7 Creative Ways to Display Photos on a Wall

© Photo from Idei Club


Rock a beautiful nature-inspired gallery wall in light stained frames.

Make a Gallery Wall

© Photo from Hasil Copa


A branch attached to the wall with photos hanging on it is a chic idea.

Attach With a Branch

© Photo from Domino


Create an out-of-the-box display idea by hanging picture frames with a chain.

Tie With a Chain

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A creative photo collage or memory collage is a lovely decor idea for your space.

Make a Collage

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Make a super cool wall mural of yarn with black and white photos.

Build a Spider Web

© Photo from Real Simple


A reading nook with built-in wooden ledges is perfect for displaying any photos.

Display on Shelves

© Photo from Idei Club


Hanging down a photo display on a wooden rail is a lovely idea to decor room walls.

Hang on a Rail

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