Father's Day Special: Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your Dad

Team Kolo wishes you all a very Happy Father's Day!

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Consider adding artwork to the wall of your Father's room. You can add paintings, posters, and photo frames with quotes.

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A lampshade will be perfect for men that love to read in bed.

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Chalkboard Wall

Consider adding a chalkboard wall to decorate a men's bedroom. You can write whatever you want on the chalkboard wall.

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Brick Wall

You can add a textured brick wall in the men's bedroom to give it an industrial feel.

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Add typography art to a men's bedroom to give it a unique look and industrial feel.

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Recliner Chair

A recliner chair will be the perfect comfortable seating for reading books or newspapers.

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Side Table

Add a side table in the bedroom that also serves as a book rack. This will help your guy organise his books and papers in one place.

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