By Sarath Chandran K, E veedu, Engineering consultant

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Let’s start the foundation work with nails

As soon as things get right, we need to get down to business.  After getting the permit, you can start the house work by nailing it

Pay special attention to the dimensions when hitting the peg. This is generally called set out. 

After setting out, mark all the boundaries with chalk and then replace the pegs and vines.

The foundation can then be lowered based on the application of lime powder, with or without JCB.

If using JCB the foundation can be completely lowered very quickly in about 5 hours * Foundation lowering * The foundation should be lowered until a firm surface is seen.

If you see good firmness / stone during lowering, do not lower it again. If the stone is not visible even after lowering it to three feet in solid soil, we can stop the foundation at three feet.

Foundation width – 2 feet,

Once the foundation is complete, the stone can be laid around it. If the plot is less convenient, the stone should be laid before laying the foundation.

Once the ground level of the foundation is complete, water will be pumped over and around the foundation to cover all the gaps.

Only then should we begin the work on the top ..

When building upstairs, all dimensions should be re-checked, and the parts where the toilet comes in should be emptied to make way for the pipe.

Only the outer wall of the foundation is buried with cement. 

A standard foundation height is 1.5 feet, 1 foot granite, top 1/2 foot belt. ‌ Belt can be cast when finished with one foot of granite. 

Moisten the foundation and boards thoroughly before casting the belt one foot wide on the outside of the belt.

If the sun is hot and the weather is hot, the news can be covered with sackcloth or other material to prevent cracking.

When the belt is fastened, the wires of the thrillers should be put together.  Belt‌ aways keep the sack moist and soak for a week.  The foundation can then be filled with soil. 

After filling, water and set well. When the soil is disturbed by watering, it is necessary to make sure that the mud has penetrated well in all the interstices of the stone.

കേരള ഹോം കൺസ്ട്രക്ഷൻ ഡിസൈൻസും പ്ലാൻസിനും വേണ്ടി ഡൌൺലോഡ് ചെയൂ Kolo ആപ്പ്.

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