When deciding the interior of the home, the kitchen should never be ignored. It is an important space of the home where you spend several hours of the day cooking delicious food for the family. The interiors of the kitchen should be in sync with the aesthetics of your entire home. 

Professional interior designers can help in coming up with spectacular designs for transforming your cooking space. For modern kitchen Kerala, you can choose from a variety of themes and designs. The selection can be based on your needs, preference, and functional appeal of the design. 

The designers will come up with a custom design that will meet your criteria. The end decision will always be yours. The professionals not only keep in mind your needs but also your budget. Irrespective of the size of the kitchen, they will beautify it with their knowledge and skills. 

Let’s have a look at some amazing modern kitchen design Kerala for your cooking space:

  • U-shaped minimalistic kitchen

For a mid-sized U-shaped minimal kitchen design, go with light-coloured wooden flooring. The island and cabinets can be in chocolate brown colour with beige walls. Use light-coloured ceramic backsplash. For the countertop, use marble in a beige shade. The colour theme of the entire kitchen will be coordinated with no pop of fancy colours. Warm-toned lights will complete the look of the kitchen.

  • Eat-in kitchen

If you have a spacious kitchen, it can be converted into a dine-in kitchen. A medium tone wooden floor will look sober. An undermount sink along with flat-panel cabinets in white will look beautiful. For a minimal look, choose white walls and a marble countertop. The white backsplash and appliances of the island will complete the look of the kitchen. 

  • All sophisticated black kitchen

If you are looking for an elegant modern kitchen Kerala, an all-black design is perfect. Go with a medium-toned wooden floor to contrast with black. Black cabinets would look spectacular on beige walls. Go for Black Island and beige countertop with stainless steel appliances. The drop-in sink and metallic backsplash would look perfect in this kitchen.  

  • All small white kitchen

For a smaller cooking space, an all-white theme would look perfect as it will make the kitchen appear spacious. Go for white walls and white flat-panel cabinets. Glass shelf on a wall would look superb. If you wish to make it an eat-in kitchen, go for grey chairs for contrast. Chocolate brown wooden flooring would complete the look. This one is a minimal yet classic kitchen modern design. 

  • Brown and white theme

For this design, go for a medium tone wooden floor. Deep brown wooden cabinets would further enhance the look of white walls. Go for a brown island with a white countertop. The beauty of the kitchen can further be accentuated by placing a small vase on the countertop. 

  • Lavish kitchen design

This kitchen design is for a home with a bigger kitchen space and a little flexible budget. The kitchen has modern cooking ranges, and a dishwasher installed in the kitchen. The design is a combination of chocolate brown and beige. Beige flooring and beige walls would look perfect. Chocolate brown cabinets and an island with a deep brown backsplash will look amazing. White countertop for island and platform will be suitable. 

  • Minimalist I-shaped kitchen

This sober I-shaped kitchen design is for people who love modern and sober kitchen designs. Go for medium tone wooden floor with beige flat-panel cabinets. Go for a wooden island and quartz countertop, and white backsplash. Beige walls and stainless-steel appliances will complete the look of this minimalistic kitchen design.

  • Parallel kitchen

This parallel kitchen design is an all-brown one with vintage vibes. You can go for intricately crafted cabinets, counters, and fittings. The parallel kitchen has a cooking platform on one side and cabinets on the opposite side. Beige walls and small golden lights on the ceiling work their magic well. The kitchen has a black countertop for breaking the monotony of the brown colour. The cabinets can have glass doors and shelves for a beautiful look.

  • Informal kitchen with a luxurious vibe

This kitchen is a blend of modern with traditional roots. The kitchen has white marble flooring with beige furnishing. There are beige wooden cabinets in the kitchen with glass doors and shelves. There is a chimney on the top of the black countertop at the top of a beige wooden island. There is a black bench in the kitchen to add a pop of colour. The white walls, white ceiling, and small white lights on the ceiling complete the look of the kitchen. 

  • Black and white kitchen design

If you want to give a striking appeal to your kitchen, a blend of black and white will help in creating classic modern kitchen design Kerala. The kitchen has white walls and a ceiling with small golden lights. There are black cabinets with grey flooring in the kitchen. The backsplash is a blend of black and white colour with a white island and black countertop. The spacious kitchen also features a black marble dining table and grey chairs. The kitchen has a beautiful balance of both colours. It is a minimal yet striking kitchen design. 

  • Beige and grey kitchen design

The beige and grey kitchen flaunts beige walls and beige flooring. There are beige cabinets, an island, and a platform with grey countertops. In this simple kitchen design, the grey colour breaks the monotony of the beige tone in the kitchen.

  • A hue of green in brown kitchen

The brown colour dominates this kitchen design. It is a u-shaped kitchen design with light wooden colour flat panel cabinets and a deep green backsplash. The brown island also has a green countertop. The stainless-steel appliances and lamps hanging from the ceiling will complete the look of this minimal yet beautiful kitchen. 

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