The living room adorns vintage furnishings, a few paintings and some indoor plants.

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