10 Ideas to Decorate Your Home With Plants

© Photo from TK Decor


Stand Alone Plants

Floor or table plants that are large enough to make a statement on their own are considered stand-alone plants.

© Photo by Renne Benes


Plant Shelves

Decorating plants on shelves will bring variety and depth to your interiors. Consider putting different sizes of plants on shelves for a stylish pattern.

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Decorating With Kokedama

Kokedama can be displayed on a table or hung on a wall.  They are very easy to maintain and care.

© Photo from Carousell


Plant Collections

A plant collection is a group of plants assembled by either a common feature or simply by your preferences.

© Photo from Planted Well


Open Terrarium

An open terrarium is a beautiful glass container with interesting collections of plants. You can include air plants or succulents in them.

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© Photo from Roosevelt's terrariums


Closed Terrarium

These terrariums are entirely enclosed to trap moisture and humidity. They look like a mini-greenhouse in a bottle. 

© Photo from Ecoosfera


Air Plants

Air plants blend easily in home decor. These popular house plants are divided into many categories with their own decorating styles.

© Photo from Etsy


Propagation Stations

This decoration idea is quite attractive due to the use of various miniature glass bottles. This plant decor looks amazing in your modern living room.

© Photo from Etsy


Wall Hangers

There are many creative ways to decorate your walls with plants. You can also consider a macrame, open or closed terrariums for plant hangers.

© Photo from Stek Magazine


Plant Carts

A plant cart is a minor item, but it serves various purposes. They come in different shapes, sizes and styles.

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