Kim Kardashian's Scandinavian Style Home

Kim Kardashian and ex Kanye West reunite at daughter's basketball game

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Noel Kardashian is an American socialite, model, media personality and business women. 

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Kim & Kanye

Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband, Kanye West, were spotted together at their daughter's basketball game.

© Photo by Kim Kardashian, Instagram 

Luxurious Mansion

Kim Kardashian and her four children live in a massive mansion.

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Calabasas, California

Kim Kardashian's home is in Calabasas, California. The mansion is designed in Scandinavian style and is very luxurious.

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Living Room

The house's living room has a white-coloured sofa and artwork on the wall. The interior is decorated in a Scandinavian style.

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Kim's room features a white bed with a white headboard and off-white walls.

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Sitting Room

Kim's bedroom includes a sitting room. It is a cosy area. Kim loves to sit there, have tea, and write letters to her kids.

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Favourite Spot

Kim has a favourite spot in the house. The area has a fireplace, minimal furniture, and an art piece.

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Walk-in Closet

Kim's bedroom has a huge walk-in closet. It features white walls, a clothes rack and minimal furniture.

© Photo by Kim Kardashian, Instagram 


The house's bathroom has a Scandinavian style. There is a light grey washbasin and a bathtub.

© Video by Kim Kardashian, Instagram 


The mansion is characterized by large corridors and high ceilings. The corridors are designed and decorated in minimal style.

© Photo by Kim Kardashian, Instagram 


The interiors and decor of the mansion are simple, with white walls and laminate flooring.

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Basketball Court

The mansion's backyard has a basketball court. It's decorated in neutral colours. There is a black-coloured basketball hoop.

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