Sandeep P R at Magic Ceiling works primarily on Gypsum boards. In an interview with Kolo, he talked about how gypsum plastering is a far more effective alternative to traditional forms of plastering or ceiling solutions.

Kolo: What are the services you provide?

Sandeep: Gypsum ceiling solution, gypsum plastering cement board, Cornice grid, PVC Sheet.

Kolo: What is gypsum board and what is it used for?

Sandeep: A core of set gypsum is covered with manufactured paper that is securely adhered to the core. It’s made to be utilized instead of plaster on walls, ceilings, or partitions, and it creates a surface that may be painted or covered with paper.

Gypsum Board is a surface material that is widely utilized in the building of walls and ceilings. Gypsum can also be used in the form of plaster.

Kolo: What are the advantages of using gypsum boards?

Sandeep: Gypsum board is fire-resistant, non-combustible, provides noise insulation. It has thermal properties that help to balance the humidity and temperature of the room. Gypsum board is also easier and cheaper to install compared to traditional cement plastering. Since they are lightweight, they can be adhesively attached to any surface. It also involves less labour cost.

Kolo: How do you determine your price?

Sandeep: Gypsum board comes in a lot of materials. Our pricing model is based on the material used. Currently, we offer 4 types of materials at different price points. The durability of the product varies according to the price.

  1. Saint Gobian Gyproc-75/80 per square foot

2. Gyproc true steel- 70/75

3. Expert channel

4. Normal channel – 55/60

Kolo: How do you use PVC sheets in your design?

Sandeep: As PVC sheets are durable, scratch proof and easy to clean we incorporate them while creating modular kitchens, office cabinets, furniture, wardrobes and doors. We also use it as a roofing material as it gives protection against rain, UV rays, fire and water. They do not discolour due to continuous exposure to sunlight.

Kolo: What is the difference between cornice and crown moulding?

Sandeep: In crown moulding, the moulding is placed on top of something. The margins then flare outward, rising higher than the top of the wall. Crown mouldings provide style and draw attention upward, making the room appear taller.

Cornices, on the other hand, are a sort of crown moulding. They extend outward from the top of the wall, with the highest edges protruding all the way around to the roofline. The outside cornice can be angled to the right, forming an overhang. It may be used for both ornamental and functional purposes.

Kolo: Do your services include installation?

Sandeep: Yes, we offer installation along with our products. Installing gypsum board is easy and mess-free as compared to many other alternatives such as plastering. It does not cause any wastage of material and is easier to clean up after installation. Unlike other materials which require the entire wall to be taken down for uninstallation, gypsum boards can be easily removed.

Kolo: Are gypsum panels resistant to moulding?

Sandeep: Gypsum panels generally cannot resist moulding. You have to make sure to keep it away from water or else the dampness can cause mould. However, we offer a line of moisture-resistant gypsum boards. These boards are ideal for areas exposed to humidity, moisture and water. We incorporate them while making kitchens, bathrooms and storage areas.

Kolo: What is your repair/maintenance policy?

Sandeep: We offer free repair and maintenance for all our projects. Gypsum boards can be easily repaired. The damaged sheet is opened, fixed and installed again without having to remove the entire ceiling. It is also very easy to maintain gypsum boards. If there is dust accumulation you can easily clean it with a cloth or a broom. Special maintenance is not required.

Kolo: Are gypsum boards fire and waterproof?

Sandeep: All gypsum boards are fire-resistant. Gypsum boards are made with high-quality fire resisting material. Its noncombustible core has chemically combined water. We use standard gypsum panels with enhanced fire-resisting characteristics. They reduce the spread of fire if at all there is a breakout and reduce smoke generation. Not all gypsum boards are waterproof. However, we offer a special line of gypsum boards that are moisture-resistant and highly durable.

Kolo: Is there anything you would like to tell our community?

Sandeep: We take the contracts ourselves, supply materials and do the installation. Therefore, we have a lot of control over the price helping us offer our services at a reasonable price. We also offer a 10 year warranty period as well as a free repair and maintenance policy.

Kolo: How can they contact you?

Sandeep: Phone no: 9544973201, 7025170273

Email id:

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