We recently had the opportunity to talk to Ashraf Alavi, owner of Fashina Waves India Enterprises Ltd, a leading distributor of poly granite sheets in Kerala. He has shed some light as to why poly granite sheets are a great alternative to granite, their various advantages and how to avail his services.

Kolo: What are the services you provide?

Ashraf: Farshina Waves India Enterprises (FWIE) distributes poly granite sheets, foam brick, aluminium accessories, PVC fittings, engineer’s bond, nail-free glue, synthetic rubber adhesive, waterproofing chemicals, construction chemicals.

Kolo: What is a poly granite sheet?

Ashraf: Polygranites offer a more practical alternative to granite and other such materials. It has a granular texture in appearance and comes in a variety of colours and patterns. It is widely used as an artificial granite and marble panel to decorate the ceilings and walls. They are used both in commercial and residential spaces.

Kolo: How many variants of it do you distribute?

Ashraf: FWIE distributes 21 types of poly granite sheets in Granite/ Marble patterns. There are 8 varieties of solid plain colours available. Another set of 125 patterns has been launched which will be distributed based on the requirement. FWIE also distributes 16 designs of foam bricks.

Kolo: How are they better than other materials such as granite, marble, mica, etc.

Ashraf: Polygranite is better than other materials because they are waterproof, fireproof, terminate proof, have long durability, are eco-friendly and act as an insulation against sound. They are also easier to install thereby costing less for labour. They are easier to clean and maintain and finally, they provide a cooling effect to the room.

Kolo: What is the process of installation for the poly granite sheet?

Ashraf: The installation of Poly Granite Sheets does not require the use of cement sand. These sheets can be immediately bonded to smooth or plastered cement walls. To stick the sheet to the wall, use the adhesive provided for attaching these sheets to the back of the sheet and to the wall. Make sure that the walls are not damp or greasy while placing the sheets. Otherwise, the adhesive will dry out soon.

Kolo: What is the price of the sheet per square foot?

Ashraf: Poly granite sheets come at budget-friendly rates. Interior designing with granite is generally very expensive. We offer poly granite sheets at half the price of other alternatives like granite, marble, etc. The present customer price is 62 Rs / square feet. The revised customer price is 64 Rs /square feet from 01.01.2022 onwards.

Kolo: Is polygranite fire, water and grease proof?

Ashraf: They are heat and fire-resistant. They make sure that the fire does not spread from one place to another. The material is also waterproof. Since it does not soak and is easier to clean, we use them extensively in decorating kitchens and bathrooms. If you want a cheaper yet good quality alternative for granite countertops, poly granite is the best option.

Kolo: Is poly granite durable?

Ashraf: Yes, they are durable. We only distribute high-quality poly granite sheets imported from Taiwan. We also provide a 40-year durability period. They also come with a 15-year share warranty.

Kolo: Is there anything you would like to tell our community?

Ashraf: Kolo app has enabled FWIE to connect with home communities from all across the world. FWIE strongly believes that the essence of interior designing is the people who live in homes and how they live rather than what is in or out or fashionable and Kolo app has helped share this with their community.              

Kolo: How can they contact you?

Ashraf: Customers can contact us via the platforms provided below or visit our showrooms at https://goo.gl/maps/Kod7KgxK9L51WECv7.

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