10 Carpet Design Ideas For Your Home

© Photo from Wooden Street


Geometric Carpet Design

This carpet which features a contemporary geometric pattern. It gives a plush feeling and enhances the beauty of your home.

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Kashmiri Carpet Design

This carpet design is made with the finest quality Kashmiri silk to add a stately look to your room. It gives a rich jewel touch.

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3D Carpet Design

The 3D carpet Design can surely make anyone go dizzy for a while. This quirky carpet is a great decor piece for your home.

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Corridor Carpet Design

These carpets are usually made in nylon wool for durability and easy maintenance. They are anti-slip carpet and can be custom made.

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Vinyl Carpet Design

Vinyl carpets are affordable and have a durable material, making it ideal for home and commercial spaces.

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Minimal Carpet Design

A minimalistic carpet design enhances modern charm in your bedroom. It coordinates well with the rest of the elements in a space.

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Floral Carpet Design

A floral carpet design is a great decor element in a room. The unique style of this carpet makes it convenient to move around places.

© Photo from Wayfair


Multi-Colour Carpet Design

This design leaves a psychedelic play of colors in a space. The carpet is a perfect addition to your simple and plain-looking room.

© Photo from Ubuy


Scandinavian Carpet Design

If you are a fan of minimalistic, neutral tones, then these carpets are a perfect choice. Colors like ivor, beige, or grey look good in these designs.

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Shaggy Carpet Design

Shaggy carpets are quite popular for their softness and material. They create a sensory effect in a room.

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