Things to keep in mind while selecting a plot for home construction

By Mizbaah, E veedu

This writing is based on a friend’s experience.

The incident is straightforward.

So, I’ve got some money in my pocket. Now I’d like to draw your attention to those who are planning to acquire a modest plot of land and build a house.

CHOICE OF SITE… Things that we should pay attention to as a matter of course.

1. Lands with low elevation.

This is the change that has occurred since 2018. Following the floods, the authorities conducted a mapping exercise and identified the flood-affected areas. It is preferable to take care of this before selecting a plot.

2. Secondly there are some of the enigmas surrounding brokers and real estate.

The problem is that by the time we go to buy the plot, they will have dug it up and made it into a lovely piece of property. In these situations, you must double-check everything. Check through the plot’s history to see if there was a pond, quarry, stone extraction, and so on.

Also, it is preferable to do a small-scale exploration from the neighborhood, similar to a wedding proposal. If you don’t, you’ll notice when you dig the first hole, and the hole will continue to increase in size.

So don’t forget to include in the plot’s 15-year history.

If you build a house on the above plot, one-third of your budget will go to the foundation alone, leaving you with an empty wallet.

3. Water availability is another key consideration that many people overlook.

Checking in is easy. We can tell it’s a drought-stricken area by looking at the wells in the neighboring houses during summer.

4. Another group exist who likes to build a  variety house on a steep site. 

When it comes to variety, it’s wise to look into your pocket. To hold the soil at each level of a house like this, you’ll need to construct massive retaining walls. The cost of construction is extremely expensive, and the foundation cannot afford it. Move ahead with such actions in accordance with the budget.

5. When it comes to small plots, many individuals, especially currently, opt for corner plots.

Brokers try to sway them by claiming that you’ll get a nice view from all sides. However, before we acquire it, we must check that it complies with the new requirement of leaving 3 meters from the road. The corner plot should be 3 meters away from both sides. So, before you go out and acquire one of these plots, keep this rule in mind.

Other factors to consider include the width of the road, as well as the availability of materials and vehicles before commencing housework.

Even though these are basic, it is preferable to pay attention.

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