Despite being one of the essential rooms in the house, it can be challenging to get excited about the design of our bathrooms. We put up with a lousy design and awful decoration choices for years until we had no choice but to come up with a new technique or style for the bathroom, which is usually when replacing our aged bathroom suites is no longer an option! Of course, everyone’s bathroom is unique, but there are some significant style trends, such as classic bathroom designs in the bathroom sector, each with its own set of benefits. Understanding the factors that will help one decide which style best matches your needs.

  • Floor Heaters 

Heated floors are by far the most popular bathroom feature among classic design and construction professionals. Many believe that a large, tiled shower or a standalone tub is a must-have bathroom feature. says the expert. We advised things; however, one element that is frequently ignored is the cold tile floor, which can detract from the spa experience. As a result, we always specify heated floors.

  • The Proper Lighting 

Bathroom remodelling experts also advocate paying close attention to lighting. They promote a layered approach with overhead lighting, accent lighting such as sconces, and decorative lighting such as chandeliers. 

Don’t forget to pack a nightlight if you wake up regularly during the night. Many people like to do these at the toe kick or underside of a floating vanity. This is useful for those late-night bathroom breaks, so you don’t wake yourself up.

  • Outlets in Drawers 

In the restroom, most of us use a plug-in device. Hide an outlet in a drawer or cabinet to keep hair dryers and other equipment off the tabletop and away from pooled water, which can pose a hazard. With classic bathroom technology increasingly becoming electric, we always propose storage with plugs for electric toothbrushes and razors. It might be a medicine cabinet with outlets or even a plug strip inside a vanity cabinet. 

This method also prevents ugly outlets from detracting from the appearance of a backsplash or other features.

  • Storage will not be a problem anymore. 

Without adequate storage, a bathroom cannot function. And the majority of professionals advocate a combination of open, closed, drawer, cabinet, niche, or any other essential solutions. There is always a specific need for a lot of storage for towels and other bathroom equipment, and there are so many ways to add bathroom storage in a beautiful and helpful way with magnificent cabinetry.  

To keep dirty clothes and towels from stacking up, designers frequently recommend a hidden hamper near a shower, either in a vanity or linen cabinet.

  • Shower nook 

When it comes to storage, few professionals nowadays design and build showers without a designated area for shampoo bottles and other supplies. And, by far, the most popular alternative is a niche recessed into a shower wall. 

There are numerous designs to choose from, but make sure the measurements can suit the height and number of products you generally store in the shower, as well as some additional area for overflow. We advise customers to add a middle shelf inside the standard rectangular cut out but to place it at the bottom third of the space so that the bottom is a smaller compartment for soap and razors. The upper space is for items that are taller, such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. 

A niche also allows you to add some extra style to the shower by using a contrasting accent tile or other material.

  • Natural Resources 

Many individuals believe, consciously or unconsciously, that natural materials have an inherent quality that is difficult to describe. They create a sense of well-being that appears to be lacking in synthetic materials. We usually go to nature for these places. We also advocate using natural materials such as actual stone, wood, and plants when possible. The natural materials balance out the water aspect, and combined, they provide that amazing and alluring experience that is so beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. 

  • Sprayer with a Handle 

A handheld sprayer may appear to be a minor detail, yet its inclusion can significantly impact the shower experience. They are excellent for rinsing shaved legs, cleaning shower walls, and other tasks. We are usually in favour of installing a handheld in the shower. It makes cleaning up after pets, kids, and walls so much easier.

  • A ‘Wow’ Factor 

In classic bathroom designs, every room requires a focal point or element that makes you grin or exclaim “wow” every time you see it. It might be a wall treatment, a decorative light fixture, a visually appealing floor tile, a prominent vanity, or anything else that adds attention. We always aim to integrate something unexpected instead of wallpaper or something more unique. This keeps the area looking fresh and adds a little flair. 

  • Plumbing of High Quality 

Don’t base your decision on the appearance of faucets and other plumbing fittings. The inner workings of these elements are critical to how they function and how long they will endure. Poorly manufactured fixtures frequently contain plastic gaskets and other parts that break down fast, reducing water flow and other performance factors.  

Quality plumbing is extremely needful. Saving money in this area is not a good idea. I generally explain this to my clients during our first meeting, which takes place in a plumbing showroom. Quality plumbing is the starting point for everything for me, and that is where my design process begins. 

  • Shower Controls Close to the Entrance 

Nobody enjoys being splashed with cold water when reaching into the shower to switch it on. Placing the controls on the opposite side of the showerhead will increase the makeover cost, but it will be a feature you will love every day. 

These were some important factors one should keep in mind when they decide to implement classic bathroom designs. If one wants all the exquisite modern designs for any part of their home, Kolo app is their go-to app. Browse and connect with experts for your needs right here at Kolo app.