Leak !!! leak !!!!! 10 things to avoid leakage

By Mizhaab, E-veedu

  1. Branded cement should be selected.  Cement that is not too old should be used.  Cement strength decreases with age.
  2. The iron rod for the work should not be rusted.  When laying the rod, it should be of correct size should be made exactly under the supervision of the engineer. The covering block should be laid.
  3. Make sure the river sand is salt-free.  If it is M-sand / rock dust then it should be good graded sand.
  4. Only buy after checking the size of the rock pebbles
  5. Chlorine-free water should be used.  Water must be measured and used very accurately.  Increased or decreased water can lead to weakening and leakage.
  6. It is better to add water proofing compound in water.
  7. Do not walk on top of it as soon as it is concreted.  Even small movement can cause cracking.
  8. Gap should not be made when concreting.  Concrete should be completed in a single step.  It should be loosened or secured with a compressor to prevent gaps inside. (Use vibrator)
  9. Post-plastering should be done without delay, otherwise the plastering will not set with the concrete and will later collapse.  Care must be taken to have a proper plastering without inclination.
  10. Water curing should be  minimum 14 days

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