When working on the home interiors, you need to take care of every element, including doors. Doors are one of the functional elements of any home as they offer security and privacy to inmates from the outside world. In fact, the design of the door also plays a crucial role. There can be nothing better than having a door that is a blend of beauty and functionality. Beautiful doors amplify the appeal of your home.

Front Door Designs for Striking Great First Impression

Front doors can add style and personality to your home. They help in creating a great first impression on the visitors and guests. The door should not only look beautiful but should also be in sync with the architectural elements of the building. You need to fist ascertain if the home has a classical design or a contemporary one. You need to think if the natural finished door would look good or should be painted to match other design elements. 

  • The wood used in the door must be exterior grade. It should be seasoned well so that it can be durable.
  • The exterior wooden doors should be finished applying a coat of melamine so that the doors can remain waterproof.
  • The doors should be protected against the elements with the help of an entrance porch.

How can you incorporate latest wooden door design in your home?

  • A contemporary teak wood door

You can get a contemporary door in teak with a vertical glass insert. This will allow you to see the visitors before opening the door. 

  • Three sides glass-panelled wooden door

This wooden door has a lovely vintage vibe. You can make a statement with the help of such a door. The door is surrounded by glass panels on three sides which add a lovely look to the doors as well as your home.

  • Teak wood door with mirror

This is a simple yet elegant design for the front door of the house. The rectangular panels in polished teak wood look amazing and accentuate the rustic façade of the home. The long side glass panels add functionality to the door and also complement the door design.

  • Rosewood door

This is a fine rosewood design that is embellished with cornice detailing. It has white panel inserts for adding visual appeal to the otherwise plain door. Though the design is simple, it is eye-catching.

  • Ornamental iron doors

The iron doors have a great appeal as they look magnificent. In this door design, the ornamental wrought iron distinguishes the panelling in the mahogany-coloured front door. This blends well if the house has an exposed brick façade. 

  • White wooden door

The white wooden main double door design looks elegant and charming. In this design, the door is detailed with moulded panels that are neat and simple. The glass window on the side in white colour not only enhances the look of the façade of the house but also allows you to see the visitors. 

Interior Door Designs for Beautifying Your Home

Interior doors give privacy to your rooms and also prevent sound entering from one room to another. These doors should be designed in a way that they blend well with the interiors of the home. The wooden finish is timeless, but you can choose the right finish for your doors so that they look in sync with the interior colour palette of the home. 

  • The interior doors can be made from interior-grade wood as they don’t need to fight the tough weather conditions. 
  • The interior doors don’t usually have glass panels as privacy can be compromised. The only inside doors which can have glass panels are the ones that lead to the living room or kitchen. 
  • If you wish to make the glass panels a part of the door design, try to choose opaque or translucent glass. 

Functional Balcony Doors

Balcony doors offer a transition between the outside and inside of the home. For a balcony, large glass French windows with an open view work the best. They offer an uninterrupted view of the garden. If you need privacy, frosted or opaque glasses are the best as they allow the light to come inside. 

  • You can go for sliding doors that can open out completely and become a part of your home. 
  • If you stay on the upper floor and privacy is not a concern, you can bring nature inside and let go off the drapes.
  • Panelled doors which have glass above allow privacy and let the light inside. 
  • The white-painted balcony doors look amazing, provided they match the interiors of your home.

Wooden Doors with Glass for Outdoor Glimpse

Glass adds a contemporary touch to any design and can make a heavier door look lighter visually. When the glass panels are placed strategically in the doors, they allow the sunlight to come inside during the daytime and also add freshness to your home. 

  • Glasses which are used for the exterior doors should be tough enough to prevent breakage.
  • You must use at least 6mm thick glass for the large panes and 4mm thick glass for smaller panes.
  • Stained glass panels are best for adding style and ornamental value to the double doors. 
  • For a minimalistic yet modern look, use clear glass on the panels.

The double doors can add elegance to your home. With the help of the latest wooden door design, you can make a grand statement. If you wish to keep one side of the door shut and use only one side for the entrance, the width of your door should be at least 6 feet. The double doors look better in homes that have higher ceilings. Even sliding doors offer a sleek look and are very functional. 

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