Explore Best Wall Texture Design Ideas

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Actual Texture

One of the famous types of wall texture design is to use real textures from nature.

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Simulated Texture

A good way to get a textured wall without having to do much work is to use a simulated or artificial texture.

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Abstract Texture

Abstract texture gives people more space to put furniture and other decorations on the wall.

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Invented Texture

An invented texture is created from scratch and is made of plaster or paint. It can look like anything from brick to wood.

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Classic Wall Texture

Classic wall texture makes a space feel super cosy and welcoming. Use different colours of paint with a classic texture to create the mood of your room.

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Concrete Texture

Concrete is the newest trend in wall textures. You can create the look of a textured, cement-like design on your walls.

© Photo from Asian Paints


Minimal Cresto

Cresto is a new minimal design that doesn't hide the texture of the wall like most designs.

© Photo from Home Decor Ideas


Royal Hues Texture

Royal Hues texture features bold colours and fresh look that includes variety of finishes.

© Photo from Asian Paints


Colour Wash Texture

One of the most luxurious wall textures that is trending right now is a Colour wash. It adds an elegant appearance to any home.

© Photo from Asian Paints


Comb Wall Texture

The comb texture creates various widths and shapes in a wall. It creates a stylish effect in the space.

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