One of the most important aspects of interior design is the way everything falls into the place. When you enter a room, the first thing anyone notice is the ambiance. If there is a staircase, it does get noticed right away. Staircases are a way to connect and get access to other floors, but they do not have to be plain and simple, and there can be many designs that can be implemented depending upon the size of the house you have. If it is a small house, then the designs are different and give the house a cute look with a planned placement of the stairs.

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Before planning a design of the stairs for your home, you should consider a few things if the size of the house is smaller. Those aspects are as follows:

  1. Size: Since the space is small, it is very important to plan the size of the stairs properly. A narrow staircase would go best with the place. Such kinds of stairs are narrow by having a longer space between the steps. It is easier to work with those. It is necessary to fix a good amount of lighting in the house and get the best look you want to go for.
  2. Space: As we know that the space is smaller, so it is better to have a design that gives us the maximum space, and in this way, you can create a storage space below the staircase. This is the most efficient way to make space in your house as it makes a great storage unit and no place goes wasted. According to the placement, the space can be built up into whatever suits, and the interior designer can help you in building the same
  3. Aesthetic: Even if the space is small, the interior designer will always stick to the aesthetics of the house and give you the best aesthetic that will match with the theme of the house, so you won’t have to worry about the stairs looking different than the other designs of the house. The stairs are always customized depending upon the size you like, so they can be made into anything of your choice.

Now that we are aware of the aspects to consider for the house, here are some of the ideas of staircases for a smaller house:

  1. Angular stairs: These stairs are strategically built in a way that they are angularly placed in the house. The stairs leave enough space for you to fit another thing below or even use the space for anything else. You can create a cute workspace beneath the stairs with good lighting or even set up a temple or piano, anything that you like. It is a great way to make the place look classy, elegant, and modern.
  2. Corner stairs: These kinds of stairs are one of the best to work with as they are placed in the corner of the house, so they make the house look bigger, and this is great as the space below can even be utilized for making a storage space. The corner stairs can also be made narrow to save space so if you want more space, you can always choose this kind of design.
  3. Narrow stairs: This type of design is also very popular with the small spaces where the stairs are made narrow, so it is always great to work with. The stairs can be built where there is no wastage of any form of space, and it makes the place look spacious. The narrow stairs are longer, so there is more space between the steps, so it fits the place properly.
  1. Unstructured: This design has more of a modern hint to it where the stair is fitted into the wall and has no structure holding it. Surprisingly this also saves a lot of space and gives the place a minimal aesthetic look. Since there is no connection between the steps, they look spacious, and the interior looks bigger. If you want to go for this design, you need to make sure that the kids are careful with it.
  2. Camouflaged stairs: This is a concept that is built upon optical illusion where the stairs are built on the corner of the house, and there is furniture placed near it of the same theme, so it seems like it is taking lesser space. This is a great form of the modern concept of stairs where there is lesser space, and if you want such a modern look, the interior designers can make it happen for you.
  3. Wooden stairs: The wooden stairs never disappoint, and your place can be laid with the wooden stairs that bring an aesthetic feel to your house. Not just this, but it also is a great form of insulator, so if the climate is cold, the place won’t get cold, and it will always keep you warm. Even during summers, the place will not become heated due to the material it is built with.

When we are looking for someone to do our interiors, we can get very picky or choosy with the designs, and this can be difficult for us to decide the right interiors for our house. No matter what kind of design you are looking for, you can get the best designs with the help of the Kolo app.

So, get the best stair design for a small house in Trivandrum with the help of the Kolo app and build the house of your dreams.