Step Inside Charlie Puth's $2.1 Million LA House

Happy Birthday Charlie Puth!!

Charlie Puth is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. He got his initial recognition through YouTube.

Charlie Puth

© Photo by Charlie Puth, Instagram

© Video by Charlie Puth, Instagram 

Charlie Puth - American Singer

© Photo by Charlie Puth, Instagram

Happy Birthday

Charlie was born on this date in 1991. Team Kolo wishes him a great day and a very Happy Birthday.

© Photo from American Luxury

LA Mansion

Charlie owned this 4.350 square feet home in Los Angeles which he sold for $2.1 Million.

© Photo from American Luxury 


The house showcases minimal interiors with wooden flooring, beige walls and warm lighting.

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© Photo from American Luxury 

Living Room

The open living area places a comfy sofa with a fireplace and matching carpet.

© Photo from American Luxury 

Dining Area

The dining area features a wooden dining table and a warm chandelier suspended over it.

© Photo from American Luxury 


Wooden cabinets, granite countertop and tiled flooring enhance the kitchen.

© Photo from American Luxury 


The master bedroom adorns a modern bed with plain walls and a seating area with a fireplace.

© Photo from American Luxury 

Music Area

Charlie placed a piano in the open living area facing the large windows and a large Louis Vuitton artwork.

© Photo from American Luxury 


The large balcony features terracotta flooring with seating and plants.

© Photo from American Luxury 

The Pool

The pool has tiled floors around the border and a seating area with a comfy sofa.

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