1) Security: – Why are ELCB / RCCB used?

If there is insulation failure or other unintentional electric current flow in the metal parts of the equipment, it will lead to Earth Leakage (Electrical Leakage) posing a substantial risk of electric shock to the person operating the device.

In such cases, the ELCB or Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker is a protective device to immediately stop the flow of electricity to the device and circuit and to prevent electric shock.

There are two main types of ELCBs

1. Voltage ELCB

2. Current ELCB / Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)

1. Voltage ELCB

The first diagram shows the circuit diagram. One end of the trip relay coil is connected directly to the metal part of the device and the other end to the earth connection. If for some reason an electric current is applied to the metal part of the device, the relay coil experiences a potential fluctuation and the coil is activated and the tripping mechanism takes place and electricity is disconnected. This function is the phenomenon we see as the ELCB trip‌.

But the voltage ELCB has some drawbacks. It only works on the correct earth connection. Protection is provided only to the device to which the ELCB is connected. There is also the problem of not knowing the current leakage in other parts of the circuit. Therefore the use of such ELCBs is limited.

2. Current ELCB or Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)

This is the device we commonly call the ELCB, which is attached to all of our homes. The real name is RCCB.

The circuit diagram of the RCCB can be seen in the second figure.

It consists of three coils wrapped around a ring-shaped core. One coil is connected to the phase line series, the next to the neutral line series, and the third coil is connected to the tripping mechanism. Because the phase coil and the neutral coil rotate in opposite directions, the magnetic fields generated by both coils are usually neutralized (in the absence of leakage, the phase current and the neutral current are equal). The relay does not work because the resultant magnetic field is zero.

2) How do I know if there is a power leak?

When there is a current leakage anywhere in the circuit, the neutral current changes and the resulting magnetic field increases. As a result, a potential change is experienced in the relay coil and the coil is activated and the tripping mechanism is activated and the power supply is disconnected. It is called Residual Current Device because the tripping mechanism is powered by Residual Magnetic Flux.RCCB is widely used as it has many advantages.

Installing RCCB in all our wiring is essential for safety from electric shock.

3) ELCB OR RCCB variants

The single phase or L + N type is also available in the market as R + Y + B + N and 3 phase 4 pole.

4) If the RCCB makes frequent trips or if it trips off, be sure to call a professional electrician to check.

5) RCCB trip occurs in case of wiring failure or earth leakage or current flowing directly to the ground. It is easy to know which circuit this is. It is easier if it is only phase line. On the contrary, the neutral line needs to be examined in detail. If the complaint is on Phase line, turn off all MCBs. Then turn on each MCB and find out which MCB trips RCCB at the time of turning on. Then we can find out which part is CIRCUIT does that MCB belong and check the area to find the compliant.

All of this can be easily figured out if you have a good electrician drawing. Electrical plumbing will be designed and a drawing estimate will be prepared according to the plan of your house. Contact us for more details.

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