When you renovate the house, you must never forget the front door. After all, it is the door that people see first when they come to your home. The first impression needs to be everlasting, and hence you need to get amazing front doors for your dream home. The interior designers can help in creating a lovely entrance for your home with a double door design for the main door that mesmerizes everyone who enters your home. 

Here’s a look at some latest main double door designs to take inspiration from. 

  • Parallel double door design

This design is an amalgamation of modern meets traditional. If you can’t choose between contemporary minimal designs and age-old carved doors, the design is perfect for you. It gives you the best of both worlds. You can get a mix of geometric feel and floral designs at the same time. The monochrome deep brown colour of the door maintains the simplicity, and the golden hues offer subtle contrast.

  • Contemporary design

This contemporary design is a blend of wood and glass, which creates a lovely door design. The door designs enable you to enjoy the outside view and blend well with your home’s interior. Manufacturers offer top quality glass that has a great surface and clarity. They never compromise on your security. Some of the slots can be decorated with decorative carvings or frosted glass. 

  • Artistic design

There are several ways of incorporating traditional motifs in the door design, and this door design is a perfect example of the same. A wooden door with metal finishing has a unique charm, especially when it is classic gold or bronze finishing. You can further add symbols such as lotus, bells, and patterns that also have a deep meaning as per Indian traditions. This door design will capture your home’s artistic sense and beliefs. The front door can also become a reflection of your personality and soul. 

  • Vintage Door Design

This is yet another vintage design with a silver finish mirror work as the focal point. The mirror work panel can be designed in a custom way by adding patterns and motifs of your choice. It can range from religious figures to floral designs. Even abstract work looks best. The door design can be enhanced further with the help of marble exteriors and cream or white flooring. This will help in creating a royal ambience at the entrance of the home.

  • Arched design 

If you wish to give a touch of Spain to your home, this door design is perfect for you. It combines wood, glass, and metalwork in a single spectacular design. This door design will also bring a palace-like vibe to the entrance of your home. This will be a grand yet simple framework for the entrance. The arched design also helps in making your home exteriors appealing. Some lamps on the door on either side will give a classic look to your entrance.

  • Simple double door design

Even with a simple design, you can make a bold statement. You need quality finishing doors and elegant design for them. A patterned glass design on wood is a simple yet elegant design. Opt for matching wooden handles so that they can easily blend with the door. Make sure that the glass design shines without any distraction. 

  • Functional design

For a contemporary design home, the curvy design is a perfect choice. When the door is larger than life, the door handles not only become functional but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the door design. When the door design is simple, you must focus on the beautification of wooden patterns and grains. Go for designs with rich textures and veins with contrasting colour. 

  • Industrial look

If you are looking for a rustic and industrial double door design, you can opt for a wooden door in a natural tone. The appeal can be further enhanced by choosing a door with texture. It will create a great contrast with the interiors of your home. 

  • Double French door

You can go for a beautiful French door in white that can act as the perfect door for the patio. It will allow the light into the house through the glass. This door design is traditional yet elegant and offers a clean look to the home interiors.

  • European door

The simple European door design is perfect for the entrance of the home. The beautiful white colour and arched finish design give a classic appeal. It is sober and sophisticated in appearance.

  • Swinging door

If your home has a contemporary interior design, the swinging rosewood door will look simply stunning. It would be a great addition to your modern home design. The door is elegant and simple yet attractive. 

  • Glass doors

Glass insert double door with white frames look charming for a home with a vintage vibe. Use frosted glass as they offer privacy yet allow the light to come in. 

Earlier, doors were just the entrance of the home and functional items from the viewpoint of protection of the home. However, over time, the essence of doors has changed. They have become very much a part of the interior design of the home. The door design helps in creating a great first impression on the visitors. When the door is beautiful, it makes people curious about how amazing the interiors of your home might be. 

Over the years, people have realized this and have started investing in beautiful doors for the entrance of the home. There is a wide array of options to choose from, and the design can also be customized based on your individual preference and the interiors of the home. The doors should not look odd and must blend or complement the interior of your home. The designers can help in creating magnificent double door designs for the main door

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