Akhil Achari at Adeco’T Interior Design believes in creating functional interiors without compromising on the style. Read this informative interview with Akhil and see how you can transform your living space.

Kolo: How would you describe your design style?

Akhil: With our designs, we aim to give a space a decorative transformation while still maintaining functionality.

Kolo: What are the services you offer?

Akhil: Design Consultation, Supervision, Contract etc.

Kolo: Do you have an in–house team of builders, architects and contractors?

Akhil: Yes, we have an in house team of engineers, architects and contractors to help with every stage of a project. If there is a project that requires changes in the construction, we hand them over to our in house architects.

Kolo: What is your experience with visualization?

Akhil: We use 2D and 3D visualization to present our ideas to the clients.

Kolo: Do you undertake renovation projects?

Yes, we offer both renovation and remodelling services.

Kolo: What questions do you ask your clients to understand their requirements?

Akhil: Questions like budget, time frame, design style, goals for the project and some examples of designs that they like helps to give us a fair idea about the client requirements.

Kolo: How do you present your design concepts and ideas?

Akhil: We use 2D and 3D visualization to present our ideas to clients.

Kolo: How do you source materials for your projects?

Akhil: We source materials from vendors outside Thrissur. We also procure materials directly from Thrissur local market.

Kolo: Can you share some pictures of your recent projects and your team members?


Kolo: Is there anything you would like to tell our community?

Akhil: “That is to say, enjoy the deeds entrusted to us, and do so accurately with dedication and honesty.”

Kolo: How can they contact you?

Akhil: Contact No – 9995541682, Email id – adecot108@gmail.com

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