Interior designs are not just about beauty but also about the representation of how we want our place to feel. It needs to be easy to move and comfortable where we get to do everything we want in our personal space. One of the most important aspects of the house is the way the entrance and the stairways look as they can take the interiors of a house to the next level. With the help of the Kolo app, you can find various front staircase house designs that will suit all your needs, and you will get a house of your liking.

If you are planning to choose the perfect design for your stairs, here are some of the options that you can easily go for:

  1. Corner stairs: This kind of design is a kind of modern minimalistic look where the staircase is in the corner of the room, so it is a great way to make the place look bigger, and in a way, it also gives the aesthetic feel of minimalism. The corner stairs are very commonly built, and they also have a minimal design following the theme. They are made of wood, and the mica above can be placed according to the theme you have set for your house.
  2. Narrow stairs: These stairs are for homes that have lesser space and need a type of stair that still fits the aesthetic. The narrow stairs are made up of lightweight material, and the steps are built a bit higher as compared to the other designs. There are railings attached to the stairs, which give it a safe environment, and it is safe even for the kids. Since they are functional equally, they are the best option for when you need to put a staircase that matches the house.
  3. Open staircase: This kind of design is great for when you want to go for that rich, luxurious look, there is no railing, and it also takes a little bit of space more than the narrow ones. But this is not difficult as you can always make the lower part of the stairs into a storage space. The stairs are open, airy, and pleasant to look at. This allows perfect light to set in, and that hint of simplicity can be observed with these.
  4. Grand spiral staircase: One of the most beautiful designs of a great staircase is the spiral one. They are geometrically built and make a great curved design. It is for places where there are no children, or they are careful while running on the stairs as these have sharp turns. But, if you need that aesthetic for your house, then this is the most elegant option for you. With the right amount of beautiful lightings around the stairs, this makes it the most extravagant look of your house and gives you that rich grand look that you want to go for.
  5. Metallic staircase: This kind of staircase is made up of a mixture of wood and metal, and it is a great way to give your house a modern look where it also looks like a minimalistic design. One of the most important aspects to note for this is that they can be rather difficult to dismantle, so it is always better to decide before securing your house.
  6. Marble staircase: This is also one of the designs people like to go for with their house if they have the floors of marble; it matches the overall aesthetic with it. It is a great option for when you need an all-white look.

When we talk about the interiors, one of the major elements is the stairs as it is the way through which you will be able to access other floors of your house, and it has to be made strategically to get the perfect look you want to go for.

Significance of stairs:

  1. Access: The main role of the steps is to give a basic and simple method for moving between levels. In antiquated occasions, houses and asylums were comprised of just a single story, yet it was understood that the region over the ground level could be used to build the measure of the room a design could offer. Steps empowered clients of these structures to rapidly and viably get to upper levels; as structures developed, the flight of stairs quickly turned out to be more vital. These days, steps can be made significantly more available to individuals with all degrees of actual capacity through the establishment of stairlifts and inclines.
  1. Provides space: In present-day structures, the design of a flight of stairs can fill in as a parcel to separate an enormous open-plan region, a home’s sculptural focal point, or even as an imaginative stockpiling choice. Pantries can be introduced underneath them; they can be adjusted to hold shelves, and drawers can be introduced in the risers. In the older times, the spiracle stairs had a different purpose, but now it has become a way in which they take up a very little amount of floor space, so eventually, it provides room to add other features in the interior design.

  1. Aesthetic: While long, amazing, cut oak flights of stairs may not be viewed as especially chic, reasonable, or common sense now, many individuals since the beginning have utilized this specific family component to strike amazement into visitors and guests to their property as they showed up, flaunting their riches and status through the beauty of its plan. Indeed, even today, the flight of stairs is regularly the primary thing visitors see when entering the corridor of a house, and many individuals like to benefit as much as possible from its capability to give their home a popular and alluring feel.

No matter what interior design you are looking for, you can get it with the Kolo app, which is a platform where you can get design ideas and also find a list of designers, architects, etc., for hire, so get the best front staircase house design today!