14 Latest Decorative Mirror Design Ideas

© Photo from Artistico


Copper Mirror

These mirrors are in abundance and available everywhere in India. It looks very cool and surprising.

© Photo from Duggals Sons


Sun Mirror

Sun mirrors are made up of iron. It is a decorative mirror and would surely increase the beauty of your home.

© Photo from Native Trails


Wooden Mirror

The mirror is crafted with elegant care. It can enhance and upgrade the decor of any space.

© Photo from Nestasia


Vintage Mirror

This mirror is a rectangular piece which is styled around the corners. It gives a touch of ancient times.

© Photo from Exporters India


Ornate Mirror

It is one of the best and beautiful designs in the market. It looks very pretty and elegant in any room.

© Photo from Dunelm


Square Mirror

The square decorative mirror has a unique design. The design of the mirror gives a spark to creativity.

© Photo from Pepperfry


Full-Length Mirror

The mirror is long and rectangular in shape. This can be also made as a decorative mirror with lights.

© Photo from Mirror Zone


Silver Mirror

The silver decorative mirror is cool within its way. It can be bought easily on the online stores.

© Photo from Shilpkuteer


Macrame Mirror

This mirror is simple and is suitable for any space. Highly skilled workers have worked on the concept of this mirror and made it beautiful.

© Photo from gruposincom


Mosaic Mirror

The decorative mirror is crafted with elegant care. It is a great choice for any room and reflects the real essence of beauty.

© Photo from Furniture Loft


Lattice Mirror

The Lattice Mirror is a curved, geometric shaped mirror. It has curvy shapes creating a lovely look.

© Photo from Walmart


Rustic Mirror

Rustic mirrors are made from wood and are fantastic for providing a more natural-looking finish to your home.

© Photo from Pinterest


Wrought Iron Mirror

Wrought iron mirrors are made with a fine pattern of irregular textured ribs to create a different look.

© Photo from taobao


Abstract Mirror

Abstract mirror comes in weird shapes, styles and artistic elements. It has become a new trend and looks beautiful in any space.

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